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Difference Between Eufy Cam 2C and 2C Pro

Home security systems, particularly cameras, have become ubiquitous in many countries. Previously, security cameras were used mainly in banks and other high security areas, but today, they are an important tool for home protection. Not only security cameras help reduce crimes like trespassing and burglary but also allow you to monitor suspicious activities. And when it comes to security cameras, you cannot go wrong with Eufy cams. All of the Eufy cams come with top notch features and are budget friendly. Two of the most popular models include the Eufy Cam 2C and the 2C Pro. Both are great cameras, but which one’s better? Let’s find out.

Eufy Cam 2C

The EufyCam 2C is one of the company’s bestselling security cameras and uses smart technology like artificial intelligence to identify persons who should be around the premises and who are not supposed to be. The device collects extensive biometric data, like the most frequented people around the premises, the time frequency, and duration of activities monitored by the service. The EufyCam 2C offers impressive video quality and a great amount of features in a budget friendly package that doesn’t require a subscription.

Eufy Cam 2C Pro

The EufyCam 2C Pro is the more advanced version of the original EufyCam 2C with some of the best combinations of privacy and security features, along with strong hardware upgrades. The 2C Pro, as the name suggests, is the pro version with an advanced 2K video with 2304 by 1296 resolution and an insane 365-days battery life. It obviously records clear, detailed footage with 140-degree field of view for more coverage. In addition, the Pro allows local storage through the base station, which doesn’t require a subscription.

Difference between Eufy Cam 2C and 2C Pro


– Both are undoubtedly among the company’s best selling products and use AI to distinguish humans who are authorized to be on the premises from the unauthorized ones. The Eufy Cam 2C Pro, as the name suggests, is the pro version of the original Eufy Cam 2C. That being said, the Pro variant boasts 2K video with 2304 by 1296 pixel whereas the original 2C is 1080p HD video with 1920 by 1080 screen resolution. So, the Pro is the better quality camera.


– Another great feature and probably the deciding factor when it comes to choosing the right security camera for your home. The battery of the original Eufy 2C can last about 180 days, which is great. It has rechargeable batteries which take almost 5 hours to charge completely. So, you can get 6 months from a single charge easily. Coming to Eufy 2C Pro, the battery lasts 365 days, which is unbelievable. So, when fully charged, the 2C Pro will get you running for almost a year. So, the battery life is almost double in the Pro variant.

Field of View

– The viewing angle is one of the most important features of a security camera and which means how much the camera can see in front of it. Although a good viewing angle is between 60 and 110 degrees, most modern cameras go way beyond 110 degrees. The Eufy 2C cam is equipped with a lens that has a 135 degree field of view. For night vision, both the cameras utilize infrared for black and white imagery. The Eufy Cam 2C Pro has a 140 degree field of view, so it has a little advantage over the originals and can cover large areas.

Eufy Cam 2C vs. Eufy Cam 2C Pro: Comparison Chart


Setting up both the cameras with your Home Base is quick and a pain free experience. So, if you’ve already an account with Eufy, you can set them up and running in a matter of minutes. Coming to specs, the Pro is definitely better than the original Eufy Cam 2C, thanks to its 2K video resolution which gives you a sharp and responsive image quality and the HDR really helps with bright lights. Also, the Pro has a 140 degree field of view which gives it more room to play with compared to the original Eufy Cam 2C. In addition, the Pro has a whopping 365 days battery life, which is insane. So, the Pro is definitely a better deal right now.

Can you mix Eufy 2C and 2C Pro?

Yes, you can mix and match different Eufy cameras to the Home Base 2.

Is the Eufy Cam 2C Pro worth it?

The Eufy Cam 2C Pro is definitely among the best security cameras out there. You get a 2K home security camera with a 140-degree field of view and an insane 365-days of battery life. So, it’s surely a great deal.

What’s the best Eufy camera?

Currently, the EufyCam 3 is probably the company’s best featured security camera in the market and it’s also the company’s first camera that comes with a 4K resolution, which is great.

Does Eufy 2C Pro have a siren?

Almost all Eufy cameras come built in with a siren that can be activated both manually or when motion is detected. This makes it really tough for suspicious parties to intrude in your premises.

Does Eufy 2C Pro have anti-theft?

No, there is no anti-theft function on the Eufy 2C Pro.

Does eufyCam 2C have night vision?

Yes, the original Eufy Cam 2C comes with night vision for recording at night.

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  1. I’ve been exploring the possibility of upgrading my security system at home. PLDT has an offer. My question is- will it be more cheaper to buy it from your company directly? By the way, I own a eufy robovac. My wife is satisfied with it.

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