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Difference Between Job and Work

Job vs Work

“Work” and “job” are two words that have similar yet different meanings. Although they are used interchangeably, their meanings may differ according to how they are used.

The use of the word “job” to describe a piece of work was first recorded in the 1550s. It comes from the Middle English word “gobben” which means “lump or mass.” It is a noun that is used to refer to work that an individual does for a living.

“Job” is defined as “an activity that an individual performs in exchange for a specific fee or payment.” It is also referred to as an occupation, profession, career, or trade. It is a responsibility of an individual towards his employer that he must perform well because he is paid for it. A job is a formal kind of work. When one is hired for a job, he has to get into a contract with his employer, and he has to abide by the regulations of the company. In a job, the goals and targets are more specific and well laid out for the employees to follow and achieve.

It refers to a specific type of employment wherein the individual’s role or position is clearly defined. It involves working on a specific task with the expectation of being compensated for the job done. The term “job” is also used in lieu of the word “work,” but work has separate connotations.

The word “work” is used as a noun as well as a verb. The noun work first appeared in the 1650s to refer to an industrial place. It comes from the Old English word “worc” or “weorc” which means “something done, action, or business.” “Work” is defined as “a physical or mental activity that is performed in order to accomplish or produce something.” It is something that an individual does in the performance of his job or of his responsibilities towards his employers or other people.

It has a broader meaning and can refer to all kinds of activities that an individual does. It can be something that one does in the performance of his responsibilities to his family such as cooking their food and cleaning the house. It can also be something that one does because he loves doing it like gardening or helping out in church. An individual does not always have to be paid for his work unlike a job in which he is paid for accomplishing.


1.A job is an activity that an individual performs in exchange for payment while work is an activity that an individual performs in order to produce or accomplish something.
2.Individuals perform their jobs in order to get monetary compensation while people work on something not only to earn but also as part of their responsibility towards others which does not involve any compensation.
3.“Work” is a general term that refers to all activities that one does while “job” is more specific.
4.The word “work” comes from the Old English word “weorc” or “worc” while the word “job” comes from the Middle English word “gobben.”

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  1. that was a gud differences but were can i find more

  2. Job : means work in the sense of job or employment, for example, David finally got a new job . job is an accounting term , which means you can say (a job , one job , two jobs ) .

    Work : Work means when it refers to tasks that involves work or where you work , for example : I have a lot of work at this time. Countless work is a word , so you can not say ( to work , one work , two works ) .

  3. suppose someone is working in an organisation with no contract but is paid,is that a job or work?

    • Your job is what you were trained to do. Your work is what you were born to do. You can be fire from your job but never from your work. Your job is your career, your work is your life assignment. In other words, your job/skills prepares you for your work /gifts. Your work is more related to your purpose in life.

      • OK, please ZB saying “work” is our purpose in life…does it mean same thing as our call or ministry?

        So, can I then say that having the urge of helping small ministries, or granting financial help or showing empathy to people… Is my purpose in life? Kindly reply.

  4. Exactly meaning of the world is being used for complete details of the trade.

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