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Difference Between Resume and CV

resumeA resume and a CV are quite similar; both are intended to inform someone of your qualifications for a particular opportunity. They may also be considered a formal introduction and that aspect may be best completed with the addition of a cover letter. It is important to keep in mind though that each may be better suited to a particular opportunity and sending the appropriate one to the appropriate opportunity may increase your chances of being contacted.

A resume can be a highly effective way to supply the information that many possible employers will want to know when considering you for a professional position or career. In addition to a cover letter that introduces you to the employer, there are some basic elements that most resumes should contain. The first is contact information. You may want to consider including this information on each page of the resume or on the cover letter. You’ll also want to outline all of your relevant work history. Using outline form with duty supplementation can be a good format. Listing education history can be especially important if the position requires specific education. An optional section is to list some references. The more relevant the information is to the position the better. Consider consulting professional resume creators if you have difficulty.

You can also use curriculum vitae to introduce yourself and provide qualifications for an opportunity. The inclusion of something similar to a cover letter can compliment a CV nicely. You can state your intention in the cover letter and give an overview of the details in the following pages. Similar to the structure of a resume, in a CV you will want to supply qualifications. However, since a CV is usually sent for academic, scientific and positions of this sort you will want to include more details including detailed information of your education and any research work that you have completed. Tailor the information to the opportunity to ensure ease of reading. Include work history also.

Depending on the opportunity these two documents with very similar intent can help you to communicate the necessary information effectively. Keeping in mind the position while constructing the document can be helpful in shaping the tone also!

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