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vgaVGA vs QVGA

The difference between VGA and QVGA is really quite simple. QVGA only has a quarter of the area of VGA. VGA has a resolution of 640×480 pixels while QVGA is only half as tall and half as wide at 320×240. You can also figure this out quite easily by the term QVGA as it stands for Quarter VGA.

VGA, which stands for Video Graphics Array, was developed by IBM as the standard for the displays of their computers. This included a resolution of 640×480 pixels. This was the standard resolution for a majority of computer displays until it was superseded by better and bigger resolutions like XGA and SVGA.

Although QVGA was already created and used a short while after VGA, it was not really that famous until mobile devices used it. The smaller screens on these devices meant that using the VGA resolution would not only impractical but would also be counterproductive as the higher resolution would require more processing power, something that is always in short supply in mobile devices. But with the more recent advances in technology, more powerful devices have become common. Devices that use VGA screens have begun to appear. The advantage of VGA screen is in the quality. Just like with any other type of screen, more pixels usually lead to better images. This becomes very noticeable with bigger screens because as you go beyond the usual size of QVGA screens, the image begins to deteriorate rather quickly.

Devices that have VGA screens are also a lot more flexible compared to QVGA screens. This is because a VGA screen can simulate the QVGA resolution by using four pixels to represent a single pixel. Although it might result in a display that is no better than with a QVGA screen, people with bad eyesight can benefit from the bigger image or text. This is called downscaling as you are reducing the resolution. The reverse is not possible, QVGA upscaled to VGA, as you cannot split a single pixel to four in order to reach a VGA resolution.

1.QVGA is only a quarter o the size of VGA
2.QVGA are used largely in mobile phones while VGA devices are still few
3.For a screen of the same size, VGA would always look better than QVGA
4.VGA devices can downscale to QVGA while QVGA devices cannot upscale to VGA

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