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Difference Between TED and TEDx

TED which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design is an organization on the media that has online free distribution talks. Its slogan is ideas worth spreading, and it was founded in 1984. Its primary focus is having talks on science, culture and academic topics.

TEDx, on the other hand, is an independent event like TED and anyone can organize it. Individuals who want to host a TEDx event are required to obtain a license from TED that shows that they have agreed to follow particular principles. They are non-profit events, but they may have an admission fee to cover their expenses. Just like TED events, TEDx events are organized by volunteers in the community thus the speakers are not paid. The main reason for hosting the event is to spark conversation and connection in the community.

What is TED?

TED is a nonprofit organization that is aimed at spreading ideas in the form of short talks. The talks may be short, but they are powerful and motivating. They are usually around eighteen minutes or less. The organization was founded in 1984, and its goal was to educate individuals on technology, entertainment, and design. However, currently, the organization covers almost all topics including global business. In addition to that, it is covered in over 100 languages.

TED is passionate about helping people in fulfilling their desires in having a deeper understanding of the world. The organization works hard because it believes in how ideas have the power to change the attitudes and lives of people. To facilitate this, they hold conferences annually, and they address a wide range of topics. Examples of past speakers who have held talks include Bill Gates, Bill Clinton and Chris Anderson among others.

From 2006, the organization improved access to their talks by providing free viewing online. Below are some of the positive effects of TED talks

  • They provide a forum that encourages free speech and allows people to speak out on what they believe in.
  • They enable people to learn more about the world and the knowledge is useful in day to day lives of individuals.
  • Important information is circulated to many people all over the world.
  • They bring people who have the common goal of increasing their knowledge together.


What is TEDx?

TEDx talks are just like TED talks, but the main difference is that while TED talks are global, TEDx focuses on the local community. TEDx talks are independent of TED events, but they have to obtain a license from TED just to show that they will follow certain principles.  Just like TED events, speakers of TEDx showcase their ideas in less than 18 minutes.

According to statistics, so far TEDx have hosted 4300 events around the world. They have had 42 million views on YouTube and 80 million views that have been featured on Ted.com. Below are some of the guidelines speakers should follow when preparing for a talk show.

No selling from the stage

Speakers may mention what they do and what their business entails. However, they should not use the forum to pitch their products and services. They should also not ask for funding.

Speakers should not have a political agenda

TEDx stages should never be used for partisan politics. Therefore, speakers should avoid discussing politics or political parties. Instead, they should focus on the core problems and their possible solutions.

No religious proselytizing

Speakers who always try to defend their religion or talk down to other religions should not be booked. The speakers can be honest about their beliefs, but they should promote them during their talks.


Difference Between TED and TEDx

1. Approach

TED talks take a global approach while TEDx focuses on the local community. Therefore, TED events are more about what affects the world and their solutions. TEDx focuses on the voices of the local community and their problems and solutions.

2. Licensing

TED is an entirely independent organization, and they do not need a license from any organization except the ones the media requires. TEDx, on the other hand, are independent but they are TED organized events thus they require a license from TED before hosting an event.

3. Production

TED talks are produced from performers during official TED events, TEDx events, on the other hand, are independently produced TED-like events. The style has to be like that of TED shows, but organizers will select their speakers.

4. Speakers

TED talks involve prolific speakers in their shows. The speakers are often experts in their fields. TEDx speakers, on the other hand, must not be leaders or experts in their fields. Anyone can host the show.

5. Publicity

TEDx events are mostly privately arranged, and it involves a smaller crowd. TED shows are more prominent, and they include a more significant crowd of prominent individuals being featured in them as compared to TEDx.

TED Vs. TEDx : comparison chart

Summary of TED Vs. TEDx

Both TED and TEDx events are based on technology, education, and design. Their primary goal is to spread ideas to the world and because the ideas could better the world we live in. They post their content online, and the topics vary from science to global business. They are both essential forums because they have given individuals a platform to share with the world what they believe in. In addition to this, they have helped people all over the world to gain access to useful information that has helped them to counter problems and better their lives.

Their main difference is that TED takes a global approach while TEDx is more private and focuses on the local community. As from 2006, both were given licenses to put their information online. Therefore, individuals can view it for free online. The good thing is that they are charitable events.

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