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Difference Between Payed and Paid

Payed vs Paid

Words are units of speech and writing of a language that is used by a certain population to communicate with each other. It consists of meaningful elements that are essential in the understanding of the language and the accurate way to convey what people want to say.

Each language is passed down from generation to generation and undergoes changes as well as additions to the existing words. Every now and then new words are formed as man discovers new things and finds words to name and describe them.

This sometimes leads to confusion because there are instances wherein two words are used to name a thing, and there are also words that are used to name two or more different things. This is true in all languages and is especially evident in the English language which is the language that is spoken and understood by most people.

Take the case of the word “pay,” for example. “Pay” can be used as a transitive verb, an intransitive verb, an adjective, or a noun. As a transitive verb or an intransitive verb, it means “to give money in exchange of goods and services.”
As an adjective it means something that requires payment such as a pay phone. As a noun it refers to the money received in return for services rendered such as a salary. It is more commonly used as a verb, though, and as such is also used to mean other things.

“Pay” is also the word which is used to refer to the process of covering or coating with tar or asphalt. These are waterproof materials that are used to cover the seams of ships especially wooden ones to make them more durable. It may also mean “to slacken,” as in the case of ropes, and means “to allow to run out.”

The past tense of “pay” is “paid,” or it can also be spelled as “payed.” While the spelling “payed” is also used to mean “the act of giving or receiving money,” the spelling “paid” is used more often as it is the proper way of spelling the past tense of “pay” since verbs ending in “y” usually change the “y” into “i” when forming the past tense.

The spelling “payed” is more often used as the past tense of the word “pay” which is related to coating with waterproof materials and slackening of ropes. This is not used very often, though, and it is more convenient to use the word “paid.”


1.“Paid” is the past tense of the verb “pay” while “payed” is also used as its past tense but may mean several other things too.
2.The word “paid” is formed by the usual way of forming the past tense of verbs ending in “y,” by changing the “y” into “i” while the word “payed” is formed by adding “ed” to the verb “pay.”
3.“Paid” only refers to the act of receiving and giving money in exchange for goods and services. “Payed” can also refer to this act although it also means “the process of covering something with waterproof material” or “to slacken a rope.”

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