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Paraphrasing vs Summarizing

Paraphrasing and summarizing are both related terms. They are often confusing for people.
Paraphrasing and summarizing are essential techniques for an effective and efficient essay. These are an absolute must when dealing with scientific concepts. Both paraphrasing and summarizing are allowed and accepted till due credit is given to the original source, and only till the work is not copied and is free from any kind of plagiarism.

Paraphrasing is reading over a text and interpreting it in one’s own words without changing the meaning of the original text. This excludes copying of text in any form. It is like grabbing the idea about a topic from another writer’s work then transforming it into your own method of thoughts and words. Paraphrased material is almost equal to or slightly shorter in comparison to the original material.
Paraphrasing is required sometimes to prove your point. It provides support and adds credibility to your own writing. It is also used to add depth to your work. Paraphrasing is used;

When another writer’s work has to be used.
When quotes are not used in the text.
When the ideas have a greater relevance than the style of writing.
When you want to simplify the work of another person.

Summarizing is the tool in writing which is used when you need the main idea of the text. It is a condensed form of the written text in your own words with only the highlights of the text. A summary is much shorter than the original text. It excludes the explanation of the text. Only the main idea or the basic information is included.
Summarizing is used to refer to work that culminates into the present writing that you are doing. It is sometimes used when you want to draw attention to an important point. It is also applicable when you want to distance yourself from the original text.

Summarizing is used;

When only the main ideas of the writer are to be identified.
When only an overview of the whole work is required.
When simplification is required.
When only the main highlights of the work have to be mentioned.


1.Paraphrasing is writing any particular text in your own words while summarizing is mentioning only the main points of any work in your own words.
2.Paraphrasing is almost equal to or somewhat less than the original text while summarizing is substantially shorter than the original.
3.Paraphrasing may be done for the purpose of simplifying the original work while summarizing is done to mention only the major points without any kind of explanation about the matter.

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