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There is a lot of talk between the words “woman” and “girl.” The talk is not about an existing confusion in discerning one from the other, but it is actually more on how each culture or different types of societies interpret the two terms. To sum it up, there’s also the subjectivity of the matter which makes defining a woman and a girl somewhat more challenging.

However, for most societies, the word “girl” is often associated with a female who is still immature. The immaturity does not speak of the physical aspect but more on the mental and emotional fields. Hence, it is almost true in all cases that a girl is someone who still does not possess or show certain qualities. The lack of skill for conflict resolution, the lack of responsibility to meet adult obligations or maintain a stable job, the lack of concrete lifelong priorities, and even the display of too much emotionality are just some of the many traits that are shown by a girl. So for as long as the female that is already 18 years old or older who’s showing the positive qualities mentioned above, then most likely she’s already a grown woman.

Many also limit the identification of being a girl to those unmarried females who are 30 years old or younger. This would directly give the implication that when a female is already over 30 years old, she will immediately be regarded as a woman regardless if she is married or still single. Thus, this gives us the age definition of what a woman and what a girl is. But it may confuse some because even if the female is below 30 years old and she is already married, many would come to regard her as a woman. This means that marital status is of a greater basis for womanhood compared to age.

To sum it up, maturity is usually the best indicator of womanhood. The next indicator is marital status, and the least important determining factor is probably age. In many cases, all of these factors are considered equally important but will seem to overlap depending on the type of society defining the terms “girl” and “woman.”


1.A woman is someone who is emotionally and mentally mature. She is also better in handling interpersonal relationships and has a greater sense of overall responsibility than girls.
2.A woman is someone who has already been married and has at least reached the age of 18 years old.
3.Age-wise, many societies classify girls as females who are within 0 to 30 years old while women are those who are more than 30 years of age regardless of marital status.

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