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Ms and Mrs are very simple titles used in our everyday lives. Few of us pay importance to their significance and real meanings whilst most of us just use both for the sake of giving someone a title most especially when it comes to communicating inter personally. Nonetheless, Ms and Mrs are different titles given to different types of individuals.

Particularly in the United States, Ms is used as a title to honor women. It does not matter whether you are married or single, for as long as you are a woman then you can be called or regarded as a Ms. Actually, Ms with or without the period after the letter ‘s’ is still the same. Hence, both Ms and Ms. are one and the same honorific title given.

On the other hand Mrs, although another title given to women, is a term placed on those who are only married. Unless, a particular married woman possesses distinct titles such as Dr (doctor), Atty (attorney), and Lady among others, she will still be regarded as a Mrs.

In terms of pronunciation, Mrs obviously has two syllables. However, there are some regions in Southern America that has a definite slang of the word that make it sound similar to the pronunciation of Ms.

Like the title Ms, Mrs can also be written with or without a period. It just depends on how a certain place has adopted the title. If they are used to placing a dot after the title then they use Mrs. if not then they use Mrs as it is.

Historically, the title Mrs came from the honor title of mistress, which is actually the female counterpart of mister. Mistress then was used for either married or single women. It can be noted that it was only during the dawn of the 17th century where mistress was separated distinctly into two separate titles of Ms and Mrs with the latter becoming more appropriate for the married denomination. Mrs is almost always used as an abbreviated title. One can rarely see it being completely spelled out as missus or missis.

Overall, it can be summarized that Ms and Mrs has the following major differences:

1.Mrs has a longer pronunciation for it contains two syllables compared to Ms that bears only one.
2.Mrs is the title given to married women whereas Ms is a title for women regardless of their marital or civil status.

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