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Difference Between Injured and Hurt

Injured vs Hurt

The terms “being injured” and “being hurt” are very different from each other. Being hurt means “having a sensation of pain, physically or mentally” while “injured” implies “to cause or do any kind of harm, such as a tear, severe sprain, etc.”
Taking the example of an athlete, he can play or participate in a tournament when he is hurt. But if he is injured, he must abstain from such events. He must take ample rest and treatment for healing. An injury incurs intense bodily pain and needs treatment for recovering. The part of the body undergoes permanent change where an injury occurs. That part may heal and the player may become fit, but it never returns to its original condition. An injury is associated with sports.
Getting hurt has to do with pain. You may be hurt if you have a bruise or you are pushed. The level of pain is different but you get hurt in all these cases. One may also get emotionally hurt. This usually results from a broken relationship or after an insult. A person may also be hurt after seeing someone sad or in pain.
Here are a few examples which will show the differences between “hurt” and “injury”:


A man was badly hurt in the accident.
I was really hurt on analyzing the damage done by the Tsunami in Japan.
It hurts to lose someone close to you.
Samantha was really hurt by her recent breakup with her fiancée.
Edward was hurt when his name was not included in the corporate trip of his company.


The player retired from the game due to a leg injury.
Damien, who has just returned from a serious injury, has two years left on his current contract.
Mountain climbing is a serious sport which may result in physical injury or death.
Our personal injury solicitors have a wide range of specialties among them.
Rooney was not able to play in the English Premier League match against Chelsea due to his ankle injury.


1.An injury incurs intense pain while getting hurt may have slight to severe pain levels.
2.An injury is associated with bodily pain. Being hurt may be a physical or emotional feeling.
3.A person may be hurt in love, never injured.
4.An injury may be healed with treatment. Being hurt may or may not require any kind of treatment.
5.“Injury” may be lethal or may cause death. Getting hurt never leads to death.
6.“Injury” refers to damage while hurt refers to suffering.
7.“Hurt” is used as a noun, verb, or adjective. “Injury” is only used as a noun.
8.An injury may be used in a legal context. Hurt is not used in that manner.
9.“Hurt” is used as a second name as in “William Hurt, John Hurt.” Injury has no such use.

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