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The field of Information Technology has terminology complete with its own words. “BRS” and “FRS” are also part of this terminology. These terms represent two different types of services of help. “BRS” is the text information retrieval system while “FRS” is used to replicate files to a different server.

BRS and FRS both have another meaning also. “BRS” stands for “Business Requirement Specification,” and “FRS” means “Functional Requirement Specification.” But here we are dealing only with the meaning of both with relation to the information technology sector.


“BRS” stands for “Bibliographic Retrieval Services.”  BRS is a full-text information and database retrieval system. It uses a fully inverted indexing system to retrieve, locate, and store unstructured data. BRS was the search engine which in 1977 powered its commercial operations with 20 databases (with the first national commercial availability of Medline). Its ownership has changed many times during its development period.


“FRS” stands for “File Replication Service.” When detecting a change to a file, such as the modification to an existing file or creation of a new file, this replicates it to another server in that group. When, at the same time, two copies of the files are edited at different servers, then to deal with such conflicts the service resolves any such issue by using the file with the latest time and date.  The primary uses of the File Replication Service are for SYSVOL directory share which is particularly important in a Microsoft network because it is used in distributing files supporting the Group Policy to clients’ computers on network. Because scripts and group policies are run every time a user logs on to the system, it is very essential to have the reliability. Resilience is increased by having multiple copies of a SYSVOL directory spreading out the workload for this essential service.

Summary :

  1. “BRS” is a full-text information and database retrieval system while “FRS” replicates to a different server when detecting a change to a file.
  2. BRS has been the search engine while FRS deals with and resolves any conflict arising from an edition of two copies of files at the same time at different servers.

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