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Difference Between Taliban and Al Qaeda

There’s so much written on the nature of the relationship between the two terror groups: the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Much of the current discourse presented by researchers, journalists, and policymakers argues that the two groups have merged; they’re a single entity now.

The connection between the Taliban and Al-Qaeda is rooted in their shared extremist ideologies. Al-Qaeda found sanctuary in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, where the two groups collaborated on various fronts.

Read on to have a better understanding of the links between the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

Who are the Taliban?

The Taliban is an Islamist militant group that originated in the early 1990s in Afghanistan and rose to power during the Afghan Civil War.

In 1992, following the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, the country descended into a power vacuum, leading to internal strife among various factions. The Taliban emerged in 1994 with a mission to restore order and implement their strict interpretation of Islamic law. The Taliban, led by Mullah Mohammed Omar, rapidly gained control of key territories and by 1996, captured Kabul. 

What is Al-Qaeda?

Al-Qaeda is a transnational Islamist extremist organization founded in the early 1980s by Osama bin Laden. The name “Al-Qaeda” translates to “The Base” in Arabic. The group originated from the Afghan mujahideen networks that were formed during the Soviet-Afghan War.

Al-Qaeda aims to promote a radical interpretation of Islam and resist what they perceived as foreign occupation in Muslim lands. The group attracted militants from various countries to form a global network with a shared jihadist ideology.

Al-Qaeda gained international notoriety for its involvement in several significant terrorist attacks. The 9/11 attack was one of them. The attacks prompted a global response. The U.S. invaded Afghanistan in 2001 to remove the Taliban regime that harbored them. Osama bin Laden was eventually located and killed by U.S. Special Forces in Pakistan in 2011.

Difference between Taliban and Al-Qaeda


The Taliban is an Islamist fundamentalist group that emerged in the early 1990s during the Afghan Civil War. In October 2001, a US-led military coalition drove the Taliban government out of Kabul. In 2021, after almost two decades, the Taliban retook control of Afghanistan as NATO troops gradually left Afghanistan.

Al-Qaeda is a militant Islamist organization founded by the militant leader Osama bin Laden in the early 1980s. The group aims to promote its radical interpretation of Islam and resist perceived foreign occupation in Muslim lands.


The Taliban has seen several leaders over its history. Mullah Mohammed Omar was the founder and the first supreme leader of the Taliban. Mullah Akhtar Mansoor assumed leadership in 2015, after Omar’s death. Mullah Haibatullah Akhundzada succeeded Mansoor as the leader of the Taliban in 2016.

Al-Qaeda has had a decentralized leadership structure. Osama bin Laden was the founder of Al-Qaeda in 1988. He masterminded the 9/11 attacks, and was killed by U.S. special forces in Pakistan in 2011. Ayman al-Zawahiri assumed leadership after Osama bin Laden’s death.


The Taliban is primarily engaged in insurgency and guerrilla warfare within Afghanistan. While their focus was on controlling territory, they were not initially inclined toward global terrorism.

Al-Qaeda is a militant organization with a single goal: to harm the collective West and rid the Islamic world of Western domination. The group is known for carrying out large-scale terrorist attacks globally, such as the 9/11 attacks in the United States. Al-Qaeda’s tactics involve coordinated, high-profile strikes against perceived enemies.

Taliban vs. Al Qaeda: Comparison Chart


The relationship between the Taliban and Al Qaeda is complex and has evolved over time. Both groups are designated as terrorist organizations by the US and other countries. The Taliban seek an Islamic Emirate within Afghanistan, while Al Qaeda pursues global jihad. The Taliban currently govern Afghanistan, while Al Qaeda operates as a dispersed network.


Why are the Taliban and ISIS fighting?

While both the Taliban and ISIS share extremist interpretations of Islam, they have competing goals and ideologies. This clash of ambitions leads to conflict between the groups.

Who are the Taliban and what do they want?

The Taliban are a Pashtun Islamist group that ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001 and regained control in 2021. They aim to establish an Islamic Emirate based on their strict interpretation of Sharia law.

How would Al-Qaeda have been affected if the Taliban had not supported it?

The Taliban provided sanctuary and resources to Al-Qaeda during the 1990s, which helped them facilitate the 9/11 attacks. Without Taliban support, Al-Qaeda’s development and operational capacity would likely have been significantly hampered.

What is the Taliban conflict in Pakistan?

It’s the fighting between the Pakistani Taliban (TTP) and the Pakistani government. The TTP operates independently and seeks to establish an Islamic state within Pakistan. This conflict creates regional instability.

Is Isis and Taliban the same?

While both subscribe to extremist interpretations of Islam, the Taliban focus on Afghanistan, while ISIS seeks a global caliphate.

Was Osama bin Laden part of the Taliban?

While he had close ties with the Taliban, he wasn’t formally part of their organization.

What is the difference between the Taliban and the Mujahideen?

The Mujahideen were a broad coalition of various armed groups with diverse ideologies, some moderate and some more radical. In contrast, the Taliban are a single, more ideologically uniform group with a stricter religious interpretation.

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  1. Usama was & is agent of CIA, created by USA formed alqueda. Mula Ummer was created by ISI pakistan to get hold on afghanistan.

    • Why do Muslims love conspiracy so much?

      • A real muslim never like conspiracy. you have not to the right to judge like this.someone who conspire, they are not muslim, they are enemy of Islum.

        • terorism is based on the Muslim religion. The Muslim religion and their radical beliefs will e the cause of the nd of the world if we make it that far. For the Muslims if you aren’t one… Your no good. You people need to be more open minded

          • Dear Matthew,

            I don’t know what your mode of thinking is, but whatever the case you need to fix it. This is a page about two different terrorist groups who just happen to belong to the same religioun that a quarter of the world belongs to. Just because of the acts of a tiny majority of radicals are bad, that does not give you the right to accuse an entire religoun of being fanatics who hate anyone who isnt of their own religioun. It’s the same as looking at America’s overweight and undisciplined crowd, and assuming that all of America is overwieght, undiciplined human beings, which I assure you some do. So before you go around being one of the people that throws around these assumptions, get a proper education.

          • awesome reply..This is the way humanism goes.

          • Dear Matthew,

            Also as a followup, look up the actual definition of terrorism. There are several terrorist groups that do not have a Muslim or Islamic origin. Look at the IRA in Ireland. To many, they are terrorists attacking innocents and British forces. Yet I don’t think that they have any Islamic ties whatsoever. Please, take a course on political science or at least world history.

          • The orignial 13 colonies in America, the origin of the USA, was established by a terrorist group-the American Revlutionaries. The colonists were citizens of Britain and when they did not want to pay taxes-taxes mind you-they decided to commit treason and murder. they engaged in hi-jacking property at the Tea Party, killed the soldiers of their mother country who were sent to establish law and order, refused to pay taxes and did not even go through proper channels or non-violent means, established a counter-government, and waged WAR against their duly installed leader by God and by law-the Queen, and then enlisted the help of foreign countries to assist them. Soon after they stole the land murdering the persons who were here engaging in the intentional spread of smallpox, torture, mass forced marches, and mass killings of the brown-skinned native men, women and children who had inferior or no weaponry. Later they would enslave colored people from across the seas to obtain the free labor they wanted-mind you they got upset over some taxes, now they want free labor. They who did not want to pay taxes for the protection of the realm, would now transport in ships millions of human beings in disgustingly filthy vile crowded conditions of feces, vomit, urine, blood, corpses chained together with disease taking the life of many. They would beat, whip, maim, rape litttle girls for pleasure and economics, tear babies from the arms of their mothers, sell off family members the way you sell farm animals separating them forever. This would go on for hundreds of years! This assault against two cultures is one of the most heinous, shameful, inhuman, utterly unspeakable crimes of brutality against humanity and example of terroristic sagas in history. Al Qaeda and the Taliban are amateurs in this regard. What happened to 10-20 million residents of the Congo under King Leopold, the Belgian king, is another story. Later and little known is the history of how American doctors performed medical experiments on black people, especially black women without anesthesia or pain medicine. The experiments were primarily on the reaction to surgery and pain when you cut into a person who is fully conscious and for some reason the reproductive organs became the playground of these sadistic brutes as they cut into these women as they screamed in pain. Fistulas and draining urinary and bowel passages formed in these poor souls from the surgeries. More procedures would be performed without benefit of pain medicine-over and over. These medical experiments and more would form the basis of those in Nazi Germany years later. No, terror and terrorism are not the exclusive domain of the Middle East inhabitants. And I shudder at what we don’t know.

          • not them sir, you do. this is technically racism. and is there for reportable to an according law official, though you may evoke your right of free speech, this is a question of others character, on a large scale might I add. I am not chastising you sir, nay, I am simply informing you and thus trying to help you. and now I must say good day. Auf Wiedersehen.

          • if you want to understand the islam you should be read the holy QURAN,not read about taliban…

          • Best answer …… Quraan is book of peace

          • You are the one that needs to be more open minded. These terrorist groups are not the fault of every Muslim. There are extremist groups of every religion and different types around the world but not as noticeable (The puritans would be a good example of an extremist group and they were Christian). Extremists are just people who go to extremes for their beliefs or cause.

            -Sorry if I seem rude but one of the 1st comments I saw on here was insulting to Islam and while I may not agree with every religion, it is important to be considerate of others and their beliefs. He was being an inconsiderate jerk and I won’t apologize to that guy. Okay, well, sorry to ya’ll (or not. you know who you are).

            p.s. dude grow up. this is coming from an immature teenager and even I know you are wrong. also freedom of religion/beliefs and stuff. Go hug a tree all ya’ll haters

          • You are the one that needs to be more open minded. These terrorist groups are not the fault of every Muslim. There are extremist groups of every religion and different types around the world but not as noticeable (The puritans would be a good example of an extremist group and they were Christian). Extremists are just people who go to extremes for their beliefs or cause.

            -Sorry if I seem rude but one of the 1st comments I saw on here was insulting to Islam and while I may not agree with every religion, it is important to be considerate of others and their beliefs. He was being an inconsiderate jerk and I won’t apologize to that guy. Okay, well, sorry to y’all (or not. you know who you are).

            p.s. dude grow up. this is coming from an immature teenager and even I know you are wrong. also freedom of religion/beliefs and stuff. Go hug a tree.

        • Whatever we/anyone say, the conclusion remain same around the world with historical data and present scenario….
          Terrorism = Muslim
          Terrorist = One from Muslim community

          • you are a stupid ignorant bogan who knows nothing about the world. you should really think of other things than yourself

          • You are NotaMuslim, but you are a fool who lack proper education. If all muslims were terrorist, you would nt stand a chance. Btw me neither a Muslim.

      • A real muslim never like conspiracy.don’t judge like this. Islum has some enemis who conspire in the name of Islum.

        • Actually, according to the Quran, (Kuran, Koran, Qur’ān, Coran or al-Qur’ān), – call it what you may, they can lie when it is advantageous to their religious beliefs. It is called Al-Taqiyya…

          “For that muslim to lie to you is for that muslim to do a good work towards earning salvation”

          • reply to Kath

            It may be the norm for you to state things without any understanding or clarification and certainly is not justififed.

            Al Taqqiya is non existance in Quran and in Islam rather it is a shia concept. Maybe you should do some basic learning …. here is a wiki link just for you http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taqiyya

          • Not true…

          • you are ignore and know nothing about islam. nowhere in THE QUR’AN you can find a speech that lie is good and needed which is opposite of your bible.
            you have to refresh your knowledge before speak about something you know nothing about.

        • dear sarah can you please come out and use your real name and not a jewish name because i never met in my whole life a muslim named sarah lol so stop using a fake name and protecting muslims , muslims start muslim and then they become extremist and become terrorist since they have nothing to do with there boring life .

          • Eli,
            Do you have any idea how ridiculous that sounds? Hell, you’re trying to tell us that all Muslims are, by nature, extremists seeking to kill us all out of boredom. Really the only people who buy that nowadays are uneducated Americans. Nowhere else do you see that kind of criticism. It’s shameful, really. What about radical Christians? If we look at those homophobes, and solely at them, we could easily say that all Christians are terrorists; what they do could be considered a form of terrorism. We both know all Christians aren’t like that. You should know the same applies for Muslims.

          • You my friend, sound so dumb.. What u r doing is that u are comparing a HANDFULL of these crack ass terrorists to the rest half BILLIONS of Muslims that are probably dying defending OTHER CHRISTANS. I feel disgusted in calling u a human, Eli.

          • omg.. don’t u know stu* girl..jews are muslims. Their prophet was not Muhammed.

      • This person is right. The CIA used to be allies with Osama. We supported him.

        • now he is fish food

        • The USA in general (Secretly) supported the wokings on Osama Bin Ladin during the Cold War (The War of Propaganda) because (I forget what country, this is just a guesse on the country but it was one similar to this im sure, but besides the country this is fact.) the soviet union had been invading Iraq and Osama Bin Ladin was using his wealth to assist the rebels to fight off the Soviets, the USA (Not wanting to start a direct war against the Soviet Union, as seen in Korea, and Vietnam too.) started to financially support the rebels with fire arms and more war-related products. S0 eventually the rebels turned the Soviets around and dismissed them from their country. Events after this eventually led to Osama Bin Ladin (Somehow, I forget that too so I don’t want to put out false information) being very aggravated with the Western World (Mainly America) and he and his new born group (Al-Qaeda) used what the USA gave them to fight off the Soviets against the USA (By discretely getting their weapons [Mainly AK-47’s, because they were very cheap and performed amazingly well in all conditions, and its why it is still the most populer weapon in the world.] to whoever wanted to fight back the USA for as they put it “Invading their country”. The main group was the Taliban who was once a PEACEFULL farmer community and now fights with NATO forces in their homeland because they feel they are being treated unfaily by having theire country “Invaded by the west” and the tradition of fighting the “Invaders” falls to the youth of Afghanistan and onward, so the Taliban continue to grow rapidly.) once they came to Afghanistan after 9-11…

      • Stork,

        Some Muslims may like conspiracy but, not all of us do. Don’t lump us all together. Do all Americans sit around and listen to the gossip about the “stars and celebrities?” The tabloid programs start off their shows saying “here’s what everyone is talking about.” Please, I have no time to hear about some spoiled rich kid who is doing something that some poor kid has done and nobody pays attention to.

        I think you may need to do a little bit of research. America supported The Shah of Iran who was deposed by Ayotallah Khomeini. They supported Saddam Hussein when they were fighting against Iran. The supported Afghanistan when Russia invaded their country in 1980. All of the left over weapons from each situation got taken over by whomever took control of each country in whatever time it happened. If you saw on the news after America invaded Iraq in 2003, there was a news segment showing where a bomb had exploded in a mall in Kuwait that had English writing on it. So, was that one supplied to Iraq before the invasion, misfired by American troops, or supplied to some other entity after the invasion? I only saw that segment once so, I can only wonder if it was shown and no one wanted it to be seen again. It had been fired into the wrong area. When there are no further reports on an event we can only wonder what really happened. America has put its hands into the business of so many other countries and is feeling the backlash from some of them and it is has become very costly to so many Americans via injury and deaths that are needless. America is not fighting for its freedom in Afghanistan or Iraq. Neither one of those two countries has ever attacked America. Neither one has been accused or shown to ever have sent anyone here to do any of the terrible things that have happened here via the terrorists attacks. The perpetrators have been allegedly identified as coming from Afghanistan (Al Qaeda) and Iraq (Al Qaeda). But few of the individuals who have been captured or killed have been identified as being from Afghanistan or Iraq. The fighting between the Shia and Sunni in Iraq is similar to America’s Civil War, brother against brother and it was ugly here and just as ugly there. America needs to get its nose out of other countries business and handle it’s own. We have too many self inflicted and greed inflicted situations here to be worried about what some other country is doing to themself. What they may be doing could be terribly wrong but, we are not the ones who rule any country outside of our boundaries. America is only 234 years old as an organized country. That makes it very new in comparison with most all of the countries in Europe, Central, and South America, and most of Asia. So, what makes Americans think that we know so much more about anything than the rest of the world? Americans have a very big and overbearing ego that has us thinking that we are superior to the rest of the world. No we are not. We just think that we are.

        • Wow. That was such an intelligent response. I agree with you whole heartedly.

        • wow,
          appreciate buddy, this is what it is from rest of the world.

        • The truth of the matter is that we are all wrong. No man-made government will be able to bring true peace and security to the world. Everyone has turned their back on the true kingdom that will fix will all problems for all humanity, namely, God’s Kingdom.

          Which man-made government do you think God really approves here on the earth?
          Which country do you think God really approves here on the earth?

          Does God no have his own kingdom that we are supposed to ask for and support?

          That’s why there exists so many problems in the world. Count the governments that have existed since the beginning of times and tell me if any one of those have been everlastingly successful.

          Not a single one. Why? Because God did not create us in such a way that we could govern ourselves independently of him.

          The time is now to search for accurately knowledge to get on God’s side of the issue. What is the issue? “Who has the right to govern, man or God?”

          Everyone pray hard and search for the truth and when God gives you the opportunity to learn the truth, study it with an open mind.

          Do you believe that God wanted people to live like this, with illnesses, old age and death? Didn’t he place the first human beings in a beautiful place, and didn’t they have the perspective of living forever in a paradise with no diseases, old age or death? Didn’t he give humanity everything they were going to need? Yet they turned their back on him indicating that they could do better ruling themselves. Look at where it has gotten us.

          Wake up people! God is a good God. He has wonderful things reserved for us. We just have to search for the truth. He has promised a paradise earth, an overabundance of food for everyone, no diseases, no old age, no death, peace and security forever, and no other governments and no other countries.

          Who made the countries, God or man? Who created the divisions, God or man? I tell you that this life is NOT what God has wanted for humanity and he has much better things reserved for each and everyone of us. He has even promised a RESURRECTION of many who have died in the past. What man-made government could ever accomplish these things?

          Pray hard, search, and you shall find.

        • I 100% agree. America does need to get its nose out of other countries. Along with our money and aid, and worry about those at home. But unfortunately American Christians are benevolant and help many many poor countries.

          • America has a heart of gold. When people are suffering all it takes is a few good men and women to stand around and do nothing. We go in when others do not. We sacrifice and many times that is what love is. This is such a difficult thing in our world. May God bless our kind hearts. We need to be wise in our decisions and I agree we need to help our crumbling country inside at this time. May The Lord protect us. Right now He is humbling us and this is a great thing. Blessings to you!!

      • but those are people who are muslim by name, not muslim by their faith. they’re all crazy these extremists, fanatics, that have the wrong state of mind and been influenced badly by their teachings.

        in the QURAN
        GOD said like this ; “Killing one man is like killing the whole of man-kind”

        it is one of the biggest sins and most likely is that doing it will earn you a one-way ticket to the depths of fire.

        • yes, Muhammad say that, BUT Muhammad himself also take part of kiling Ka’b bin Al-Ashraf, Asma and Abu Afak.

          • @all mino ,
            Men who swore On their life for mutual protection of medina against the Quraisy, speaking openly against Islam when there’s a pact of mutual understanding of a different religion
            Those Men went to mekka to encourage the Quraisy to attack medina, jeopardizing not only the muslims, but the jews and the christians as well..

      • they don’t.

      • you shoul know conspiracy is prohibeted in Islum, so whom conspires, is not a real Muslim.

      • I think your comment is unfair and hastily . You should research more about muslims and islam and then judge about them . if you only study part of Quran in your language , you can judge fairer than now .I myself am muslim woman and I hate this groups like Taliban and Al qaeda because they kill my country’s people(iran) too .Maybe because we aren’t agreed whit their ideas .

        • Islan,Muslim,Taliban , al Qaeda .. They all the same with different point of view .. All of you are wrong..mad mentalities and crazy thoughts… it’s funny how bad they treat women and they likes to be treated that way … I am an American soldier who I was eight months in those Islamic countries and I want to say that these people have no common sense…

          • My brothers, a nation is never bad, people in the nation are good and bad…..similarly, islam is the sweetest ever religion (if u study the prophet’s life, teachings and actions) it is only some Muslims following that religion who are bad, not all..so please don’t judge us without even having seen us….I have seen soch ulema in karachi who are so good, so tolerant, so full of noor, that I cry after looking at their piety and love for the REAL world

      • Just like there are Muslims who live conspiracy, so are there those outside of Islam that do too. Don’t try to lump all Muslims into one group. We are as wide and varied as any other group of people in the world. What many people notice most are those that make the most noise and act less than what they should act. Remember this one thing. A terrorist is not identified by his religion or nationality. He is defined by his act of terrorism towards anyone he strikes out against.

      • Islam is the most peace full religion of the world as history reflects it. But now image of islam became became blure due to some non-muslims activities of terorism which they impossed on muslims.

    • hahahaha – and you are an American creation.

    • This is another manifestation of terrorism…These radical extremists are “hell-bent” on dismantling this country one crucifix at a time…We are engaged in real warfare on every level. Evil n0’s no bounds…

  2. ok .. i respect what you said !!
    but taliban doesn’t represent the Muslim community …
    so if you really want to know about islam rules & Mohamed laws just review this site

    all information inside it are documented with evidence
    thanks 🙂

  3. Their initial intension forming the groups is of no use why are they using it in a the wrong direction.
    let us stop this killing and religous crises happing around the world.

  4. I despise both of em, we need to take them out

    • The people, the religion, the ideology, or their actions.. Hates a strong word and should be specific or we fall the extremism ourselves.

      • I hate to say it, but he didn’t use the word “hate.” Despising and hating can be on the opposite sides of the spektrum.

        • No, it cannot. A simple dictionary can tell you that despise and hate are only different conditions of dislike. Hate is what fuels all war. If we learn not to hate we will have no war.

          • yeah, when we learn not to hate all war will end. doesn’t matter if there’s not enough to go around, i don’t hate you so we don’t have to fight. doesn’t matter if you want to kill me, i don’t hate you, so we can talk it out or i’ll die and take the ideological high ground. yeah, that sounds like it would be worth it.

          • Ill kill your mother. Afterwards, you invite me over for dinner at your place. Make sure the kids are there and know who I am and what i did. Describe the feelings…

          • Greed is what fuels all war. Hatred is merely a supplement.

      • hates a strong word yes but this isone case where you can use it. if you dont hate people who are murdeorus fanatical and terrorist youve got a problem. if he said he despised islam thatd be wrong as these are small groups commparitavly but hes as got free will and the freedom o speech so he can say what he wants.

    • Tank has the mentality of so many people in other parts of the world. When some individual or groups do things against some other country, one thing they might say is what he has. In “taking them out” there can be consequences that someone may not take into account. The ones who the wrong act are not often a large enough group to do the greatest amount of damage, but they can cause enough chaos in doing what they can which in effect has done damage in a different way besides physical damage. Look at all of the newer anti terrorism laws we have, more scrutinized inspections when traveling by plane, going into federal government buildings. The list just keeps growing. We have these newer more invasive means of searching a person attempting to get on an airplane. The wrong doers have caused enough panic and mayhem around the world that they have at least accomplished that one feat, diversion. I would much rather see the perpetrators from one country meeting the same ones of another country that has done wrong to face off with each other in some remote place and let them fight it out amongst themselves and leave the rest of humanity out of it. It’s not everyone from another country that is wreaking mayhem and destruction on others. It’s just enough to make others take quick notice of whomever has an axe to grind or a cause to try and perpetuate to other parts of the world. Before one says to take an extreme act against someone else they would do well in making certain that they haven’t done something first to cause the second party to react against them. America is certainly younger than any European country, many African, Middle Eastern, and Asian countries. Some have simply changed names, while others have taken on different boundaries, lost some countries or states, i.e. Russia/former Soviet Union. Somewhere down the road people will learn not to react so quickly in retaliating against someone who has done something against another country. Sometimes the responding party is acting quickly when they need to find out what caused the initial situation. Take a look around, you might be surprised at what you might find.

  5. PPL are using Islam to obtain their materiallistic desires have any body checked if they practiced Islam . Do any one know what is Islam and what they are doing is according to Islamic LAWs SHARIA. ??

  6. Most of information here is true except that taliban don’t speak arabic.

  7. Where has the Taliban done any attacks outside of the Middle East? My knowledge of their attacks have been in Pakistan and hardly anywhere else. Can someone tell me when and where they have attacked outside of their most immediate area?

  8. all lie..alqaeda doesn’t exist..al-qaeda is just america’s creation to build the terrorist image of the muslims

    • i strongly agree with you brother. i feel sorry for those who write about something they dont really know.

    • Retarded ignorant Muslim, and anyone who agrees with you is either a troll or a retard.

      I am truly sorry for those who have to deal with you and the outcomes of your horrid lack of education.

      • It may be possible that you “stork” is retarded…

        There is a common understanding amongst many muslims that the Al Qaeda portrayed by USA does not exist although there is no denying that Al Qaeda as a group of poeple or previous partial goverment known as Al Qaeda does exist.

        Rather what was said was specifically that their image was created by USA to represent a terrorist image of the muslims.

        So in term many muslims believe that the USA and the news outlets blatently lie and twist facts for their own purpose and if we looked at FACTS then it is clear that they have told the masses many lies regarding the reason for invasion, occupation, treatment of civilians in occupied areas, code of conduct, natural resources, funds distribution, private security, etc…

        So in conclusion i think you may be the retard

      • Well America just invaded Iraq for oil. Sending off soldiers just to die like that. Dying for a cause that has been overshadowed by needs of profit. Also these terrorists are just a bunch of crazy Muslims who just spread the bullshit version of Islam defaming so many others who practice different moderations of the religion . So this guy who says they are freedom fighter is wrong in a sense as they kill civilians but in the end I cannot blame you but your ancestors from Britannia who invaded and plundered virgin land and committed genocide of the red Indians and made false prosperity there. They are the ones who made up all this bullshit that the west is forever superior. Like the fact of the west exaggeration of global warming just to suppress Asian and African growth.

    • Ali Sina say that Allah doesn’t exist, it just Muhammad fantasy to fullfill her narcissticly

    • Al-Quaeda doesn’t exist? You are not only drinking some diabolical dictator’s kool-aid, you have just sucked dry the whole ocean. Then how come Al-Quaeda, identifying themselves as such, take responsibility for so many of the oh so numerous savage terroristic attacks? I’ll bet you a very tidy sum that you also don’t think the holocaust ever happened. The concentration camps and their overs still with ashes in them, along with their graves on the grounds full of countless thousands of ashes were all just a figment of my imagination….right? I was there just eight years after the end of WWII. Go visit Dachau, for example, and also talk to the people in the town of Dachau, and ask THEM if the holocaust happened. Double dare you uninformed, ignorant one.

  9. your web site is not easily acesseable so pleace make it accesseable for many others ,since your service is very important for researchers. ihave foubd your web site containing very important issues. and ithink iwill be aware on many issues through your web site. thank you.

  10. Al-Qaeda is created by CIA and Taliban is created by AIC

  11. ha ha ha ha ha
    very nice dick dick dick cheney

  12. There is a popular belief as some people has already posted,
    Al-Qaida was formed with the help of BUSH..
    BUSH and LADEN families have been in ties since advent of Laden monetary power.
    (if u wanna know more story mail me)
    Anyways yea so it is basically fooling with muslims and making them kill innocent people.
    This all is for control of power in Central Asia which is very under-developed..
    They are fooling us all. So please i request all humans to stop being fools and have some
    logic in whatever u do in life. God din send us to kill or get killed, he sent us to enjoy.
    Anyways i dun wanna b any preacher u all have brains. But seriously US sucks!

    • The LADENS kicked osama out of the kingdom so watever ties the ladens and bush have is irrelavent becuase the ladens have never worked with osama and neither has the bush administartion apart from the russian conflict which both had their own interests in.

  13. Do your homework he’s not CIA but slit of his men were trained by the CIA before there was alqida to fight Russia if the cold war went ugly .. When it the cold war was over America stopes giving the men resources …. A very common misconception that osama is CIA trained research his history he wouldn’t of made it through the secutity screening stage…

  14. Oh and Americas trade hasn’t taken much intrested in developing countrys, it’s export is greater then it’s inport, china and America split up the oilfields but this wasn’t the hidden objective , perhaps it’s to position them selves on the global stage, but why, well find out soon enough

  15. Oh and Reading some more responses if you know any thing bout CIA tactics they wouldn’t go about there buisness by creating a threat to there own people and country there smarter, more connected and subtlle then that, it would be easier to get a leader in to power who would work with them then create a 15 year plan : b duh I can tell u that much drunk

  16. The real terrorists are the American and Israeli governments while the Taliban and Al Qaeda are freedom fighters! Long live Osama 😀


    • Shahroze – if you are right that that it is governments are the ‘real terrorists’ (and I wouldn’t disagree with you that they a lot to answer for) then why is so much of the ‘freedom fighting’ of those you support targeted at _civilians_? I have never understood why those that kill and maim innocents (and that includes governments) think that this is a way to convince their ‘enemies’ of the rightness of their cause. It _never_ works – in fact it has precisely the opposite effect.

      Think Northern Ireland – almost 30 years of utter misery and hatred before all sides realised that they actually had to sit down talk to each other and to try and see one another’s perspective and – hey yes – compromise.

  17. ..wow….we have a supporter of the taliban and al qaeda here…go back to wherever you came from…dont need people like you forcing others to accept your beliefs through violence.

  18. Dav,
    How many Muslims do you know? Probably none. I know more than you ever will and know that some are people that I would not want to be around, just like there are Christians that I would not want to be around anymore after having met them. You’re labeling all by the acts of some. When you get to know some or Muslims like I know, then you can make a statement against some that you know, not some you’ve heard about or read about. You know none and are doing like so many people do, labeling all by the actions of some. You are someone with a small mind and small thoughts and could be possibly labeled a Bigot. There are Muslims who have hijacked Islam and misinterpret the Quran, just like there are Christians who have hijacked Christianity and misinterpret the Bible. Same foot and same shoe. What do you call the people who invaded Iraq, bombed their buildings, killed their people, humiliated many of them, and then try to act like they’ve done something good for them in their country? If you think this is what the U.S. has accomplished in Iraq, then you have no real clue of what really happened. I’ll tell you the same thing that I told a former co-worker. If someone broke into your home and you had 12 guns in a back room and thought you could get to them, wouldn’t you do whatever you felt was necessary to stop the people who broke into your home? If not, then you’re just like so many other folks who have no idea of what self defense and self preservation is. I don’t like all that I see some other Muslims do and I try to let it be known when I can and where I can. There is nothing the U.S. can do for Iraq, Libya, pronounced Libya, not Li b ya, Tunisia, Egypt, Oman, Bah rain or any of the other Muslim dominated countries except keep their nose out of their business. In some cases they have done too many things already that helped get them in their current situations to begin with. America needs to take care of America’s business and no other country. If they really want to do something to help Americans, they should start by stop giving aid to countries who don’t need it and those that abuse it once it has been given. Now, you get a life and learn how to research things on your own and not just go on what you “heard” from somebody else who knows nothing like you.

  19. Osama and all his friends will not make it to their 37 wives and their palace in the sky. They will be going to a much warmer place…….. its called hell.

  20. Take that shahroze.

  21. AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. It seems far too apparent that Martin Luther King’s dream is still far from ever being realized. Once upon a time, most Americans believed that blacks were a lesser race and that they deserved to be slaves. Around the same time in American history, Mormons were considered a threat to many protestants. In fact, the governor of Missouri, Lilburn W. Boggs issued an extermination order, authorizing people to get the Mormons out of the sate, even if it meant killing them. Anyone who judges an entire group, or even one person based on the acts of another is committing a horrible injustice. Islam is a peaceful, righteous and good religion. And, no, I am not Islamic myself. I am of European descent and I am a faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. But I recognize the good that is in so many Muslims. I consider them my brothers! If I were not a member of my church, I would probably convert to Islam. All of you who criticize, generalize, condemn and despise others because of their beliefs, race, color, or because of what you have only heard about some people within that group are no better than Hitler or Osama bin Laden himself. The only difference lies in your perception of right and wrong.

  23. I Would Happily give an olive branch to sevral of you here In hopes of talking and understanding in a much broader context of beleiefs ( islam, muslim, christian, and so on.
    many of you have exhibited a campassion of truth and a wider view of how intermingled the “entire human race really is.
    our indiffrences should not be exploited and squadered in conflict , but rather cherished and discussed as to meld our worldly ideals to make a better life for the entirety of all of human kind
    It is in the bible and in the koran , that earth is eden but mankind burys it deeper and deeper each day with its unfounded hatred of things they do not fully understand.
    Americans aare notorious for beleving in its entirty what ever is broadcast on teleision or written in a news paper when in fact most the media In the united states is mostly partisan opinion and glamourizng what little fact they may have any simbalance of truth to it.
    Ignorance is not bliss and no excuse for not seeking out the whole truth from all perspectives in what ever form is neccesary to gather a factual based idea or understanding.
    what Us Americans have had to endure is poor journalism and partisan views through governed media sources that leads us to beleve that all the middle eastern people are genrally bad.
    And Im sure nothing! is further from the truth than that.
    There Good ones and bad ones in every race. religion and sex.
    unforutnatly all we see is the few bad ones and not all the masses of good people with the only intent in life is to be happy and make happy to all they encounter.
    The greatest gift i have ever been given was a simple gift of learning to pay it forward therefore,(Brandon,
    Shahid Raki,Billz,yousif,amira I lay an olive branch before you as gesture of good will .

    • Generally I would agree with you but in muslim countries the abuse of human rights is legalized and normal. That puts them on a different level.

      • you are ignorant. you dont have the facts. and you just know what media is telling. do some of your own reserch you may have a better understanding of islam and muslim. but i highly doubt it

  24. The Koran says that Mohammad was the perfect Muslim, that he is the one to follow. Meaning that it’s okay to marry infants (Mohammad married Aisha when she was 6 and had sex with her when she was 9), and meaning that to be a perfect Muslim, you have to believe that Hell is inhabited mostly by women (as Mohammad said), that Jews are worse than rats (as Mohammad said), and, as Mohammad said, that Muslims should behead infidels (non-Muslims). Other than this, though, it’s a religion of peace and love.





  26. Where in the Quran, not Koran, does it say that the Prophet marired Aisha at that age and had sex with her? Show your proof. He married her at a young, not that young and did not consumate the marriage until later than 9. Where in the Quran or Hadith does it say that Hell is inhabited by more women than men? Show your facts, don’t just make a statement.

  27. An overwhelmingly ignorant, and bigotted view of both ‘Al Qaeeda’ and ‘the Taliban’ seemingly written by some paranoid America Neo-con whose world view is formed by Fox News and the rather xenophobic, jingoistic and racist right wing.

    • Right, so Al Qaeda is not a terrorist group who practices Jihad then?

      • they are. and they think they will go to heaven for it too! good luck with that!

      • Jihad is defined as a struggle… whether that is the struggle within yourself, or something else, is up to one’s interpretation. That being said, every religion discusses the struggles between good and evil, therefore every religion “practices” jihad. Different religions just have different ways of describing this idea.

  28. Well after readiing eveyones posts,here it is:
    I WILL LEAVE YOU ALONE,unless it makes me look good!!!
    Thank you…

  29. Some Muslims of today may call them terrorist because they measure them with the eyes of Yahudo Nasara. The reason is they all are following their Lifestyles thats why they take examples from their Dictionary..

    KHALID BIN WALEED Razi Allahu Tala Anhu
    Muhammad Bin Qasim
    Sultan Sallah uddin Ayubi

    they were the hereos of muslims when the muslims measure every aspect of their lives from QURAN AND SUNNAH

    Mulla Omer and Usama Bin Ladin are STILL hereos for the muslims who are attached with Quran and Sunnah

    But the So Called Muslim[Liberals] who says that these are terrorist have same thoughts the CHRISTIANS AND YAHUDI have because they dont look at Quran for Judgement.. They judge everything with the mindset of others.



  30. why can’t there be peace in the middle east? they’ve been fighting forever…it’s so STUPID! we should just let them be n destroy each other as they have been… fighting in the name of some religion is the biggest hypocrisy of all~! lets say there’s a war between the religious(we can safely assume they don’t believe in science/evolution) and the scientists(surely they believe in evolution) who would win? THE SCIENTISTS OBVIOUSLY with biological warfare! while the religious gets down on their knees and pray?? seriously? excuse me while I LMAO

  31. I hate both groups with all my being.
    They both are the hands that push women face-first into the ground, stripping them of their rights and abusing them. Sharia law makes me want to vomit.
    The same goes for most of Islam, though in some places like Saudi Arabia it is worse than in others. I am thankful to have been born in western society where my rights are recognized and I may study and have a profession of my choice.

    • obviously you have never actually researched anything and you just like to give all the negatives of everything. women in islam have the most rights and respect than in any other religion. the ‘islam’ people have created now has all wrong concepts. if you actually asked muslim women how they felt about their religion, i’m sure you would see that they are free and happy.

      • Theoretically, women have freedom in Islam. And not “the most” freedom– unless you’re speaking only of Judeo-Christian-based religions, and only if you’re basing this on religious texts only. There are a lot of laws imposed in Islamic countries (Iran, Saudi Arabia, other such theocracies…) in which there is no basis in the Koran, but on tradition instead. For example, the Koran does not impose the veil or female genital circumcision. However, a lot of poor, devout Muslims in these countries believe it’s important for good Muslim girls to practice this. However, Sharia’s law imposes a lot of horrible laws on women. Read “Princess” by Jean Sasson. She cites several examples of Sharia’s law that are extremely unfair to women. And there are many, many women in Islamic countries that are fighting back or want to fight back against this imposed religion. They are not happy. You just believe they are happy because Western society tells you that you MUST accept others’ religions. I have Muslims in my family and know many Muslim women personally who are not happy with the way they are treated. And there are movements by Saudi women for more freedoms, such as the ability to drive. The majority are NOT happy.

        Finally, there are several religions outside the Judeo-Christian faith that don’t even mention a woman’s role in society. Some religions are extremely matriarchal. There are some Eastern and Native American faiths that place the women in a higher role than men. Islam definitely does not give women more freedom than other religions.

  32. the biggest mistake that America made with all these wars was killing Osama, how does anybody know what Al Queada will do in revenge?

  33. Osama was never a CIA agent. He openly hated America when they trained him and his followers during the Cold War, back when they were the muhjahadeen.

  34. america is world no satan.why he came here and killing innocent people.american army can not fight with taliban.americans are coward people.they are lier.give me answer that when bush said that iraq has dangerous weapons and we are going there to save the people.tell me wher were the weapons ,evaporated ? lier now again making fool his nation.

    • we can not answer you, i am fed up of all my country men, everyone thinks we are free, but where the hell are we free? they are telling us lies and attacking every country, and we without doing any research saying that oh we are right, kill em all. we will be in a worst place then afghanistan if we didn’t realezed, our country from inside is losing everything, economy is going down with an astonishing speed, but we can’t look at what is true, we can’t do any research, anyone one doing that is stopped by any means, but yet we are free, hah, when will our eyes open, cmon, don’t throw the crap of “we being free” on us again. these are the retards influenced by hollywood movies and thinking america is some kind of hero.
      and man for you, i think you are from iraq and have seen all the brutality of our forces. i wan to sorry you, but i want to sorry you again that i can’t stop it, america is filled with bigoted retards and ruled by hi level retards.

  35. First I could give a crap about these two low life want to be’s, The worst thing is this Sharia Law, It’s ok to kill your own family because they may NOT think as you do !! Get your laws out of the stone age. This is the 21st century. It’s all about killing one another. Or dieing to see allah. Well, if you want to see allah so bad go out and put a bullet in your head, but don’t take anyone with you by blowing yourself up. These people have been so BRAIN WASHED it is so unbelieveable. Any killing of innocent people is wrong, if you do it on PURPOSE ! People want to live free and enjoy life to it’s fullest ! These LAWS are made by OLD men that more than likely don’t even have any type of real education. Just BRAIN WASHED from centuries OLD rules that have NO place in this day and age ! It’s as bad as the people in Africa that believe that if they have sex with a virgin, AIDS will go away. These EXTREMISTS need to get there head out of thier A$$es and go blow themselves up ! On a mountain top ! Funny, how you don’t see the higher up in leadership stepping forward to blow themselves up. COWARDS are the ones that don’t want you to LEARN to talk for yourself. They don’t want WOMEN to get an EDUCATION, They want to keep as many people as IGNORANT or STUPID as possible. WAKEUP and get EDUCATED NOW and NOT by the TAIBAN OR AL QAEDA they want you to be STUPID of everything, so THEY can lead you around like LAMBS ! LAMBS DON”T FIGHT BACK !

  36. and all here cursing Islam for its teachings of voilance, you all ignorant idiots, do you know our beloved jesus taught “Jihad” too??? No, go read bibal first then start giving your genious talk to others, if you don’t want the headach i will help you, read below mentioned chapters of bibal and please then don’t start saying oh it says fight “Jihad” for right purpose. you idiots its the same thing Quran is saying that fight “Jihad” for right purpose. and now go read these chapters
    Book of Numbers, Ch.22
    Book of Numbers, Ch.32
    Book of Leviticus, Ch.31
    Gospel of Luke, Ch.19
    Gospel of Luke, Ch.21
    and so on so forth, i don’t want you to read more just read mentioned ones. and now don’t destract people with some other idiotic point, so they don’t read it. people who wanna talk about Jihad, should read these first.

  37. i am so fed up of all the crap everyone throwing with a lot of ignorance that i can’t bear it. If this is what USA was all about, i am so sorry i don’t wanna see this country on the face of the earth. all the religions ask people to find truth and peace, and all the religions tells to fight against wrong ones, its just the matter of ignorance not that our religion doesn’t tell us to fight. just consider this, do we stop our scientists from the search of truth behind every theory? no, we don’t because when scientists talk to each other, they raise points and they seek for the true theory and then at the end they find it, so the same way people have a right to seek for a true religion. but if islam is a religion which is spreading so fast and everyone finding it a true religion then we start playing wrong and accuse muslims and islam. after 911 more people are now reading about islam and are converting to Islam, and christian preachers are now finding it hard to talk to people, they are asking more and more questions, and even they are asking about islam from us. people wanna know about islam more and more. 911 was an inside job or not, but the events following that went so wrong that number of christians converting to islam is increasing by every passing day. they must be finding something thats letting them ignore all the hatred being generated by media today. think about it. seek the truth as our beloved jesus told us, seek the truth and truth will definitly come to you.

  38. you all better turn to islam if u r not cuz no matter how humane u r, u will never enter paradise n for those of you that r first class pagans n atheist u r on a first class ticket to jahannama. peace !!!

  39. Taliban means two students (the ending “an” denotes two of something). Why two? I have no clue.

    Also, this article makes it look so innocent. ‘Oh, they’re just practicing their religion. No big deal!’ Sharia’s law is extreme. And don’t give me the freedom of religion spiel. I live in a country that (theoretically) has separation of church and state. We could do a way better job of keeping it that way. But at least legally, people can’t impose their religion on me. And it’s supposed to be okay that there’s a group trying to spread Sharia’s law?

  40. @Guest: Muslims are not trying to impose Shariah law on you. Christians are trying to impose Biblical Law on you. They have founded biblical law schools and believe in dominionism. Don’t believe me? Read their fucking words.

  41. All I can say is that you all bang on about religion this religion that and all it has caused is death and pain over thousands of years. I thought it was all about being the best person you can be and treating people as you yourself would like to be treated. Instead there’s just war after war because people don’t agree on each others beliefs or because another group wants the other to believe there religion. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. I’m not knocking someone for there religious beliefs as that’s their right. I just can’t fathom all the senseless killing.

  42. It pays to know, You Know? Trololololololololololololololololololol

  43. i am pashtun ….the problem we facing the evil of all evil are taliban + isi pakistan army.
    they are killing pashtuns ,finishing our culture almost , our existence is in danger from taliban +isi pakistan army.

    during taliban time people say there was peace in kabul.but the truth is there was no peace there was fear of death from taliban cutting tongue hands head from people …this was peace during taliban time.

    God Help us otherwise these three taliban isi pakistan army will father divide and damage us more then any one done to pashtun in entire history.

  44. What abouts the jews? we wants the money!

  45. Whoop! Whoop! to all the mormons out there#swagmothafucka

  46. All I know is, they enjoy to be retatrded suicide bombers.

  47. I’m getting off the subject for a second and want to know why do you believe in the Quran. The Quran does not have one fullfilled prophecy in it and yet people still believe. If you turn to the bible there is many fullfilled prophecys. God proved himself worthy through his word. Show me proof from the Quran. there isnt any. Sorry but bible wins. Read it and you will know.

    • Mr. bill have u ever read the Qur’an throughly with tafsir (translation)? if u did then u must have misunderstood it.Qur’an contains more prophecies than bible.plz read it again and then come to say such a things.otherwise, v muslim have many contradiction with bible because it has been contaminated by christhian, and u can never find any contradiction in our Qur’an.
      If u r in mood to learn sth which is based on truth and proof, u can contect me.
      Sarshar Jehangir.

      • I don’t know about you guys, but I think that Hinduism is great. I mean, we don’t hate on other religions but rather respect them and how they are. We also don’t go around preaching to people about how great it is (don’t count me as I am just comparing 2 apples) and we also don’t go around killing ourselves and many other innocent folks in the name of a sexist and rather…. different religions. I’m not preaching about how crappy other religions are but… y’know just putting it out there 😀

        Also, Hinduism is probably the least sexist religion I have seen 😛

  48. This thread is a bit old but I came across it while wondering on the web. I would like to point out to the ignorant people who don’t understand this situation. The united states has troops everywhere and middle eastern countries are tired of being occupied (this dates back to previous wars) they would like to be sovereign. But who would you suppose would win in a war against two states… The u.s. so with that the terrorists are born. Being a suicide bomber increases success rates by 50% and some have seen this as the only out against the biggest empire that has ever lived. Can we not see their logic? It doesn’t make it right but the u.s. needs to own up to all of their “terrorist” activities… Hiroshima & Nagasaki are great examples of our war crimes that went unnoticed.. let’s cut the shit.. America is constantly contradicting themselves to justify a reason for war or occupation.. when really its for self interests at another’s expense

  49. Thank you buddy… This is what I wanted to know. I was confused with these two genre. Thanks Again!

  50. I have known people of the Islamic faith. They always seem sincere. Many ignore the “bad” parts of the Koran as Christians do parts of the Old Testament as being part of the old Covenant
    between God and man. The god the muslims pray to, the “Jesus” mentioned in their Koran is not the Jesus or the God Christians and Jews pray to. To suggest that Allah had a son is blasphemous
    to a muslim the same as to suggest that Jesus is the Son of God.
    Islam’s religion has not changed since its development in the 7th Century, no new covenant. True muslims still believe they have only 3 ways to ultimately deal with the infidel as
    mentioned above. These are major commandments of Islam – to them the same as Christian’s Great Commission.
    It is true, many muslims are very sweet and peaceful people, sincere in their love of all people and willing to accept them as they are. They are considered apostate by the true muslim
    This is all fairly moot as the Pale Horse (which is accurately translated Green Horse) is Islam, the color of Islam is green. Islam will play a major role in the End Times. As accurate
    as Biblical Prophecy has been proven – one of the more astounding being “Can a country be born in a day” – as Israel – and all the prophecies regarding gathering of His people back to Israel,
    the fertility returning (before WW2 the land of Israel was a barren, fruitless land – and now is fertile, green and abundantly fruitful) – The prophecies of the End Times are just as reliable.
    I hold no ill will toward muslims. I worked with a man who believed himself to be a true muslim, praying on his rug daily. The filth that spewed out of his mouth when he wasn’t preaching
    Islam was quite astounding. Still, he was a very nice, persuasive man.
    Be all the above as it may… we are well advised to know our enemy, not just true muslim believers – though they will be major players in the end times… but all who hate the One True G
    od and His people.
    I believe people when they talk about muslim people being kind and sincere. I am simply pointing out the truth about the muslim religion. There is much about them that most do not know
    and I am sure much that I do not know. I have read the verses of their Koran and about their beliefs. I do not fear them, the nice muslim or the jihadist muslims.
    I do feel strongly that
    they count on Christian’s desire to “get along with everyone” to further their agenda to the ultimate goal of the above 3 ways of dealing with infidels. They believe that Islam will take
    over the world the way Christians believe it is our Great Commission to bring the Gospel to the world.
    While we would like to get along with our neighbors, with the true Islamic believer, it just is not prudent to believe or overlook the Islamic command to conquer, convert or subjugate the
    entire world.
    Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves…

  51. I am confused what is the actual relationship between the two organizations and what did Osama have to do with the Taliban?

  52. Actually, this is the difference between Al-Qaeda and Taliban:

    Al-Qaeda is a Terrorist organization by Saudi and Qatar backed Sunni Wahabi sect. Note that only 10% of Sunnies belong to Wahabi sect.

    Taliban is a Students organization fighting to end foreign rule from Afganistan. They are sunni religious school students and supporters. They hate Al-Qaeda like they hate US and Israel.


  54. I believe that all religion is created for 2 reasons:

    1} To Control & Dominate others;
    Control & dominate those who do not believe,
    Control & Dominate women,
    Control & Dominate those seen as inferior etc.
    2} To increase wealth;
    Convince people to follow you because you have ‘divine guidence’ and will share it with them for a price.

    Therefor all acts committed in the name of religion are comitted for the same purposes.

  55. Read the evidence: US created mujahadeen under bin ladin:

    Hillary Clinton Explains why U.S. Created al-Qaeda, today a big mess:

    Mujahadeen Created by US as a Geopolitical Weapon against Soviet Union
    Le Nouvel Observateur’s Interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Jimmy Carter’s National Security Adviser:
    Published 15-21 January 1998: http://zbigbrzezinski.livejournal.com/
    Brzezinski…According to the official version, CIA support for the Mujahideen began in 1980, i.e. after the Soviet army’s invasion of Afghanistan on 24 December 1979. But the reality, which was kept secret until today, is completely different: on 3 July 1979 president Carter signed the first directive for the secret support…the same day I wrote a note, in which I explained to the president this support would in my opinion lead to a military intervention by the Soviets…
    This secret operation… lured the Russians into the Afghan trap…On the day the Soviets officially crossed the border, I wrote president Carter, in essence: “We now have the opportunity to provide the USSR with their Viet Nam war.”…ten years Moscow had to conduct a war that was intolerable for the regime, a conflict which involved the demoralization and finally the breakup of the Soviet Empire….Le Nouvel Observateur: And also, don’t you regret having helped future terrorists, having given them weapons and advice?
    Brzezinski: What is most important for world history? The Taliban or the fall of the Soviet Empire? Some Islamic hotheads or the liberation of Central Europe and the end of the cold war?
    Le Nouvel Observateur: “Some hotheads?” But it has been said time and time again: today Islamic fundamentalism represents a world-wide threat…
    Brzezinski: Rubbish! It’s said that the West has a global policy regarding Islam. That’s hogwash: there is no global Islam. Let’s look at Islam in a rational and not a demagogic or emotional way. It is the first world religion with 1.5 billion adherents. But what is there in common between fundamentalist Saudi Arabia, moderate Morocco, militaristic Pakistan, pro-Western Egypt and secularized Central Asia? Nothing more than that which connects the Christian countries…
    ” Your cause is right. God is on your side”, Brzezinski said to Afghan mujahideen late 1970’s

  56. why do Taliban and Alcada were towels on their heads?

  57. Iam a Muslim. Islam is perfect,but iam not. if i make a mistake blame me,but do not blame Islam

  58. no community is good or bad in general neither do any religion teaches violence but the truth is that both these terrorist group have created havoc in the past and their plans are same for future too….both these groups belong to the same community which is unfortunate…..not everyone is born bad but when a whole community is earning bad name then the good people within that community should take concrete good steps towards doing something which is worthwhile presenting in such discussions..


  59. u people need to stop being retarded. if u want to learn about Muslims or Islam talk to a real one not on online. If u do not wish to learn and educate yourself u will continue being retarded and making a fool of yourself such as many of the people commenting on this article.


  1. Difference Between Al-Qaeda and the IRA | Difference Between | Al-Qaeda vs the IRA

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