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Difference Between Shia and Ismaili

Shia vs Ismaili

Shia and Ismaili are two sects of the muslim community. Shias are the second largest denomination of Muslims in the world. Ismaili is only a part of the Shia community.

Ismaili is a minority sect when compared to the Shias as they are only part of the larger sect.

The shias are the followers of Shia Islam and are often called as Shiites. Shia has been derived from Shiatu Ali, a historical word meaning followers of Ali. Shias believe that Ah al-Bayt, which is Prophet Muhammad’s family, and some of his descendents known as imams possess special spiritual as well as political authority over the community. The Shia sect considers Muhammad’s cousin and son- in- law ,Ali, as the first imam. They believe Ali to be the rightful successor of Muhammad. The Shias also reject the authority of the first three caliphs.

Another thing that has to be noted when talking of the Shias is that the sect emerged even before the lifetime of Muhammad. It is known that the theology of Shia was devised during the second century. By the end of the third century, Shia governments were established.

Isma’ili forms the second largest sect in the Shia community. The largest sects are the Twelvers. The sect got the name of Ismaili after the spiritual leader Ismail ibn Jafar. The Ismaili considers Ismail ibn Jafar as a divinely appointed spiritual leader and successor. The Ismaili follows the descendents of Imam. One can come across several Ismaili sub groups. However, they are generally referred to as the Nizari community. The Nizari community is composed of the followers of Aga Khan, which is the largest group in the Ismailis. Dawoodi Bohra’s are also another well known Ismaili community.


1. Shias are the second largest denomination of Muslims in the world.

2. Ismaili is only a part of the Shia community.

3. Shia has been derived from Shiatu Ali, a historical word meaning followers of Ali. The sect got the name of Ismaili after the spiritual leader Ismail ibn Jafar.

4. The Shia sect considers Muhammad’s cousin and son- in- law Ali as the first imam. They believe Ali to be the rightful successor of Muhammad. They reject the authority of the first three caliphs.

5. The Ismaili considers Ismail ibn Jafar as a divinely appointed spiritual leader and successor. The Ismaili follows the descendents of Imam.

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  1. AsslaamuAlaikum.

    I think, They are both are wrong. because, One is saying, He’s my Imam, and second is saying, That Person is my Imam, I don’t know, why these peoples are Teaching Picture of Islam like this, Any Ways, These both are not in Good Faith of Islam. I’m just talking about Shia and Ismaili Shia.

    Allah-Nabi Waris.



    • O my bro can u plz clear y Shias r not muslims actually u really don’t have right to decide who is a Muslim n who is not as u don’t know about Shias that much thoroughly so plz mind ur language this is the first time that I m this much rude just because of ur stupid mindset let Allah decide it me n u r no one to decide
      (If u have question about Shias then plz plz ask me I will try my best to clear it inshallah Allah will help us to find the right path for us

      • my dear tell me has shia right to declare all jaleel ul qadar sahaba and ummahat ul momineen as kafir ????

        anyone say kafir to any momin then he would be a kafir so shia are kafir so,
        they called kafir

      • Yes i agree with shakeela bcz Almost 1year ago I was katar brailvi but now I m shia when i came to know that Muaviya and his party used to abuse Ali A.S in sermons of jumma and sunni calls muaviya as sahabi while Holy Prophet PBUH said That a person that abuses Ali A. S actually abuses me.That’s why i became shia

        • This is hnfortunate bro. Islam never started with Muawiya and his position becomes a sufficient ground for you to declare your self as Shia. Islam is not a political party for you to be influenced by trivial rhetorics to follow the misguided people. Remember quran calls you a muslim and not shia nor Sunni. Try to be an adherent of the quran and sunnah and stop following secs. Allah proclaimed in sura . Those who divide their religion in to secs you have nothing to do with rhem Their affairs is with Allah. Do you want to be among those who have nothing nor shifaa of the rasulullah.

          • Wow in today’s world we’re nothing is easy u think person born in this worlds try to find a God true he open up Quran then he find Muslim world so he converted Muslim so which may be Wahabi Muslim cuz rest should be alive that what they thing they are true Muslim common take a nap relax your mind if it’s that easy we need only one day figure to out Gog/ Allah and u can die next day , any way u guys have no right to call some one kafir, when u find out the truth u can’t even face embarace meant it would be too late to apologize at the day of judgment might Allah will forgive but u might not be forgiven give pain and abuse to his people , u want me to tell u what religion and true Muslim is .. ?one month and one year and this blog not enough u spend ur life being muslim which is not finish ur die U always practice all lear ur mistakes then until u finish so how come u ask a question to
            Some one to
            Prove asking ? This was very miner or small example I have given even in Quran it’s not written bin straight line , Son think Muhmmad PBUH Need comapian Ali what is this all why it’s so long and wide u need mullah to Interprater, so man people know lot more then this but we don’t like to share good Mr Muslim we rest non Muslim wow heheh hope given the education to ur next generation any educated person won’t say what u said Muhammad PBUH READ QURAN first time with Bis Millahe Rahman ir Rahim he got Knowledge of the whole world, how u don’t or don’t act or like educated ? Not to offerend or ppl who were born muslims which is the name is Quran they are more hated ppl in today’s world instead Shias are more reputaed ppl just question ? No to offend any one

      • Ok tell me y u people r right and the majority of sunni muslims r wrong . Tell me about temprory marriage muttah .what is it and how can u apply it in ur life

        • How do u feel about Muhammad PBUH marriage age and marriages THE AGE OF BiBi Maryam, is that true age u believe how would explain to non Muslim that were u put the pause or ignore it same way many thing as example we find out in a life so don’t ask this stupid question if there is only religion in the world the way there are many religion same way few things cud be right or wrong doesn’t have to follow

        • Search a terminology ziwar ul urf or misyar …………you’ll get the answer as the Same concept lies in fiqah hanfi

      • Assalmoalikum, shakila do you have any idea that Shia and Agha are same?
        tell me some difference .thanks

      • Hi assalam
        I’m having a lots of doubts and queries about shia

        So help me in clearing that

      • Well said sister Shakila HAZRAT ALI AS was raised in the same house by the same fatherABU TALIB & was a BROTHER OF OUR PROPHET! Talks nujjahid you uneducated person He was also Married to Umm-Fatima Zaharah daughter of our Rasool PAK GO FIGURE YOU ILLITERATE PERSON& the father of our prophet saw grandsons Imam HASSAN & imam HUSSAIN AS READ ABOUT PROPHET MOHAMMED’s YEMENI KISAA ASJUST A SMALL LESSON! Educate yourself about ABU SUFYAAN MUAVIYAH & YAZID before making uneducated comments enlighten yourself RASIIL PAK SAYS SEEK ADVICE FROM ALIIBN TALIB AS HE IS HAS A LOT OF KNOWLEDGE! Learn before making remarks! May ALLAH SWT HAVE MERCY ON YOU & your ignorance!

      • Dear, with due respect first of all plz tell me what is shirk, and 2nd what is the cause of human being or what Mighty Allah wants from us by Quran. Thanks.

    • You are wrong dear you have to study deeply about it because we don’t tell that he is my imam or shia said he is my imam that’s a little difference between us.

  2. Asslamun alaikum
    Brother u have the wrong faith against all Shias
    If u are Sunni then it’s ok u are the ones who got
    The wrong way from the time of prophet pbuh
    Tell now, Sunnis are those who did the baiate to
    Ali ibn Abi Taleb but didn’t followed the cedes and hadiths,
    thanks alot wa Sallam

    • Assalamualaikum…brothers …we need not question our faith…i think a true islam bro is right…what we should feel is that ISLAM IS IMPORTANT…its only that we have been Born and brought up in shia or sunni families but we should not hate each other…so, that others will take upper hand..what is right n what is wrong will be known in akhirat…EVEN I LOVE AHL E BAYT….wa salam…AH..

  3. why u r confusing…. u r saying that shias consider hazrat Ali as their first imam after prophet Muhammad and Ismaili also did so….. then why they are called two different community of same sect…..

    • Shia follows twelve Imams while Ismaili follows first six Imam from the twelve of Shia’s and then they have their own chain of Imams.

    • No sir Shias 4th imam is imam zainul abidin but their 4th Imam is jafarya n Shias don’t believe on aga khan but on the teachings of holy prophet

      • I will not criticise ISMAILI’s as I do not know enough about them to make a comment! If I disagree with their practise is in my personal opinion it would be great if we had someone who is a practising Ismaili to educate us! Who is aga Khan & how come he’s filthy rich & hasn’t earned? Please shed some light on this & educate us? Please thank you

  4. if sunni consider tha they are in a right path let them be but i am the followers of ahleibeit and i am ismailiist but i like shias all over the world because i think the real followers of prophet Mohammad were Ali Fatima so obviously who nowadays ignores them and put them lower then abybakr and umar he will be asked for that in sha Allah…i dnt wanna go for prove here coz i kno that our brother wont except it in any case ..i advise them to garsp the knowledge about the family of Prophet on their own but not by following the ignorant mulla

    • dear Hazrat Ali RA said:
      Hazrat Abu Bakar RA is better than me so u don’t beleive on Hazrat Ali RA even Hazrat Ali RA kept the name of their child Abu bakar, Umar, Usman

  5. i thinks that we are all muslims we had a one profet PBUH and the One holy book is too………..So We have to Ans The Allah of Our own Sins and Good Virtues So Kindly Dont Critisize other,s … Good Regards

  6. All religions are wrong. They are ancient tools to divide people. Just be good men and women, you dont need a religion to do this, just use your brain. Not everything has to be spelled out for you eapecially common sense.

  7. Asalaamu-alaykum all,
    I am a student and I searched for the differences between Ismaili’s and Ithna Asheri’s for my college work therefore stumbled across this site. I can honestly say that although the information may be incorrect, this whole disagreement is unnecessary and petty.

    We should unite in the name of humanity . Instead of tearing each other apart, the moment we are presented with the opportunity, we should look ourselves because there is always room for improvement. It has become common day practice for Muslims like us to comment on something without the vital knowledge necessary for this in-depth subject and this is where rifts are created and hostility begins to take control.

    A good piece of advice I have been given by one of my teachers is that ‘we should think of ourselves when someone mentions a sinner, in order to create a humble character ,and when someone mentions a do-gooder then we should also think of ourselves as it creates that healthy balanced mind-set.’ This advice is for myself before anyone else.

    May Allah (swt) unite this world, Sunni or Shia, Muslim or non-Muslim. And may Allah (swt) bless us with the knowledge and ability to help ourselves, alongside others in the manner Rasoolallah (saw) would have praised i.e with tender, affectionate words of endearment and motivation. Ameen.

  8. Assalamoalykum
    I think that Ismailis are better than other Shias, because Quaid e Azam was by birth Ismaili, and later on he also attended meetings of other shias. Moreover, we should also compare the various teachings of these both sects in very nerrow eyeview so that we be able to conclude about their different teachings about Sahaba, Namaz w Zakat w Roza ki farziyyat, and Taqayya etc.
    May Allah guide us for straight path . . . Aameen.

  9. the biggest problem is that we dont recite Holy Quran and hadeed mubarik(with reference).leave everyone and start study by your ownself.

  10. I am the follower of Sunni suffisam.I hate to call any sect of our Islam that they are NON_MUSLIMS.To be a muslim ,you have to believe that,”Allah is 1 & prophet PBUH is the last message of Allah”

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