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Difference Between Rona and Lowes

Lowe’s, a major American home improvement retailer, acquired Rona, a Canadian home improvement and hardware company, in 2016. The deal was valued at around CAD 3.2 billion. This acquisition was a significant move in the retail and home improvement industry which allowed Lowe’s to expand its presence in the Canadian market and strengthen its position against competitors.

The move was part of Lowe’s strategy to enhance its international footprint and capitalize on the growth opportunities in the Canadian home improvement market. In this article, we will explore the differences between Lowe’s and Rona, shedding light on the factors that make each company unique in their own right.


Rona is a prominent Canadian retailer in the home improvement and hardware industry. Founded in 1939, the company has a rich history and has played a significant role in shaping the Canadian retail landscape. Rona initially operated as a small cooperative of independent hardware retailers in Quebec. Over the years, Rona has expanded its reach and product offerings, becoming one of the largest home improvement retailers in Canada. Rona has a network of over 400 stores across Canada.

The company caters to both professional contractors and do-it-yourself (DIY) enthusiasts, offering a wide range of products for home renovation, construction, and maintenance. It features a diverse selection of building materials, tools, gardening supplies, home décor, and appliances. The company has been known for its commitment to providing quality products and services to Canadian consumers.


Lowe’s is a major American retail company specializing in home improvement. Founded in 1921 in North Carolina, Lowe’s has grown to become one of the largest home improvement retailers globally. The company operates a chain of retail stores, offering a wide range of products and services for home improvement, construction, and maintenance. Lowe’s is the second-largest hardware chain in the US.

Lowe’s stores typically provide an extensive selection of building materials, tools, appliances, lawn and garden products, and home décor items. In addition to its physical stores, Lowe’s has developed a strong online presence, allowing customers to shop for products and access resources and guides for various home improvement projects.

Difference between Rona and Lowes


Founded in 1939, Rona initially operated as a cooperative of independent hardware retailers in Quebec, Canada. Over the years, Rona has expanded its reach and product offerings, becoming one of the largest home improvement retailers in Canada. The company is headquartered in Boucherville, Canada.

Established in 1921 in North Carolina, Lowe’s is an American company with roots in the United States. While it has expanded internationally, the company is headquartered in the U.S.

Store Presence

Rona has a network of around 425 corporate and affiliated dealer stores across Canada. After Lowe’s acquisition of Rona in 2016, it has created a network of one of the largest home improvement retailers in Canada, with over 535 store locations. It includes both Rona stores and Lowe’s stores in Canada at the time of the acquisition.

However, it’s not representative of the current number of Rona stores alone. Lowe’s has a broader international presence, with stores in the United States and Canada, among other locations. The acquisition of Rona expanded Lowe’s footprint in the Canadian market.

Market Focus

Rona focused on serving the Canadian market and had developed a strong reputation for providing home improvement products and services tailored to the Canadian consumer. Traditionally focused on lumber, building materials, and home improvement essentials, it has expanded to include appliances, kitchen and bath products, and even outdoor living items.

As an American company, Lowe’s has a broader market focus, catering to customers in the United States and internationally. It offers a wider variety of products, including tools, hardware, paint, flooring, and décor. It also carries a larger selection of national brands and caters more to professional contractors with specialized tools and equipment.

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What is the difference between RONA and Rona+?

Rona+ is a new banner launched in 2023, specifically aimed at converting select Lowe’s stores acquired by RONA in 2016. These Rona+ stores aim to combine Lowe’s brand recognition with RONA’s local expertise and focus on Canadian customers.

Is RONA related to Lowe’s?

In 2016, Lowe’s acquired RONA, expanding its reach into the Canadian market. However, in 2023, Lowe’s sold its Canadian operations back to RONA, which rebranded the acquired stores as Rona+.

Why is Lowe’s leaving Canada?

Lowe’s is not entirely leaving Canada. It sold its Canadian stores back to RONA, but the Rona+ stores still carry Lowe’s private label brands.

Can I use my RONA card at Lowes?

Unfortunately, your RONA card wouldn’t work at Lowe’s stores in Canada since they’re now Rona+ stores operated by RONA. However, you can still use it at other RONA locations.

Is RONA still Canadian-owned?

Yes, RONA is considered a Canadian-owned company. While Lowe’s acquired it in 2016, the 2023 sale returned RONA to Canadian ownership and control.

What happened to Lowe’s in Canada?

Lowe’s initially acquired RONA to expand in Canada. However, facing challenges integrating the two brands and adapting to the Canadian market, Lowe’s decided to sell its Canadian operations back to RONA.

Why did Lowe’s sell RONA?

Facing challenges adapting to the Canadian market and competing with established players like Home Depot, Lowe’s sold RONA.

Who just bought Lowe’s Canada?

RONA bought back Lowe’s Canadian operations, effectively regaining its Canadian identity and market position.

Is Lowe’s closing stores in Canada in 2023?

While some store closures are possible as RONA restructures its network, there haven’t been any major announcements of widespread closures in 2023.

Are RONA and Reno Depot the same?

RONA and Reno Depot are separate companies, both major players in the Canadian home improvement market. They have distinct brand identities, product offerings, and store locations.

Who owns RONA Canada?

RONA is currently owned by RONA Inc., a Canadian company. This ownership structure reflects the 2023 buyback of Lowe’s Canadian operations.

Can I return something from Lowes to RONA?

Unfortunately, you cannot directly return Lowe’s items to RONA stores. However, you might have options depending on the specific item and its warranty.

Who did Lowe’s sell RONA to?

Lowe’s sold RONA to RONA Inc., essentially returning the company to its original Canadian ownership.

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