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Difference Between DTV and Digital TV

DTV vs Digital TV

With just about everything going digital nowadays, there is no reason for TVs to lag behind. But there seems to be some confusion about terminologies like “DTV” and “Digital TV.” Actually, there is no difference between “DTV” and “Digital TV.” “Digital TV” is the term that came out first but was later shortened to just “DTV” to make it easier to remember and say. Some people like using the term “Digital TV” while others use “DTV.” Regardless, they are both referring to the same thing.

Digital TVs are easily differentiated from analog TVs because they have the ability to decode digital signals as well as the older analog standards like NTSC and PAL. This may not result in a huge difference for most people right now because most broadcasting stations still use analog standards. But with the analog standard being phased out and some stations starting to switch to digital signals, digital TVs will eventually become a must.

It is really not that difficult to get a digital TV nowadays as most offerings from TV manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, and LG are already digital. But to be sure, you should confirm with a salesperson if the TV that you have your eye on is already digital. The only thing you need to consider when buying a digital TV is if you will get one with a digital receiver already built into it or one that doesn’t. The latter is slightly cheaper than the former, but it won’t be able to receive digital signals right out of the box. This is of little consequence if you live in an area that still uses analog signals or if you have a cable box that decodes the signal before transmitting it to your TV. Otherwise, you should get the digital TV with a built-in receiver as it will cost less than buying the TV and receiver separately.


“DTV” is just an abbreviation of “Digital TV,”and they basically mean the same thing.

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