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Angels and archangels are traced in almost all religions. Both the angel and archangel are part of religious beliefs.

What is an angel? An angel is a messenger. And what then is an archangel? An Archangel is the chief messenger or a higher messenger, who is above the angel.

One major difference between the two is that a person can call upon angels for personal help but he or she cannot call archangels for this assistance.

Both the archangels and angels safeguard humanity, and it has been said that archangels are protectors of the whole of mankind. They help in finding solutions to human problems.  The archangels are known to appear in human forms.
In general, about seven divisions of angels are said to be in existence. They are Seraphim, Thrones, Cherubim, Dominions, Virtues, Principalities and Powers.  However, the Bible only mentions three types. When talking of archangels, eight are most of the time listed. They are Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, Raphael, Daniel, Lucifer, Remiel and Raguel.
Angels are known to be messengers that connect mankind to the heaven. Most of the people that have reported seeing angels have not reported seeing archangels. Angels are believed to have visited people and given them warnings and comfort. They are also known to influence people in making decisions. On the contrary, archangels are not known to influence individuals or give comfort or warnings.

Angel is a word that has been derived from Hebrew mal’akh and Greek angelos, which means messenger. Archangel is a word that has been derived from Greek archangelos, meaning chief angel.


  1. Angel is a messenger.. Archangel is the chief messenger or a higher messenger, who is above the angel.
  2. A person can call angels for any personal help but he or she cannot call archangels for any personal help.
  3. Archangels are known to be protectors of all mankind. They help in finding solutions for the human race.
  4. About seven divisions of angels are said to be in existence. They are Seraphim, Thrones, Cherubim, Dominions, Virtues, Principalities and Powers.  However, the Bible only mentions three types. When talking of archangels, eight are most of the time listed. They are Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, Raphael, Daniel, Lucifer, Remiel and Raguel.
  5. Angels are believed to have visited people and given them warnings and comfort. They are also known to influence people in making decisions.

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  1. P.S Please direct me were in the Bible does it say that we can call upon angels for help when the only intercesor between God and man is Jesus Christ.

    • Matthew 26:53

      • I just looked up Mathew 26.53
        “Do you think I cannot call upon my Father and he will not provide me at this moment with more than twelve legions of angels?”

        To me that reads like you are still asking god for the help of the angels, not the angels directly.. but I don’t know. I am not a religious person and admittedly do not know much about the bible and how it reads.

        I was google searching the difference between Arch Angels and Angels. 🙂

        Do you or anyone know of more mentions of Angels in the bible?

        • The best thing to do is to read it for yourself from cover to cover and study and research the parts that are important to you. Can be a daunting task but should at least read it. Even if not religious there is a lot of good stuff in the bible and I think you would be blown away by how many sayings and customs we all use come straight from the bible. Just don’t take things too literally.

    • Did any angle went to save our Jesus on the cross, if the married who us didn’t call angels why should we Yes you are more than right

  2. You can call for personal help the archangels too

  3. Why are we calling angels and other creatures of God, if God is all knowing and all seeing? He created us and looking after us. And it’s in bible itself, it says:

    By myself I can do nothing; I judge only as I hear, and my judgment is just, for I seek not to please myself but him who sent me. [ John 5:30 NIV ]

    But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. [ Matthew 24:36 ]

    Then why are we calling upon angels for help? Shouldn’t our all prayers must to God himself?

    • true brother yes you are right

    • No Christian call upon angels or other God’s creatures.

      We call for God for help, and he sends his angel to comfort us.

      God is also all-seeing. If there’s danger, he sends his angels to warn us.

      So, yes, our prayers go to him, then he helps. Or even helps before we see or ask.

      That’s why calling upon the angels/archangels (which is also a religion) or even other God’s creatures are false, wrong and sin.

      Just pray to God.

      • Your right, God send His angels when we call on Him. Mind you, the angels are messages of God to human.
        When you are been spoken to by an angel and you said thank you, a true angel of God will reply you and says(thanks to God) he will never accept that regard to himself.
        I will advice we all to mind the way we talk about them to avoid committing sin because they see what we don’t see and hear what we don’t hear.
        We all are only been fortunate. Thank God.

      • Amen.. We can pray for divine help.. Especially in matters we cant comprehend nor able to detect with our 5 senses…For when Daniel sought the Lord he fasted for 21 days and the Angel tried to come to him sooner but was delayed by the Prince of Persia…

    • Yes bro I agree with you on that point, but we can ask God to send an Angel over our lives to help us in our time of need or with whatever your situation is… God also is an omnipresent and omnipotent God and there’s no start or end with Him so we can boldly and confidently ask Him anything for there is nothing He cannot do… #Limitless ~Simply Worship

  4. All these information was okay back on ancient times because the knowledge was on the early stages of developing but no is time to understand that there is no god and we humans should take care of each other and should resolve our differences before is too late. Religion was okay to control society for a period of time but now is the time of reason and support to each other as humans. There may or may not be another life or eternity but what we know for sure is that this life is what we have and should use it to be happy and help other to be happy too. Why spend so much time in trying to understand things that we don’t even know if they exist, but we know for sure that this life exist so let’s use every second of to be good humans.

    • You have stopped believing. With this comment you are litterally speaking in opposite of Truth. Close to being an anti Christ if you are not for Christ. My name is Yoshua i am 28 years old. I was an orphan and Angels were the ones who raised me intellectually. With knowledge and with great wisdom. I came on this page because i litterally typed in google whats the difference between Arch Angels and regular angels because i have been trying to figure out which angel I spoke to and what his name. Jesus is the way to the father, that doesnt mean God doesnt have use for his angels anymore. An angel appeared me in my time of great distress. And i realized that if i keep praying and keep weeping and mix that with fasting. the angels WILL keep revealing to me what i ask if what I ask if that of the spirit. What im saying is based of your comment, i know you have stopped believing in God or Jesus or you for sure are still lost and have not had that SPIRITUAL encounter you need in order to be sure of what THE REST OF US know already. I prayed and cried for weeks at a time to ONLY God. I called on Jesus, i apologized to God for being bad and wicked, and i called on the angels to help me if they heard me because when i was little they did; when i was hurting and crying and sad. I say all this to say, dont discourage others from believing because YOU chose to give up. The only way the truth of all this will be revealed to you is when you stop rejecting it and let it in. Let the belief in to rest rule and abide in you. Focus your MENTAL on the inside darkness of you and focus until you see images or a light. Or until dreams and visions and strong overpowering thoughts start to resinate within you. Let it in. Dont look outside your eyes. Focus inside. If you truly want to know for yourself that is, because if you dont the worst thing you can do is tear believers away from beliving. That comment is you made is something like what lucifer was doing to the regular angels in heaven but in human form. You will reap destruction on yourself or family or loved ones if you continue this. Accidents, financial struggles or hardships and even death. We are made in the image of God therefore since God is all powerful he is just as good as he is bad. He kills and he raises to life. Likewise we can raise people up or we can kill them. Be the one to raise them up. And you will be exalted. Merely doing nice things or helping people in their time of need is not but a small thing God requires of us, his chosen. We are chosen BY OUR FAITH IN HIM. Its because of our Faith. In Believing God. Not to NOT believe in God. I love you bro. Take this and go talk to God as if he was sitting next to you. Ask questions. You will see for yourself.

      • Nice reply Mr. Yoshua.
        You have been very humble in your reply.
        That is what I liked best-
        Who are you – I felt curious.
        How is your belief even now?
        I also came here in search to know about angels and archangels.
        Wonder whether you will see my reply.
        Kind regards, Mary

      • You have to be sure that you have his name on your forehead by the covenant you have made with him, when you his son Jesus Christ as you Lord and Savior. Just like any other generetions that came before you! Gen.9:12, Gen.17:1,2 Gen.22:4 and you can only have it, by keeping his Sabat.Exodus 20:8-11 (Saturday) and by keeping his 10 Commandments.Exodus 20:1-17. Please don’t be lost or offended, YOU became a Jew. Yes a Jew, when you accepted Christ our Lord and Savior!!!
        Remember he is the Jewish Messiah.So on that note; he meaning Christ was preaching about his Jewish God!!! Call yourselves what you will, the importance here is to follow Christ’s spirit and also God’s Sabat and Commandments!!! The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Christians and Jews are the same people and thus have the same rules!!! Same tree thus same people!!! God’s speed and blessings in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!!

      • Yoshua, I was also visited by an angel at 13 yrs. of age when my mom died. I love the way you related to the non believer! We do go through Christ to communicate with the Father. You are an inspiration to all who meet you, keep giving testimony to those in need! GOD LIVES YOU SO for your good works. Love to you for all you do to reach others!

      • Bless you it’s wonderful to know that there are still humans out there believing in out great Father . I loved that you said God gives as well as takes . He is not good nor bad . But both . It’s a pity that so many have rejected God because of outer influences. But the day will come when all is judged the living and the dead . As for angels and archangels . They now walk amongst you all in vessels observing .
        Ps they are aware of who you are and they are happy – there will be no line through your name .

    • Since a child I have struggled with the concept of religion is that God comes in many for eith.many faces we all have our own way of practice and beliefs As long as we are good hearted spiritual beings. Call on what you believe with you heart.
      Something has happened long ago we all do not understand. God came from the stars and heavens. Thats Why we always look to the sky and above. Their is truth to every thing and anything is possible. Just stay good your heart will never lie. But the mind can be fooled and munipulated easily by greed and all the things considered bad. I believe it’s a feeling. You know when your feeling bad or good
      That’s the thing it’s up to each info usual to decide what side of the street your on

    • I would like to say this my friend. This is not an abstract idea in my experience. I have experienced the assistance of angels many many times. I am a believer in Jesus Christ as lord and savior, who took upon himself the sins of the world so that we can have a direct relationship with God.

      I have actually only seen angels once in my life, but I have witnessed their presence and the results of their actions many times.

      I don’t worship angels because angels are created beings just as humans are created by God. We were originally formed from the dust of the ground and then God himself breathed into the first humans, giving them LIFE.

      Sin separated God and man with the first sin. God wanted to have fellowship with his creation so the Spirit of Life hovered over a virgin, Mary and Jesus was conceived.

      God knew that Joseph would think that Mary was unpure, so an angel appeared to Joseph. The angel acted as a messenger to assure Joseph that his betrothed was pure.

      When King Herod learned of the star of Bethlehem and that a King had been born, he too believed in what he could see, science of that time. Joseph and Mary were to go to one city, where King Herods orders were being carried out, but God sent another angel to Joseph and warned him to not go where they had planned because of the plot to kill all the first born sons, by Herod. Joseph obeyed and Jesus grew up to be prepared for his ministry and ultimate plan to lay down his life as the supreme sacrifice for all mankind!

      I pray you will read the scripture, the inspired word of God. It is FULLY alive and as you read with an open heart, you will personally experience his enduring love for you. The kingdom where Jesus reigns is a spiritual kingdom which remains alive today.

      Through His sacrifice, we can once again have direct and personal relationship with God. He he knew no sin became sin for us, that we may become the righteousness of God Through HIM. This is referenced in the first four Gospels in the New Testament.

      He rose from the dead, after taking the sins of all mankind upon himself, and HE REMAINS alive in each one of us who believes in Him!

      It’s a supernatural experience and not some dead fairytale. We are actually changed when we accept him, we experience life (Zoa life is the original text and it’s meaning is to be fully alive, Spirit, soul and body). It’s the same word used when God breathed life into the first humans. They were created to live forever but because they made the choice to disobey, they corrupted themselves by their sin. The end was a physical death and spiritual death.

      The laws of the Old Testament were created to assist mankind in having a chance for spiritual life in heaven. This was only given to them to prove that that no one can fulfill all the laws.

      So God’s plan evolved to send his son from heaven down to earth in Jesus who was both man and conceived of God. While Jesus body lay in the tomb, Jesus went to hell and rescued all the lost souls there from the time of creation. Jesus took the keys to death hell and the grave away from Lucifer, and all those list souls went directly to heaven because Jesus sacrifice had paid the price for all mankind.

      When he rose he met with his followers and gave them instructions, and told them to wait for the Holy Spirit to come to them after he ascended to heaven and they witnessed him leave.

      Now, true science and God’s word are in agreement. Some of the details are missing on our side, but the more knowledge we gain scientifically, the more believers understand just how amazing this experience is!

      You can experience being fully alive too! Just call upon the name of Jesus. Ask him to come into your heart, tell him you believe he sacrificed his life for you, and confess that you have done actions that are wrong, ask him to cleanse you, forgive you, and make you a whole new person from the inside to the outside!

      Talk to him as if he were your best friend because he knows you and even knows the number of hairs on your head! He has a wonderful plan for your life and you WILL experience the life I have explained!

      Find a group of believers who are full of this life in which I speak. You will sense it when you walk into the service. It’s like a soft, warm, loving, accepting presence that you cannot put into words, but you will sense a deep settling peace.

      I pray that God will send angels into your life, to lead, guide, direct and assist you in this life altering experience! You will never be the same again!

    • No God???? Who do you think created you? Who created your lungs to breathe in oxygen daily or your heart to pump blood through your veins or your kidneys to allow you to urinate or your brain to send signals to your body. All man can do is cloan another human and they cant even get that right because they only go on what they can see and not what they know. They even had to study about te human body and how it operates. If they created us then they should know without any study. Who do you think could create all nationalities and have them in different languages. There is ONLY one Lord one Faith and one baptism. Humans are meant to love one another and be their brothers keeper. Look around you and see how well thats going. The only one we can rely on is God our creator. Praying for you that God will open your eyes to see and know him for who he is and let you realize and understand that you cant have your being without him.

  5. what about azrael?

  6. How can I call for angels for help

  7. I believe that you can ask God to send His angels. But calling angels themselves no I don’t believe that, cause to me it’s like praying to them and that’s a no no.

    • I Agree with “Pink”
      Pray only to God.

      The church that says we can pray to other prophets or angels is the same church that killed many people and committed many crimes in history…

      Matthew 6:9
      “This, then, is how you should pray: “ ‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name,

      John 16:23‭-‬24
      In that day you will no longer ask me anything. Very truly I tell you, my Father will give you whatever you ask in my name. Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.

      • Yes I totally agree with this comment, one can only call on Jesus Christ and the way to pray is as you say! Our Father Who art in heaven! When in trouble this is the pray to call upon Christ!

  8. The correct answer is that believers can call upon and actually command angels to perform the work of God needed in your life.

    Scripture says, speaking of angels, “are they not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister for the heirs of salvation “.

    This means if we research all the Greek origin of the translation, that those who have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and savior, can command angels to come forth from heaven to accomplish tasks which align with the word of God.

    Such as, I was in a severe storm with tornadoes touching down causing destruction all around me and my small children. I prayed immediately as follows: “Father, We are in danger and I command angels of protection to come forth and guard all around us, to war off the destruction, and angels of protection take this storm out in the middle of rural land away from the people, and angels to stay with me and my children, to minister peace, protection, safety, and comfort to us. Please come forth and protect us from all harm, in Jesus name, Amen”

    The prayer was immediately answered and the tornadoes lifted away from people and then slowly disapated.

    God has promised that if we call upon him in the name of Jesus and we can speak to angels and give them assignments in agreement with his will. This is not for selfish prayers like winning money or such things, but for tasks that are the rights of all who believe in the power of his name!!

    I have never prayed such a prayer without the immediate answer coming. The local weather actually said it was miraculous that these tornadoes going many different directions suddenly stopped and went to unpopulated rural areas.

    That incident was over 20 years ago and I have prayed that type of prayer many many times and ALWAYS had immediate intervention which could not be explained scientifically.

    I am a doctorate prepared heal care professional and my degrees are science based. Science has limitations but the power of the ONE and ONKY TRUE and LIVING GOD has NO limitations!!!

    • You may think you commanded the angels to help you but your prayer started with FATHER! Only through Jesus Christ can anything happen. You didn’t command any Angels Jesus Christ sent them to you, Praise be to HIM and only HIM! Not to his angels! You can’t even pray direction to the FATHER except through the SON, so do not believe you can reach HIS angels except through HIM! We must give HIM the praise!

  9. I have being told that my angel name is zadikiel am not sure if its true and i dont know what to believe is everyone has her/his own angel and it came with a name and how can i know my angel name

  10. How can I know the name of my Angel, cos I was once told that the name of my Angel is Angel Gabriel, so I don’t know how true it was.

  11. Hi I have 7 little angels around me and i Went to a friends house for seven angels followed me and the black misty thing was on the wall was going in and out through the walls and now my friend and got that misty shadow and you can see it like flying about going in and out the rooms through the wall behind you everywhere you can see is playing is anything to tell my mum to hide the picture frame because it all started off a picture to Mom to put it in a very dark place and cover it up but dark misty thing hasn’t been out since But now I’ve got four little angels around me as I can see them like anything And I’ve got to stronger angels archangels I have been round me for over six weeks and still with me now can you tell me What do I doing

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