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Difference Between Create And Made

What is the difference between ‘create’ and ‘made’? To have created something is the same thing as having made something. The words are synonyms, but there are differences in the words and circumstances when it would be better to use one word over the other. To understand when to use ‘create’ or ‘make’, it is first necessary to understand more about where the words came from.

‘Make’ is a very common verb in English. It is often found in collocations and verb phrases, such as ‘to make dinner’. It means to form something by putting parts together or combining substances, as in constructing something. For example: She made lemonade by mixing lemon juice with water and sugar. Along with that definition, it can also mean to cause something to come into existence or to formulate something. For example: If you join three lines together, it makes a triangle. It can also be used in a less concrete sense, as in bringing about a particular situation. For example: Our mean neighbor made trouble between us. ‘Made’ has one other, more abstract meaning, as in reaching, succeeding in, attaining or getting something. For example: We made it home before it began to rain.

‘Made’ is the past form of ‘make’, but it can be used in a unique sense. That is in the past form used to mean made or formed in a particular place. For example: These shoes are Italian-made. Commonly a hyphen connects the place and ‘made’. It can also mean made or formed using a particular process, as in the common compound word, homemade. Another example: The pie is machine made, but it tastes homemade.

‘Create’ is a verb that means to bring something into existence or cause something new to exist. For example: He created this bookshelf all by himself. It can also have a less literal meaning, as in to bring about or cause a situation as a result of one’s actions. For example: He created this mix up, and now everyone is confused. In this sense, it is very similar to the word ‘make’, and is considered a synonym. While make can mean simply putting things together to construct something, it can mean to bring something new into existence, as well.

The difference in the usage of the words lies in the meaning of create to mean producing something new or original by using one’s talents, imagination or skill. This is usually in the form of something that would be considered artwork. For example: She created this masterpiece oil painting. Although ‘made’ could be used, it does not convey the same nuance of specialness or newness that ‘create’ does. This usage is the result of the etymology, or where the word came from. It came from the late Middle English and had the sense of forming something out of nothing, especially from a divine or supernatural being. This is in the sense we commonly use the related words ‘creation’ and ‘creature’ meaning things we believe that were brought into existence by God, or ‘created’.

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  1. It’s right for me to say I created love her or I made love for he?

  2. It’s right for me to say I created love for her or I made love for her?

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