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“SPWRA” and “SPWRB” are two classes of common stock shares of the SunPower Corporation, a company involved with solar electric power technologies and products. The business is segmented into two areas featuring the components and the systems parts. The stocks associated with this company (SPWRA and SPWRB) are listed in the NASDAQ, an American stock market exchange.

Both SPWRA and SPWRB function as stocks and, in extension, represent people who wanted to have a piece of company ownership. Both stocks can be bought at a certain price and traded for ownership.

Although both SPWRA and SPWRB have the same number of shares (42 million plus) in the company, there are differences on how they are perceived by the current and potential owners.  Among the differences between the two types of common stocks are the certain characteristics attached to them.

Differences in Voting Rights

The voting power or right allows a shareholder to have a say in company management . In an SPWRA stock, there is only one voting right for one piece of stock. In contrast, an SPWRB stock has eight times the voting power or rights per share. This is the reason why some people consider SPWRBs the more valuable shares of the company. SPWRB stocks are also much more expensive and harder to trade due to their intrinsic value. To purchase an SPWRB stock, a potential investor must pay into a premium account that will endow him/her with the voting rights that come with the stock.

Differences in Behavior

SPWRBs are also more volatile to change and can evolve into a risky venture; SPWRA stocks are not as volatile or risky. They are much easier to trade and much cheaper to purchase, too. People who buy this type of stock are generally not interested in company control or management. They simply use the stocks as a means to gain more profit. Also, since SPWRA are cheaper, many investors can purchase more stocks compared to SPWRB. However, in times when there is not much difference between the cost of an SPWRB and the cost of an SPWRA, investors may want to take advantage of the situation and buy more SPWRB stocks.

Like many Class B stocks, the SPWRB contain the shares owned by the family or the original shares. This is the reason why such shares are often more advantageous than Class A shares (in this case, SPRWA).


  1. SPWRA and SPWRB are two types of common stock shares associated with the SunPower Corporation, a company that produces solar power technologies and products.
  2. Both classes of common stocks have the same number of shares, at least 42 million stocks. However, how they are used and appreciated are different.
  3. Each stock is associated with the two distinct segments of the company,  components and systems.
  4. SPWRBs are considered to be stocks that are superior since they contain more voting rights for each share. SPRWBs have eight times more voting rights or power compared to SPWRAs. An SPWRA’s voting power per share is only one.
  5. Because of its higher voting power, SPWRB stocks are priced higher and are more volatile compared to SPWRAs. Owners of SPWRB buy this stock at a premium price, and the stock (and its voting power) allows them to have a say and control in the company and its management.
  6. Due to their price and appreciation, SPWRBs are harder to acquire or trade compared to SPWRAs. SPWRBs are also very risky to handle. On the other hand, SPRWAs are cheaper and much easier to accumulate, buy, or sell in the market.  People buy the SPWRA stock for profit or income purposes.
  7. There are times when the prices between SPWRBs and SPWRAs are relatively close. In this scenario, many people can afford to buy both types of stocks, especially SPWRB stocks, at a low price.

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