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SS8 vs Signaling System

SS7, or Signaling System 7, is a standard protocol used in the PSTN network for call setups, call control, tear-down, and passing network status. It is used to monitor each call and prepare a report from a call’s beginning to end. The report is known as Call Detail Record. The information that is needed for a call establishment, management, and disconnection is stored on a network that is separate from the one used for making the actual telephone call. This process is referred to as out-of-band signaling as the method uses a separate 56 or 64 Kbps channel to control a call’s information. It provides one of the most efficient and secure worldwide telecommunication services.

SS7 consists of dedicated channels and network points known as signaling links that are interconnected. There are three signaling points: Signal Transfer Points (STPs), Service Switching Points (SSPs) and Service Control Points (SCPs).

SS8 is a company name or a brand name characterizing the sophisticated communication interception. In circuit or packet switching networks, telecom operators to enforce laws and intercept calls for State Intelligence or Police use SS8. You can intercept and monitor chats, mails, texts, and web browsing other than telephone calls.


1. Signaling System 7 is used as part of the PSTN network while SS8 is a brand giving legal interception products for the operators.

2. Signaling System 7 is responsible for call establishment, management, and termination whereas SS8 captures and monitors calls for intelligence agencies without disrupting any signaling or media system.

3. Signaling System 7 connects operators worldwide while SS8 is all about law enforcement firms of countries.


1. SS7 is an international standard that helps in setting up calls effectively and with

better security.

2. SS7 is used for call establishment and disconnection. Other features like: call

forwarding, three-way calling, caller identification, and IN servicers.

3. SS7 is referred to as C7 in European countries and as CCSS7 (Common Channel

Signaling System 7) in North America.

4. SS8 has been instrumental in bridging the gap between the telecom industry and the

intelligence agencies around the globe.

5. SS8 is not confined to the telecom sector. It is used to monitor emails, chats, text

messages, and even the web surfing history.

6. Toll-free numbers like 800, 888, and 900 make use of the SS7 network and protocol.

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