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Difference Between ‘Has’ and ‘Have’

english words‘Has’ vs ‘Have’

Do you have grammar troubles? We all do. Yes, even an English major will sometimes have trouble with the simplest of grammars. So, do not think that you are inadequate when you suddenly get confused with your native language.

In this article, we are going to touch on two of the most commonly used words in the English language ‘“ ‘has’ and ‘have’.

Both words are verbs, and they posses numerous meanings – such as, own, experience, consume, possess, and receive ‘“ just to name a few. They can be auxiliary verbs as well. As a fundamental rule, the singular verb is ‘has’ and its plural is ‘have’. Seemingly, ‘have’ is used more often than ‘has’, because ‘have’ is also used for the singular forms of the first and second person.


Singular form in the first person: “I have everything I wanted, but you.”

Singular form in the second person: “You have my heart, and it only beats for you.”

As you can see, even in singular forms, ‘have’ is still extensively used, since the ‘I’ and ‘You’ pronouns are naturally followed by the verb ‘have’. The only suitable way for a person to use the verb ‘has’, is for the third person.


Singular form in the third person: “He has the most beautiful smile.”

The ‘have’, however, is strictly used in all plural forms. First, second, or third person, it doesn’t matter at all. As long as it is plural, ‘have’ is the verb to be used.


Plural form in the first person: “We have all that we need.”

Plural form in the second person: “You have the budget.”

Plural form in the third person: “They have the most suitable approach.”

This principle works just about the same when one has to use ‘has’ and ‘have’ as an auxiliary verb. Coupled with the auxiliary verb ‘has’ or ‘have’, a past participle can serve as the main verb in a sentence. The expression of the action is now considered as a present-perfect tense.


“He has changed the world.”

“She has broken the record.”

“You have tried your best.”

“We have created a monster.”


1. ‘Has’ is a singular verb. ‘Have’ is plural.
2. ‘Have’ is more commonly used, because it can still be used suitably in singular forms. ‘Has’, on the other hand, is only used for the singular third person.

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  1. will appreciate it if you could advise as to which one of the following two is correct usage.
    1. “..my Engineering training and work experiene has instilled a sense of objectivity..”
    2. replace “has” with “have” in the sentence above.

  2. Now fully understand difference between HAS and HAVE

    Thank you

  3. Jane have 5 new english books.
    Is this correct?

  4. employee have to clean shave every day as part of neatness.

    Please corrct this sentance and pls suggest me how we can modify this sentance to a beautiful

    • Gireesh, the correct way to say that would be either one of these, depending on what you are trying to say:

      Employees have to clean shave every day to be neat.
      The employee has to clean shave every day to be neat.

  5. Gireesh
    Have is the correct answer.

    Now I Can understand the different between have & has


  6. this creative writing process is for the venturous Entrepreneurs who have an idea, wants to make it a reality and believes that it is possible.

  7. I am explaining this to my 6 year and now he understands.


  8. This was really a good explanation. Thanks a lot!

  9. Good article. Question. Where does the word “hath” fit into this bunch?

    has vs have vs hath

  10. Ok what about this one
    Either the students or the teacher A.)Has broken B.)Have broken the television set.

  11. @ebony, option a is correct. It is concord of prosimity(nearnest to the verb) you consider the teacher.

  12. This is a very useful article. Thanks a lot

    he “have” class or
    He “has”class
    Which is correct

  13. Is this sentence correct : Thank you to everyone who already has donated to our charity.

    • Marci,
      I think ‘have’ is correct use in that sentence.

      Thank you to everyone who already have donated to our charity.

      everyone = have

      please make correction if that is not correct.

  14. My handsome son he has my big beautiful smile

    Is this correct?

  15. Which one is correct? Each and everyone one of you has or have a special place in my heart.

  16. How many balloons does have the Ben

    The Ben have 2 balloons

    Is this correct

  17. I Emmanuel has taken over
    Is this correct

  18. The seminar she attended has identified and exemplified the different steps in the shoe-making process,
    The seminar she attended have identified and exemplified the different steps in the shoe-making process?
    And why?

  19. Always had a hard time remembering terms such as participle…way i taught myself was he,name/she,name/it,name of it=has…..everything else is have.

  20. Which is correct:

    He has many books or
    He have many books..

  21. Is this correct…..They has legs

  22. The vender has some fruits is this correct

  23. Which is correct…
    Management have reviewed the report
    Management has reviewed the report

  24. Jed has difficulties in looking better signal at home

    please advise if correct

  25. This song have my heart. Is this sentence correct?

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