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Aldi vs Lidl

Aldi and Lidl are supermarket chains, which are based in Germany. Both these supermarket chains have spread all over Europe and the rest of the world, whioch makes them a leader in the sector. Both these supermarket chains have many similarities but also have certain dissimilarities.

Aldi is the short form for Albrecht Discounts. It is not one company but two companies, owned by brothers. The two companies are Aldi Sud and Aldi Nord.
Aldi Sud mainly focuses its business in Austria and English speaking countries whereas Aldi Nord’s business is concentrated in Northern Germany and rest of Europe.

Aldi, before it was split apart, was owned by Karl Albrecht and Theo Albrecht. The company was formed in 1913 after the mother of these two started a small store in Essen. The company was spilt in 1960 over a row if cigarettes should be sold at till or not. Aldi Nord has its headquarters in Essen and Aldi Sud in Mülheim an der Ruhr.

Lidl has its headquarters in Neckarsulm. The company was formed in 1930, much later than Aldi. Though the company has been traced to 1930, it was in 1977 that Lidl ventured into the supermarket business on the lines of Aldi concept.

Though Aldi and Lidl are unique for its private labelled items, the former is known to have a greater advantage.

When comparing the two supermarkets, Lidl is considered to be more promotional. Unlike Aldi chain, Lidl uses EDLP for promotion of non-foods. When dealing with customer demands, Lidl is known to react faster to the demands of the customer. Lidl pursue the suppliers for the product that they want.


  1. Aldi is the short form for Albrecht Discounts. It is not one company but two companies, Aldi Sud and Aldi Nord, owned by brothers.
  2. Aldi was formed in 1913 after the mother of the two brothers started a small store in Essen. The company was spilt in 1960 over a row if cigarettes should be sold at till or not.
  3. Lidl was formed in 1930, much later than Aldi. Though the company has been traced to 1930, it was in 1977 that Lidl ventured into the supermarket business on the lines of Aldi concept.
  4. Aldi Nord has its headquarters in Essen and Aldi Sud in Mülheim an der Ruhr. Lidl has its headquarters in Neckarsulm.
  5. When comparing the two supermarkets, Lidl is considered to be more promotional.

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  1. I do like shopping at aldi. But they get good things in then you can’t get the goods no more ,,,also i buy there tonic and soda water ,we have had to stop getting this my husband who is 70 can’t lift the pallets now ,,they have them all mixed up ,to hard to get to them !!!

  2. I love to shop at both supermarkets. I feel that their products are reasonably priced and of great quality British owned supermarkets could learn a lot from the German Markets There non food items are also of good quality and again priced in a way very affordable to those who do not have s lot of money to spare. Their fruit and vegetables are of the highest quality and reasonably priced. The group do not throw their overheads to their customers and keep things simple to reduce costs which in turn will increase capital growth.

  3. I shop at my local aldi, but one thing that does infuriate me & I think it will be the “bubble burster” for them in time , if they’re not careful , is that their customer appreciation, is very minimal, & that is expressed, when you go to a till to pay for your items & you’re hastily rushed through , not giving you chance to do your “bagging up” & the atmosphere you’re made to feel youre creating when you’re putting your stuff away & you’re made to feel youre holding others up, is very disconcerting, but speaking to staff , I know that this is a policy of the management , that checkout staff are expected to serve so many customers per hour or day or however they count them, either way , they don’t consider the” customer is always right ” as a policy , I think the way serve you id more of ” here’s your stuff, give us your money & get out the shop” policy. I think if it wasn’t for the fact they are cheaper, it would go against them, seriously. I have noticed on my journey to work, aside from the Aldi just down the road from me, there’s another 3 being built, so obviously to pay for all this expansion, the money will be clawed back through putting up prices . Now, I know from experience, the surefire way of a downhill slide are arrogance, ignorance & getting too big for your boots, just look at what happened to tesco

    • There is a counter for bagging your groceries so you won’t hold up customers behind you. This is of little inconvienence for shopping in a store where your saving on your grocery bill. There are plenty of stores where they will bag your groceries but its likely a bit more costly. The glass half empty or half full?

      • Great comment…boom!

        • Actually I find at my Aldi they do not rush you.they have always scanned fast,but they wait! If its v busy i take my trolley to the bagging area so I dont hold up the queue.

      • I was going to say that there’s a counter for bagging your shopping, I can’t think of anything worse than standing in a queue losing the will to live because someone is having a good old chit chat to the checkout person, I want to be in out when I shop, reminds me of the old kwick save.

        • Wow, you can’t think of anything worse than than loosing a few minutes of your precious time in a check out line? Try cancer. Or Parkinsons. Or Lou Gherigh’s disease. Starvation. Human trafficking. Maybe you could use some perspective.

          • I agree

          • You are quite literally all that is wrong with the world rolled into a single person. Yes when it comes to shopping at a grocery store you have those that are and those that are not in a rush. This means there will be people irritated about others lack of time management… This whole comment section is about grocery stores, not disease, not starvation, not human trafficking. Quit taking yourself and everything else so literally and you may not be so depressed all the time Elise.

        • I work ther for 13 years and loved every minute of it 80 and 90 I all so remember sum Aldi bosses cuming in to our store I wos on mi til at the time and I served them both and our manager walk them round our store and thay comment on how talking to the customers helps ther day and brings them back time after time bedside Manera cost nuthing it show that thay have been brought up and not drag up old school

        • Hi, I am only reading these comments now. Have you ever thought having a few words with the checkout assistant might be that person’s only conversation with someone all day especially if they are anybody like you. Someday but might be you looking for someone to spare you a few moments of their time . Seasons greetings to you.

          • I’m one of those people. I’m not old but do get very lonely and a quick “hello”, “is cold, isn’t it”, “goodbye”, “stay safe” can make or break my day.
            Maybe you could try going 2 or 3 hours without speaking to ANYONE. Then imagine what it’s like doing it for 2 or 3 days.

            If you don’t want to be stuck behind us, shop online.

      • It’s half full! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS STORE!!! I visit it so much on my lunch I may as well be the ALDI ambassador! Prices are AMAZING! Food good QUALITY! And ALL the non food items makes me feel like I am shopping at Walmart Ross TJ Max!!! ALDI ROCKS!!!♥️

    • You can please some of the people some of the time but you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Free to shop elsewhere.

    • The use of separate bagging area is foreign to UK shoppers but works very well when you understand it, Replace your items into the trolly and push it to bagging shelves and take as much time as you please. Short areas after being checked by the cashier are designed to encourage this but no assistant to tell you this.

    • I’ve stopped in Aldi in Vienna and the till experience is even worse. You are served very quickly and without a smile or a polite talk about the weather. To be honest it didn’t bother me, I don’t need that kind of conversation, I came to shop, they are to serve me and that’s that. It’s German efficiently what they’re trying to do, it’s even quicker in Austria a d Germany and no need to be offended. British like to take their time whereas in Europe it’s the speed and efficiency rather than asking you about your plans for the weekend.

    • I love the fact that they are fast. The faster the better for me!

    • Sorry but our you pay more for pamper and smile or efficiency. You find rude to be efficient? That’s not a place to mingle or make friends. It’s is what it is… you don’t like it? There are always options. Why suffer?

    • why do you use comments instead of periods? Psycho.

    • It’s sad that happens on the shop where you go because i never had that problem, i have arthritis and difficulties with packing my shopping and i never had any problems. Most of the times i realise that are the costumers that are the impatient ones and getting upset when someone takes longer to grab the shopping

    • This is how they keep ther prices so low by employing less staff and offering a packing area behind the tills. If they where to start using the British system then there prices would meet that of British supermarkets. It’s a small inconvenience that saves us all money.

    • I am an Aldi shopper n I know what u r sayin. Today I want to Lidl. It was a great shopping experience. The line went thru quickly an customers get to bag their own groceries at checkout. At aldi’s I bag stuff at car. I love aldi’s but I will next be going to lidl to really get the experience correct.

    • The customer isn’t always right. You don’t bag your groceries at the register.

    • Absolute rubbish, if you want to go for a bitch or conversation go to a coffee shop or bar, in fact if this is all you have to bitch about, go to another store, no one is forcing you to shop there. I’d say if the checkout staff decided to have a meaningless conversation with everyone, and the Q was backed up you’d be the first to bitch about the delay. The staff I’ve seen have always been courteous and friendly and efficient. Go see a Councillor if you need a certain type of interaction, not the supermarket, get over yourself.

      • Well said, I shop at Aldi’s and find them very good and reasonably priced. As has been said there is a packing bench for you, use it and help other people who are in a hurry not everyone want’s to hang about while someone wants to chat and waist time. Just get “on with it” and think of others.

    • Then shop somewhere else. I’m sure they won’t miss you. The whole point of people loving Aldi is the fast way you can get in and out and it doesn’t take forever to ring up 200 in groceries. Don’t be cheap, rent a cart so you can bag up on the counter. If your trying to bag up while at the register, YOU ARE HOLDING PEOPLE UP!!! MOVE OUT THE WAY. There is a counter for bagging up duh! Not very smart are ya? And obviously not very fast either. Not everyone is made to shop at Aldi, maybe you would be a better fit for Walmart…..

  4. Aldi’s customer service is appalling. Also, If you complain about anything they treat you as a trouble maker and the staff are rude.
    I would rather pay more for my shopping than shop at Aldi who don’t know how to treat customers.

    • How ridiculous its to pay more for the same thing just because people does their job without been so extremely friendly

    • I have shopped in all the Aldi’s in Telford and also one in Newquay Telford for many years and I have never ever found the staff rude or unpleasant, quite the opposite. All the staff seem very hard working, having to put their hand to all jobs in store. Never had a problem re5urning anything iether. The store is good value. Keep it up all you aldi workers. Thank you.

    • Agreed.
      Their own brand food is sub standard compared to branded. Just check the fat content very high.

    • This is the way in Germany, I like it. I was there for a year and every supermarket is the same, you better bag your own stuff fast, as time goes by you get used to how inefficient we are in the US, and how entitled we feel. It does not take long to adapt to bagging your stuff quickly; They ensure you return the cart to the correct area and limit waste on bags.

    • Because you had a bad experience doesn’t mean that they are all like that…. and usually you are treated the way you treat other’s. Are you polite when complaining or rude ?

    • Sorry I have to disagree .my local store staff are very friendly and very helpful ,could not fault them .

    • Get over yourself, in hear to bitch about staff, go where the staff will ponder to your every need, looks like you are a cereal complainer, I’d be glad to see the back of you. Think your above the supermarket worker. If your experience is so bad and you love going somewhere else,, then why do you go to ALDI??

    • How sad, you need someone to be friendly to you to save money on groceries lol you must be a lonely old bitty. Aldi will not miss you. We are not there to have small talk or make you feel any type of way. Get your groceries and gooooo

  5. I have just been to Whitley Bay Aldi and have just had a major refit i and my wife were very impressed of the way the store has been set up has my wife is disabled and can get around easily and also the shelves are well displayed well done Aldi keep up the good work

  6. I enjoyed aldi in Europe and now in Florida the Aldi in Europe are similiar to costco and Sams clubs and I would like to see that happen here eventually . The cheese counter and deli in Europe are as big as the ones in the Unitied States. I would like to see them outdo overpriced Publix.

  7. Has Aldi thought of a store in Palm Aire, since Wynn Dixie has vacated?

  8. How do I contact Lidl directly?

  9. I prefer to support a US owned store rather than foreign.. that’s just me.

    • I prefer to pay way more too, its UNamerican for you to want to pay less, and then i want to be gently tucked into bed.

      • Actually, it could be considered very American. It is called free enterprise.
        If the big name grocers don’t like , they could find ways to lower there pricing. I do not shop at Publix or Harris Teeter now that I have choices like Aldi and Lidl.

        • Agreed. I only shop at Harris Teeter when something is on super sale. And I never go to Publix. Went there twice and found employees were so rude and really acted like they thought they were better than me. These were two separate stores.I live in the great, southern NC on the coast. Aldi’s employees are super nice and helpful at all stores I have been to. Lidl are ok but find them more expensive. Employees tend to be polite but not even a smile. That’s not the southern way. By the way, Aldi’s employees talk if you do or don’t if you don’t. It’s up to the customer. LOVE ALDIS.

    • How about supporting American workforce?

  10. I just shopped in West London, it was ok except for the queue (if you only have few items).I was pleased to find some cheerful French brie (made with French milk).How these stores will fare in the Brexit regime god only knows.But while the good times last we make hay….

  11. I have shopped at the Prince st store in bolton since the day it opened must be 25 years ago now.have always been very satisfied with the quality of the fresh food and staff.no complaints at all.

  12. We find Aldi sharp, clean and well-priced. When customers have to wait to pay they open more checkouts. The Lidl around Reading UK seem to be untidy. Recently we had to abandon our shopping in Lidl because the queue for the single checkout that was open became too long and our car parking time expired. They obviously are not concerned about the customer’s time. Lidl have bakeries but this is a loss leader and will prevent them offering lower prices. Aldi refuse to do this preferring to cut prices. We have therefore opted to use Aldi, visiting Lidl occasionally but finding them unpleasant to use in our area.

    • I can’t understand your post that Lidl do not lower prices, in my Lidl they have special offer days with magazine guidance and lower prices on use or best before dates, which I buy if suitable for bunging into the freezer for another day. Totally unfounded post.

    • You must be unfortunate because I never have this problem at Lidl, and they seem to have a bigger range. I like the Lidl bakery area, get some nice cakes.

    • Being a truck driver delivering to both,l prefer Aldi,although we have to offload the truck ourselves at both,Aldi’s warehouse’s are spotless, but Lidl’s are a real shit tip and can keep us waiting for hours .

  13. There is no mention that Aldi Nord operates as Trader Joe’s in the United States.

  14. Aldi Union Street Plymouth. Always had an excellent service and a cheery word at the till. The staff are extremely hard working and helpful. We have shopped with them for a long time spending approx £70/90 a week there so over twelve months it amounts to a considerable saving. Lidl’s are o. K. but too big…

  15. We LOVE YOU ALDI !!!

  16. ALDI’s opened a new store here in Ft. Pierce Fl. Great food, prices, people, etc. one problem: I’m handicapped and use their basket scooters. It’s a real convenience till it comes to leaving the store; the scooter will not even go to the handicapped parking area. Must go get a basket and transfer all items then go to the car. This is very inconvenient to say the least and needs to be changed.

  17. Fact is we live in a global society..sooner we understand that better off we will be..aldi is a very good store ..its not the name on the box its the quality of food in the box..so compared to other brands there is food is eqaul to or superior to other brands..there prices are amazing.I remember when they opened in my area a loaf of bread was 10 cents when all other bread was over a dollar..there prices then were great and continue to be great prices..nobody twist your arm your arm to shop there if you dont like it shop elsewhere…as long a there quality of food is great and there prices low..ill be a aldi shopper for life…

  18. Please More info about Aldi

  19. Please More info about Aldi, I like her

  20. I love shopping at Aldi and Lidl, they both have really good deals..
    Now I’m thinking about “the after Brexit”, what is it gonna mean for Britain population, are we gonna have to say bye bye to Aldi and Lidl good price?

  21. My family absolutely loves the dressing, Specially Selected Hatch Chile Cilantro! We use it as a dressing over greens, and also as a fantastic marinade for fish, chicken, and shrimp. My question is how come we can’t get this flavor of the Specially dressing regularly. This wasn’t a one time purchase, but several times over the past couple of years. Luckily, I bought eight or so bottles at once. However, it’s been several months since my original purchase, and now I can’t find the dressing at an Aldi. Is there another market that sells this variety of dressing since Aldi fiesn’t Carry it on a regular basis?

  22. I love the limited size of Aldi. American grocery chains think in terms of more is always better. I don’t need half a aisle of cracker choices! Aldi has 1 or 2 varieties which is perfect for me. Recently, a Lidl was opened and we have tried it several times, but returned to Aldi. Lidl has a bakery but we don’t like their bread. It is too dense which makes it taste stale. The “extras” both stores sell are touted as a good thing but I see as a problem. My husband calls it “the aisle of wonderful things” and becomes enamored with trinkets. It inflates our food budget with items we could easily live without. All in all I like the German sensibility and frugality. I don’t want chatty cashiers or 22 aisles of choices and spending a fraction what the American stores charge for the same items is always going to win my business.

  23. Back in Chicago we had Aldi close by our neighborhood. Very pristine, friendly, well organized, and with very comparative prices. Wish they open in Arizona too since we moved to the beautiful state of Arizona.

  24. With about 6 checkouts you will always get 2 opened that is the hold up. If you just want to shop just little you must still line up in a big Que. No fast checkout like Dunnes stores.Tesco.M&S.

  25. Advertising your ethnic group everywhere you go – even in the comments section of an Aldi supermarket article. That isn’t normal, pal. And nobody cares who you claim to be. This is 2019, not 2019 BC.

  26. Why are there no ALDI stores in Northern Ireland??? I have tried asking them but they won’t say. We have Lidl stores here.

  27. What other people have posted good or bad is true. I like lidl better because it has a bigger selection, and I do like the bakery but I live closer to aldi so I go there when I need things quickly. I do wish they would open up their checkout lines quicker but all in all I will go to these 2 grocery chains more than Publix or kroger. However saying that, the big stores have a better selection on items that are non food

  28. I LOOOVE the Lidl! They have unique things, the foods are great and the staff very very friendly. Instead of saying “Aisle 2” the guy actually took me to where the item was. Sadly, because of Covid 19, I can’t go there anymore because the locals don’t respect social distancing and walk right up to you rubbing elbows reaching across you to get something. Its unreal. Coincidentally the mayor calls that town ‘ground zero for CV’ now I know why.

  29. I saw the advert for Aldi claiming to sell raised garden beds, I went on the internet to see if I could buy them as I am disabled and they would be just right for me, when I clicked on them it said only on sale in the shops. So I went and qued up for 40mins when I finally got into the shop I was told they did not have any even though this was the day advertised to be selling them. I will not go there again if they are advertising stock that they do not have.

  30. Have enjoyed Aldi’s a lot. Many of their name brands are far superior to the most popular standard brands! The prices being about 30% less! Staff is friendly, their hours a little sparse. Meat Dept could use improvement, but what they did have was good. Waiting for LIDL to open. I’m one of the very few that enjoys food shopping & cooking. I’m always seeking new & different items to change up my menu. Not fond of the cart policy, but I understand it when I see carts strewn around apartment complexes in the area. Thus, condition of the carts are better maintained so you don’t have to sqeak & lurch through the store!

  31. Have been shopping at Aldi for a few years now and they have a great concept with a good and varied selection of product.
    The only thing that infuriates me are the very limited quantities of special meat items (Lamb racks / chops) at great prices, often sold out by 11am.

  32. I really just wanted to leave a ridiculous comment, sadly all have been used.
    After reading such tripe I felt like assuming room temperature, but am really enjoying these Toasted Coconut Cashews from Lidl. Prost!

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