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There’s a lot of confusion between gypsies and Romanians. This confusion has become worse to the point that many people associate gypsies with Romanians or think that they are actually from Romania. This is a sad claim because this is a common example of a stereotype. It is just the same as in the case of assuming that the Irish are mostly drunkards, or the case of considering White American Southerners as supremacists when this is not always true.

The root for these stereotypes may be linked to popular culture and the influence of media. As a result people often sensationalize things then make unfounded generalizations.

The confusion may also be rooted to the nature of the word gypsy. Romanies is another term for gypsies. Thus, it is a matter of name confusion between Romanians and Romanies. Also, if you have been watching lots of those monster movie flicks involving Romanians and gypsies then most likely you’ve also been brainwashed to believe that they are one and the same.

To common knowledge, many believe that ‘gypsies’ is a group of wanderers. Although it can be recalled in history that they have actually spent some time in Romania, this does not mean that they come from Romania. Claiming that being a gypsy is connected to a certain ethnicity or race is a purely absurd ideology. As a matter of fact, gypsies have long been dispersed throughout the many corners of the globe. The majority of these people are however located across Europe. They were believed to have been exiled from Egypt and so became an ethnic group themselves. They are more of nomads who travel a lot and absorb cultures or people of different races into their group. Hence, they have developed many dialects.

Other cultures have come to accept the word gypsy to relate to fashion sense. Especially in Northern America, gypsy is a form of lifestyle or a type of look, not an ethnicity.

Overall, people must not conclude that gypsies and Romanians are the same. People who think of such are just uneducated and will usually end up insulting the people of Romania. Here are their differences:


Gypsies are nomadic people who wander around the world a lot.

Romanians is an ethnic group who live inherently within the borders of Romania while gypsies don’t have a definite country to live in.

The Romanian people comprise the nation of Romania whereas the gypsies do not form a nation.

Gypsies can also be linked to fashion sense and lifestyle especially in Northern America.

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  1. Integration is the answer to gypsies problem. They don’t have models in life, i didn’t see one gypsy in High School. They are not romanians, they are not europeans, they speak a language related to hindi language. I live in a nice city in Romania on a street with nice buildings. Last year a gypsy family bought a house nearby, all was fine untill they started to demolish the roof of the house to build another roof with open arches, ugly as hell, some kind of ‘pogoda’ arhitecture used maybe in india, pakistan or i don’t know. Last night i stoped there to stare at the house like you stare to something you don’t like, another bad surprise: reflective mirror windows.This makes me feel bad. I hope the romanian authorities take action. We, romanians don’t like gypsies because of the way they live, don’t call us gypsies.

    • Well its gypsy or romanians both are dirty people. I’m from pakistan and i lived in cyprus 6 years and i lived with romanians too.. my ex was Romanian.. they are not only dirty but also cheater and lier and gypry dont have any connection with india they are half romanians because both gypsy and romanians have same nature

    • It sounds as if you have bigger battles to fight within yourself… Good luck, I will pray that you find peace.

  2. Integration is the answer to gypsies problem. They don’t have models in life, i didn’t see one gypsy in High School. They are not romanians, they are not europeans, they speak a language related to hindi language as their first language. I live in a nice city in Romania on a street with nice buildings. Last year a gypsy family bought a house nearby, all was fine untill they started to demolish the roof of the house to build another roof with open arches, ugly as hell, some kind of ‘pogoda’ arhitecture used maybe in india, pakistan or i don’t know. Last night i stoped there to stare at the house like you stare to something you don’t like, another bad surprise: bulged out reflesive mirror windows.This makes me feel bad. I hope the romanian authorities take action. We romanians, don’t like gypsies because of the way gypsies live and the way gypsies want to keep their traditions, don’t call us gypsies.

  3. Gypsies originate from Northern India, a nomadic people. Many left to go to Egypt, many served in the Egyptian army. A change in politics led to the exile of Indians, who returned to Northern India. On return those that returned got referred to as Gypsies (coming from Egypt, the origin of the word Gypsy). The title spread and became more commonly used. Many Indian Gypsies dispersed and spread throughout different lands including Europe. Still today the oldest surviving Gypsy community in Northern India still exists, the Cobra Gypsies.

  4. I live in Northern America. Gypsies? Where?! If so, certainly not many to notice. Such an odd statement from this article…

  5. So my intent isn’t to insult anyone here but last week we were pickpocketed by a ROMANIAN (I captured her and retrieved her i.d.) in Italy who the people refer to as Gypsies. I understand your point about gyspsies not being SYNONYMOUS with Romanians but I will assert that many gyspies ARE Romanian. Their govt who I’ve been in touch with is apparently very aware of this distinction. I understand your stating the historical context, but (without figures)I am going to posit that now Gyspies are redefined as people of Romanians and other Eastern European heritage who are nomadic.

    • In Romania lived until 1989 18 different minority groups out of which Hungarians , Germans, Slovaks , Serbs , Polish, Bulgarians, Turks, Tartars, Gypsies including Italians and Arabs after the fall of the comunism settled in Romania
      Gypsies are coming from NW part of India a region called Punjabi they came through Egypt were they learned palm reading and saurcery. In xii -century they came in Europe same like the Syrians today through Greece and spread all over Europe. You have Gypsies in Italy you call them zingaro in italian in France the french call them Gitanes . The famous dance of the Spanish the Flamenco is actually not Spanish is the dance of the Gypsies. If you want to know what the word Romanian means it means Citizen of Rome and for more information about Romanians next time when you are in Rome in Italy visit Trajan’s Column is located on Via dei Fori Imperiali ,00 186 Rome, Italy
      Romanians are Latin blood and have nothing in common with Gypsies they are different breeds
      By the way in Airport in Timisoara in Vestern part of Romania an Italian citizen he stole some gold from a Romanian women that was travelling to Italy
      Not only that he was a policeman in Italy and the Romanian staff had to go through security cameras and to go to pick him up from the airplane
      When the women took her Jewlery and she put all her belongings in the tray the Italian guy stole her gold !!
      Even your Italian footballer Andrea Pirlo was Gypsie !!
      Romanian people are pretty intellectual they know who they are and all speak at least 1 -2 foreign languages

    • No, you weren’t pickpocketed by a romanian, you were pickpocketed by a gypsy, and you know it. Blacks in america might have american citizenship, but that doesn’t mean they are of anglo-saxon and germanic heritage. You saying that gypsies are of romanian/eastern european heritage is like saying afro-americans are of western european heritage.

      gypsies have a dark skin complexion, they speak an indian language, and they are originaly from northen india. They kept this heritage to this day, in their blood and the language they speak, although culturaly they are influenced by the cultures that surrounds them, and not only eastern europe, but western europe as well, although the western gypsy communities have long been integrated.

      The confusion between romanian and “romani” exists because of this stupid “romani” designation that doesn’t actualy mean anything in their language, i personaly asked gypsies what does “rom”, “romales”, “romani” means in their language, none of them had a clue, despite speaking gypsy dialects as their mother tongue. The western sjw’s started to employ this term because of romanced stories about gypsy fortune tellers, and because they are offended by the word “gypsy” because of hitler.
      I understand that romania and bulgaria entering the eu opened the doors to gypsies living in our countries to come to yours, but that’s not my fault, and neither does it mean they are romanian. There’s a difference between civic nationalism, and ethnic nationalismµ. If you claim gypsies are romanians, then i guess anybody across the world can come to italy, take italian citizenship, and become of “italian heritage” right?

    • Romanians, not Roma people, are really a bad home. Only when You get to know them You ll see the real face of Romanians.

  6. To suggest that to mistakenly call someone a Gypsy is to insult them is blatant racism. An analogue is made between assuming all Irish are drunkards and mistaking Romanians for Romanies. What else is the premise of this but that all Gypsies are as unworthy of respect as drunkards? A Romanian might be insulted to by called a Gypsy, just as a Scot might be to be called English, or an Englishman to be called a Scot, but to justify their outrage is to condone racism. There is nothing inherently inferior about Gypsies, nor are they a problem to those who live a settled life anymore than those who live a settled life are problem to nomads. Of course, we who are settled vastly outnumber the nomads, but this does not give us a claim to a superior mode of existence, still less to demand that Gypsies adapt to it. Incidentally, for those who don’t know, the Nazis murdered half a million Gypsies, men, women and children, by gassing, as their solution to the Gypsy ‘problem’. Beware the slippery slope.

  7. Not getting into the Romanian vs Gypsy comparison, but being American is not synonymous with one ethnic group or another because there are many ethnic groups here. A black person wouldn’t just have American citizenship (that sounds like a naturalized person), but they, in fact, would be American if born in America, especially since most groups are native to someplace else, but have been in America for hundreds of years. That comparison was like apples and oranges.

  8. Unless you grew up fearing getting kidnapped, robbed, raped or stabbed, which were actions that were vastly committed by a specific group of people, you are completely ignorant of gypsy culture and how it is to grow up in an Eastern European country where these individuals are most prevalent. Although there are some exceptions, they are extremely few. Most gypsies stick to their own cultural norms of making quick money by committing crime.
    You cry discrimination because there are communities that chose to literally put walls up to protect themselves? They did that because they were tired of getting mugged.
    Ignorant idiots already went to “document the discrimination” that gypsies are subjected to in countries like Romania. They got mugged of their equipment and they were asked not to say anything because it would lead to more discrimination.
    Italy finally got a taste of it when borders opened up as a result of EU integration. They got waves of Gypsies coming in to “work” aka prostitution, pickpocketing, etc. They gathered your generous contributions to built nauseatingly tasteless palaces in Romania that stick out like a middle finger for the local communities. Look up the gypsy palaces from Buzescu as an example. The gypsies were making their kids commit the crimes because they can’t be detained by the police. Eventually the Italians got fed up and started burning up their illegally built slum “villages”.
    There are documentaries showing the crap that these people do. One of them is called “Gypsy Child Thieves”. Look it up.

  9. A Gypsies , A Jew ,A Christian , A Muslim , An Indian , A Pakistani , A Palestinian , An Israeli , , An Arab , A Black , A Hindu , A scholar , a dummy , let’s face it . You are what you claim to be . Americans come from all over the world . Russia to Africa, Hawaii to China , Middle East , to Eastern Europe. It’s all American . People should want to change , become better . More educated , more healthy, more tolerant, more better . For themselves and their community. If a Gypsie goes to church , they are a Christian, but if they don’t read the Bible they are still a Gypsie , gypsies are mainly still Gypsie, if they don’t get educated, the gypsies don’t like to educate their children, because they see what happens when they can read . They read the Bible or the quaran or other philosophies or sciences that make being a Gypsie impossible. The ones that are not educated, usually break all the rules , the 10 commandments and local laws . So when you call yourself a Gypsie or a Jew or a Muslim , you are proud that you can or can not read , also you can say your American,or British , or Indian or Palestinian, that is the area that you belong to. A Jew that does not practice Jewish law is not a Jew , even if they come from Jewish roots . We were all once pagans , gypsies and did not have education, today we can fly to other lands and see the the world through books and internet . We should not be ignorant of others and other ways of life , Shinto , communism, democracy , Zionism, sharia, are the many ways people choose to live . But always if you read and are knowledgeable of all the ways , you may just ,Choose Wisely . For life is sitting rat and should be lived . Down with communism, Zionism, and any form of discrimination to all . America is the true solution to this world . All are welcome. All can be free , if will and choice . Under a system that the people, the community agrees to . I like to say . I’m from the planet earth . I am a believer in an unseen god , this helps us to stay on a good path for ourselves and help others . So a Gypsie had chosen to be feared and discriminated against. By the very people that have the knowledge of what it is to not be knowledgeable. CHOOSE WISLEY . And may The Force Be With You . Read the Quaran . And then you will get the first education. Read the sciences and it will confirm our part in this world is living with The God .

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