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Difference Between NFC and Bluetooth

NFC vs Bluetooth

More and more wireless technologies are appearing to serve different needs. One of the newer standards is NFC, or Near Field Communications. NFC is very similar to Bluetooth, but there a number of distinct differences. One of the major differences between NFC and Bluetooth is ts range because Bluetooth can work from 10 to 100 meters while NFC is typically good when the 2 devices are no more than 20 centimeters apart. This is actually by design as NFC is only meant to work when the two devices are brought close to each other.

Another difference between the two is speed. Bluetooth may not be quite good enough for networking with just over 2 Mbps, it is good enough for sending a photo to another phone or to your laptop. In contrast, NFC has a speed comparable to a snail’s pace at just over 400 kbps. Again, this is by design as NFC was never meant to facilitate the transfer of files and such.

With its slow speed and short range, NFC doesn’t really need a powerful radio unlike Bluetooth. This allows NFC to consume as little power as possible so it can be left on at all times and not affect the phone’s battery by that much.

One major advantage of NFC over Bluetooth is its hassle-free approach to connections. With Bluetooth, you need to turn it on first, find the device, pair them together, then you can do what you want to do. With NFC, bringing the two devices within range is enough to facilitate the communication between the two.

Lastly, there is the ability of NFC to work with passive RFID tags like the ones used on dogs. So if implemented properly, you can use your Smartphone to read the ID of a lost dog to identify its owner. Bluetooth is not compatible with RFID and cannot work in the same way.

The many distinct differences between NFC and Bluetooth can be easily explained by their specific functions. Bluetooth is meant for prolonged connections with other devices like computers, headsets, keyboards, and other mobile phones. Fast data speeds and an acceptable range are necessary for its operation. NFC is not really meant for continuous data transfer. Instead, it is meant for short bursts of data to read tags. The applications where NFC can be applied include: payment systems, ID systems, and other similar applications.


1.NFC has a much shorter range than Bluetooth.
2.Bluetooth is much faster than NFC.
3.Bluetooth consumes more power than NFC.
4.Bluetooth requires devices to be paired while NFC does not.
5.NFC works with passive devices while Bluetooth does not.
6.NFC has a different set of uses than Bluetooth.

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