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Difference Between Appendix and Annex

appendixAre you planning to publish a project? Well it’s pretty normal if you happen to get confused between are you supposed to add an appendix or an annex at the end of the project. Reading through this article would be a good idea if you’re looking to clear out the differences between the two and make sure that your project is free from unwanted mistakes.

An annex is essentially part of the main text but is placed at the end separately so as to make the whole document clearer; whereas an appendix is essentially additional text which full fills the purpose of supplementing the main text. In a way one could say an annex can also be called an appendix but the same is not true for appendix.

An appendix basically contains data that cannot be placed in the main text. It is referenced in different parts of the main body and ideally should not be a stand alone document. A trick to remember this is that one is appending data to a document the aim of doing this is adding greater details and visual examples that would help in better understanding of the main text.

Annex basically could be considered a completely different document altogether very often called a stand alone document which could not be added to the original document but still holds great importance to the overall publication and thus it is important that it still is added. In general, for policy matters, the appendices are usually assumed to have been written by the original author of the document. The annexes, on the other hand, are usually assumed to have been written by an external party. When writing your project it is very important the information about the various sources that you have used while making the project whether you have copied it or modified it and then added it to the document. Also make sure you have proper copyright permissions.

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  1. it will be well understood if it is provided with some examples. theory is good but giving example will definitely help to understand and remeber for a long term.

    • I would think for example, a dissertation I am writing about a UN Summit….

      I will place the Declaration of Principles from the Summit in the Annex…this is a standalone document that under no circumstances would I place in the text…BUT it is highly relevant to the entire dissertation as a document — also, it wasn’t written by me but by the Summit delegates…so I think then would go into an Annex…

      In the Appendix, I would maybe put something in that I wanted to clarify, maybe some more details of the theory behind the “conceptual framework” that I chose to use in order to analyze this Summit. Some people when they use formulas and stuff, will explain the details of how the formulas work in an Appendix…

      Additionally, sometimes raw data like a interview transcript would be in the Appendix if you are referring to an interview you conducted in the text, and want to show the quote in context, or refer the reader there for more details….

      I think these might be good examples…and from what I can tell this would be right…

  2. Can we trust any opinion from a site which delivers a sentence such as this, “Well it’s pretty normal if you happen to get confused between are you supposed to add an appendix or an annex at the end of the project.” ?

    I am like, Wow, seriously ?

  3. I find it difficult to take any English/writing advice from someone who writes “full fills” instead of fulfills.

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