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Difference Between VOB and MPEG


VOB and MPEG are file containers meant to hold video. Despite having the same purpose, they are very different. The primary difference between VOB and MPEG is their area of application. VOB was developed as format for DVD players and discs. In contrast, MPEG is mainly used as portable format to be used with portable devices like smartphones and tablets.

Because VOB is meant to be read by hardware players, reasonable limitations need to be set with respect to the video and audio codecs to be used. Mpeg files, on the other hand, can make use of the full array of video and audio codecs prescribed in the MPEG standard. It is also worth noting that VOB also use MPEG video codecs; namely MPEG-1 Part 2 and MPEG-2 Part 2.

VOB has a number of features that are not available with MPEG. The first is the ability to cut the video into chapters to let the viewer jump quickly into predetermined parts of the movie or video. MPEG doesn’t support chapters, so you need to search through yourself. To select the chapters, and to browse through other aspects of the DVD, VOB was also endowed with menus via the use of the remote. Again, this is another feature lacking in MPEG. Lastly, VOB has the ability to incorporate multiple subtitles. This is very important for DVDs that are to be sold in countries that do not share the same language. This is not as important with MPEGs, thus the exclusion.

One very important feature that MPEG has over VOB is its support for streaming, like what is done by most video sharing sites like YouTube. With MPEG, you can start viewing the video even when you only have a small portion of the video. The rest is then downloaded as you watch, given that your connection is fast enough. VOB was never meant for streaming as it was meant to be distributed in DVD discs. Streaming support would not really be necessary for it.


  1. VOB is used in DVDs while MPEG is a portable format
  2. MPEG supports a lot more codecs than VOB
  3. VOB can cut the video into chapters while MPEG cannot
  4. VOB supports menus while MPEG doesn’t
  5. VOB can include subtitles while MPEG cannot
  6. MPEG can be streamed but not VOB

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