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Differences Between VPLS and MPLS


The Internet has broken the barriers from the impossibilities to the possibilities. Even in a secluded area, you can now connect to the world with the different options available from your computer. From adults to little children, they have gained access to the vast information on the Web. If you don’t even own a PC, you are probably a relic from the Stone Age. To have access to the Web, you need to have service or network providers. Have you ever heard of VPLS and MPLS? Both networks work together to satisfy your Web needs.

What does VPLS mean? “VPLS” is the abbreviation for “Virtual Private LAN Service” which is an Ethernet provider. While “MPLS” is the abbreviation for “Multiprotocol Label Switching” in which you can have phone services through the Internet as a medium. VPLS and MPLS work together in a single wire through stacking labels that make it possible to have more than just one service.

When you are suddenly secluded in a remote area, you can still continue your work as long as you have VPLS. Since VPLS has the capacity to let you reach the Web even in such conditions, the demand for VPLS keeps on increasing. With VPLS, you will have improved access on the Internet and a faster data transfer. VPLS allows you to take control of your own IP routing and rapid reconfigurations without even contacting your service provider. When you are running a business, VPLS can make your work more efficient since you can facilitate and manage your own network information. If you have access to your own network information, you can easily trace the errors on your network address. You will not need to go through your service providers which may take some time in responding to your concerns. With VPLS, you can reduce your costs since it only requires a lower cost of CPE than MPLS because it only requires smaller and fewer routers. To make the VPLS work, it requires a wired connection to the computer. The phone service will not be able to function if you don’t have a constant Internet connection. This VPLS is inexpensive, and the monthly cost is cheap.

On the other hand, MPLS is a system for the label stacking part of the program which can be done with just one cable. It can direct packets to a particular forwarding equivalence class through 4-byte, locally significant fixed-length identifiers. To be able to get to the right destination, the MPLS routers make decisions and utilize labels to send and transfer data. Phone services and the internet can be produced at the same time which allows the information to travel at a greater speed. Like the VPLS, MPLS can increase network efficiency. Instead of checking up the IP address which definitely takes a lot of time, the MPLS routers can just make decisions using the labels as baseline.

VPLS and MPLS combined can provide you with a more efficient and productive work. With MPLS’ ability of label stacking, the VPLS can still operate in a lone cable which can allow multiple sets of transmission to travel at a greater speed. Phone and internet service combined under a single circuit. With this powerful combination technology, processing data will just be a piece of cake. VPLS and MPLS are also cost effective measures to hook several branches over wide and far geographical areas. With this kind of technology, all branches will be kept on contact having a clear and speedy communication.


  1. VPLS stands for Virtual Private LAN Service while MPLS stands for Multiprotocol Label Switching.

  2. VPLS is an Ethernet provider while MPLS is label stacking.

  3. VPLS and MPLS can work together under one cable.

  4. Both VPLS and MPLS let you have speedy data transfer and communication.

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