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The mind and psyche are a complex and difficult area to understand. Everything that goes into your mind is yours alone, and no one has the ability to look at it, or even see it. Furthermore, trying to know what we think, how we look at life, and our own motivations and ideals are not easy to do. We need someone who is trained to talk, to listen, and to advise. With that, we go into the field of Psychology and its related areas.

The field of Psychology is a wide and very interesting branch of science. This is because it does not rely more on objective cues but rather tries to understand an individual’s mental function, insights, and behavior. I believe that those of you who have gone to a psychologist are asked more to talk about your problems. This is basically the essence of this field of science. This is because they tackle more on the mind and what occurs inside your head.

There are individuals trained to give advice, to help promote or uplift your feelings, and to listen to your problems when dealing with your individual lives. These individuals may or may not be licensed or experts in dealing with the situations. They may even just be regular individuals trained to talk, such as social workers. Still, there are also those individuals who have studied in-depth about how our mind works. These individuals may be psychologists or psychotherapists.

A psychologists are professional individuals who have studied extensively in the field of psychology. They spend a number of years to earn their degree and title with appropriate field of specialization. . A psychologist therefore listens, understands, and tries to unravel what is going on inside the mind of an individual through one-on-one interactions. Furthermore, a psychologist may also explain or interpret behaviors based on an individual’s own personality and understanding. Lastly, a psychologist can also be a psychotherapist.

On the other hand, a psychotherapist involves himself into the world of a patient in order to promote a better outlook in life. A psychotherapist may not necessarily be a psychologist, but can be a social worker or even a trauma expert. This is the main difference. These experts establish interpersonal relationships with the patient to help out in their problems. They talk and assist the patient, depending on their method of therapy.

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1. Psychology is a field of science that deals with a person’s mental state and behavior.

2. A psychologist undergoes years of study, earning a license, to talk and interpret, advise, and assist patients increase their outlook in life.

3. A psychotherapist may not be a licensed professional, but can be a regular individual trained in human interaction to interact and help individuals improve their sense of wellbeing.

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  1. Wrong.
    A psychologist is defined as one who specializes in the study of the psyche. Historically this has been in a research environment but some psychologists have turned to working with people. This title requires that you have a doctorate degree, either a PhD or a, the former being the research oriented degree and the latter being the counseling oriented degree. The PhD involves more research, while the PsyD involves working with people directly.

    A psychotherapist, on the other hand, is one who specializes in healing the psyche. Contrary to the author above, a psychotherapist does need to be licensed and/or registered in all states. You need a Masters degree.

  2. This article is wrong. Vincent (other comment) is correct. One must be licensed and trained to be a psychotherapist and usually has at least a MA/MS degree. To be called a ‘psychologist’ you must have a PhD or PsyD.

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