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Sunni vs Shia

A difference between Sunni and Shia has originated from political and spiritual grounds. The other differences are on the basis of religious practices and rituals people follow. Sunni is an Arabic word which means the one who follows the traditions or Sunah of the Prophet whereas Shia word is derived from Shiayat e Ali that means friends of Ali.

Sunni and Shia developed different political beliefs regarding the leadership after the death of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. All those who are in favor of Abu bakar, Umar and Ottoman ,the first three caliphs, are called Sunnis and those who believe that leadership only belonged to the family of the Prophet call themselves Shia. Shia Muslims believe that Ali was the legitimate successor and eligible as the first caliph since he was the cousin and son- in- law of the Prophet.

Sunni Muslims are in majority as compared to the Shia Muslims and they are spread all over the world. Shia Muslims are more significantly present in Iraq, Iran, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon and Pakistan.

Sunni and Shia Muslims have different religious practices although they share the set of same basic beliefs of Islam. They have almost fifteen minutes difference in their prayer and fasting times. There is also a difference in their rituals and other ceremonies like nikah or marriage ceremony. Shia Muslims also believe in Mutah or marry a woman for a brief period of time whereas Sunni Muslims do not believe in this obsolete ritual which is forbidden by the Prophet.

Shia and Sunni both have different rituals for pilgrimage as well. Shia Muslims often travel to pay their homage to the tombs present in Iran and Iraq. Sunni Muslims base their religious practices on the basis of Hadith or traditions of the Prophet as narrated by the companions of the Prophet whereas Shia Muslims reject and do not follow the Hadith books etc.

Another major difference and bone of contention between the two sects is the animosity and hatred of Shiites towards the first three caliphs in Islam and other companions of the Prophet. Shia Muslims follow extremes of hatred towards some companions and love for some of the other companions of the Prophet.

Shia Muslims believe that the twelfth Imam Mahdi has already been born and would soon come out from his hiding whereas Sunni Muslims believe that he has yet to be born and will emerge soon. Shia muslims lead Ashoora or mourning processions in the memory of martyr Imam Hussain, the grandson of the Prophet.


1. Shia Muslims believe that the legitimate leadership inheritance belonged only to the Ahle-e-bayet or bloodline of the prophet.

2. Sunni Muslims follow the Sunnah or hadith. Hadith or sunnah is the practice of following the traditions of Prophet narrated by the Prophet’s companions.

3. Shia Muslims lead mourning processions in the memory of martyr Imam Hussain and mourn for a period of ten days in the Islamic month of Moharum.

4. Sunni and Shia Muslims both follow same beliefs but have differences in the religious and ritual practices such as prayer or salat and fasting.

5. Sunni and Shia populations exist all over the world whereas Shia Muslims are more significantly found in Iran, Iraq etc.

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  1. Dear Brother,

    I would like to point out that in the above article you wrote, “Shia Muslims also believe in Mutah or marry a woman for a brief period of time whereas Sunni Muslims do not believe in this obsolete ritual which is forbidden by the Prophet”, whereas, there is no evidence of our Prophet forbidding this practice. This practice was denounced during the reign of Caliph Omar Khattab.

    You also wrote, “Another major difference and bone of contention between the two sects is the animosity and hatred of Shiites towards the first three caliphs in Islam and other companions of the Prophet”, some extremist and radical Shias might have done this in past, but it is strictly against the teachings of Ahl-E-Bayt. In fact, recently a fatwa was issued by all major Mujtahids of Shia school of thought declaring the insult of the first three caliphs of Islam as a haram act.

    Thank you for providing this information online.
    Your Brother in Islam,
    Saif Haidar

    • Saif Haidar……see more!!!!
      In the name of God the Beneficent the Merciful


      This is well known fact that during the life time of Holy Prophet the Muttah was not only the legal Aqd but was also fully in practice as well. Now if there is any dispute on this issue is that whether according to Shar’ee point of view this Aqd is still legal or it is cancelled.

      Before proceeding forward it must be cleared to all , that to cancel any act of Shariyat is only in the authority of Holy Prophet and non of anyone else. If any act of Shariyat -e-Mohammadi was not cancelled by the Holy Prophet and remained legal to the last movement of Holy Prophet then that act will remain legal till to the day of Qiyaamat and even the whole Ummah could not declare any Halal -e-Mohammad as Haram or Haram-e-Mohammad as Halal.

      Halal-e-Mohammad is Halal till to the day of Qiyaamat


      Haram-e-Mohammad is Haram till to the day of Qiyaamat.

      Tasfeer-e-Kabeer Pt-3 Page-286 :-

      ” It is agreed fact for the whole Ummah that Muttah was lawful and admissible in Islam and no one has any dispute in it. ”

      Now the question is that, Is this admissible act of Shariyat still admissible or became unlawful and prohibited ?

      So we know that to Hazrat Ali, Ahllalbait-e-Nabvi and to a group of Sahaba Karam like Hazrat Abdullah Ibn-e-Abbas, Imran bin Haseen, Jaber Ibn-e -Abdullah Insari, Muslim Ibn-e-Aqwa, Saeed Bin Jabeer , Mujahed and Atta, (Rezwan-ul-llah Alay Him) the Muttah is lawful and admissible act and is not being cancelled.

      Justification Of Muttah In the Light Of Holy Quran :-

      Ayat-e-Muttah is in the Holy Quran , Allah says that we do not cancel any Ayat of Quran till we bring batter Ayat for that, so if the Ayat of Muttah is cancelled ( as it is claimed ) than which Ayat is revealed in its place which replaces the Ayat-e-Muttah ?

      and if we don’t find any replacement for Ayat-e-Muttah in Holy Quran , it means that Ayat-e-Muttah is not replaced or cancelled. and when a Hadeeth cannot cancel the Ayat of Holy Quran then how the declaration of some one can cancel the Ayat of Holy Quran ???

      The Ayat of Muttah is as follow :-

      Para-5 Surah Nisa, from the middle of Ayat-24. ” Famastamtatum Behi Minhunna Fatuhunna Ajoorahunna Farizatan Wala Junaha Alaikum Fima Trazaitum Behi Min Ba’adil Farizatin Innallaha Kana Aleemun Hakima ”

      Urdu Translation :- ” Jin Aurtoon sey tum ney Muttah kia hey un ka jo Mehr mukarrar hoa hey woh un ko dey do agar Mehr ki kami beshi par tum apas mein razi ho jaoto tumharey zimmey koi Guna nahi , Beshak Allah Aleem aur Hakeem hey ”

      The trick in Translation :-

      Now while doing the translation of this verse generally the word, Famastamtatum is translated as when you get benefit from them ,but the direct translation ‘ when you do Muttah with them ‘ is avoided , those this translation is not wrong but is against the prevailing way of translation where always by doing translation we do not take the literary meaning of the word but take their Sharri sense of acceptation is taken, for example :- The literary meaning of, Salaat is Dua, Soom means to hold on, Hajj means Attention. But we know that in Sariyyat these words have their special meanings which are quite different from their literary meaning and when such words will come in Ayyat or in narrations their Sharri meaning will be taken and not the literary meanings. For example while one says ” Qad Qama-tessalaat ” it means to perform special Ebaadat ” Namaaz ” and not jut to do some dua. and so on, So it is very clear that while translating Salaat. Soom , Hajj. or Jehad always their Sharri meaning will be take and not just the literary. So the word Muttah though its literary meaning is to take benefit but this word has its complete sense and meaning in Sharri language. Therefore while translating the Quranic word Famastamtatum to avoid its Sharri meaning that is Muttah, shows that some thing some where is being wrong or some weakness is being covered. Daal mein Kala Hay .

      Tafseer-e-Kabeer Pt-3 Page 289, Dur-e-Musoor Pt-2 Page-140.

      ” Abdullah Ibn-e-Mas’ood, Abdullah Ibn-e-Abbas and Abee Bin Kaab while reciting the above ayat-e-Muttah used to recite it in a such a way that its translation become like this :- ” When you do Muttah with women for some fixed period you must pay their Mahr to them ”


      TAFSEER-E-KABEER Pt-3 Page-289, Dur-e-Mansoor Pt-2 Page-140.

      If the Umer ( By using his state power ) would have not prohibited from Muttah then some most unfortunate and vulgar may have committed adultery ( Zina ).

      Now from the above saying of Hazrat Ali it could be easy concluded that by stopping the legal and Sharri act of Muttah has resulted in the overspread of Zina and who is the one, responsible for the over spread Zina in Muslin Ummah ??????


      Nihaya Ibn-e-Aseer Page-194, Dur-e-Munsoor Pt-2 P-141.

      Hazrat Abdullah Ibn-e-Abbas said, ” Muttah was Rahmat for Ummat-e-Mohammadia , if it would not has been stopped, perhaps some most vulgar may commit Zina. ”

      Tafseer-e-Kabeer Pt-3, P-289.

      Hazrat Omran bin Haseen said, ” Allah revealed the Ayat about Muttah in the Holy Quran and did not cancelled it, Holy Prophet ordered for Muttah and then did not stop from it, but later on some one ( Umar ) did what he wished.

      Muslim with Sharah-e-Noodi Pt-1 P-451

      Abu Nafrah narrated that once I was with Hazrat Jaber Ibn-e-Abdullah when a person came and asked him about Muttah, Hazrat Jaber replied, ” We acted on Muttah during the period of Holy Prophet but later Umar Ibn-e-Katab prohibited from it. ”

      From the above saying of four Sahaba-e-Karam it is very cleared that all of them referred it prohibition not to Holy Prophet but to Hazrat Umar, and according to famous narration that the Mazhab of the people is that of their Rulers so the masses obeyed what their Ruler ordered and ultimately the position reached to such point that the Hurmat of Muttah was taken as a rule of Islam.


      Tafseer-e-Mazhari Pt-2, P-74, Masnad Abu Da’ood Pt-1, P-309.

      ” The Asma Bintay Abubakar said that during the period of Holy Prophet I myself did the Mutta ”

      The Confessing Statement of Hazrat Umer :-

      Tareikh-e-Khufa P-136, Tafseer-e-Kabeer Pt-3 P-289, Sarah-e-Fazal Qooshegi, P-484:-

      ” Hazrat Umar decleared, Muttah was legal and lawful during the period of Holy Prophet but I decleared it HARAM. ”

      Interesting Joke:-

      According to Al-Mohazerat of Raghab Asfahani one day a man asked Hazrat Abdullah Ibn-e-Umar about legality of Muttah, he replied that it is legal and lawful, on his reply the man said that your father (Umar) declared it Haram. On this Hazrat Abdullah said that did not my father say that it was Halal in the period of Holy Prophet and I declare it Haram , the man replied yes he said like this, so Hazrat Abdullah Ibn-e-Umar said that I certify the first part of the statement of my father that it was Halal in the period of Holy Prophet and I did not agree with the second part of the statement that – I declare it Haram – because who is my father to declare the Halal-e-Mohammad as Haram ”

      But we think that the followers of Hazrat Umar are more obedient to Hazrat Umar then his own son Abdullah ……….. ! ! ! !

      Is Muttah Nikah or Zina ???

      Now we will consider the resembling points of Muttah and Nikah-e-Daami and let the readers to justify that whether it is Nikah or Zina !

      Muttah ( a temporary Nikah ) and the Nikah-e-Da’emi ( Permanent Nikah ) resemble in most of the points except few which decide and distinguish the separate position of Muttah.

      1:- Nikah-e-Da’emi cannot be done with married woman so the Muttah also cannot be done with the married woman.

      2:- In Nikah-e-Da’emi it is must the the Sigha of Nikah to be read out in a correct way, so in Muttah it is must that Sigha of Muttah has to be read out in a proper and correct way.

      3:- Children born with Nikah-e-Da’emi legally inherit their father so the children born with Muttah also legally inherit their father.

      4:- Nikah-e-Da’emi can not be done with a woman who is in Eadaat after divorce so the Muttah cannot be done with the woman in Iddat after divorce .

      5:- In Nikah-e-Da’emi after divorce the women has to observed Iddat so in Muttah after finishing of Muttah period woman has to observed Iddat. ( the period of Iddat in Muttah is half of that in Nikah-e-Da’emi )

      6:- Mahr has to be fixed in Nikah-e-Da’emi so the Mahr has to be fixted in Muttah also.

      All the above conditions are not there in Zina. so one could easily justify that Muttah is close to Nikah-e-Da’emi or to Zina.

      So on one side there is the order of Allah and Rasool and your conscience and on other side is the decision of Hazrat Umar

      decide where you stand ??????????

      In Nikah-e-Da’emi the relations of man and woman remain till the woman is divorced or one of them dies but in Muttah which differs here is that man and women themselves decide the period of their Aqd and after the expiry of that decided period the woman automatically considered as divorced and after this again the same common rules about Iddat for Nikah-e-da’emi and Muttah get enforced.

      Before going to last conclusion its batter to mention the Siga-e-Muttah over here. So after the decision of Mahr and the period of Aqd if the man and the woman themselves want to read the Sigha than it will be read as below :-

      Sigha -e- Muttah
      Final Conclusion :-

      So with the above discussion we reach to conclusion that the order of Muttah was revealed in Holy Quran and was ordered by Holy prophet and was nether cancelled in Quran nor prohibited by the Holy Prophet but contrary to Allah and Rasool was declared prohibited by Hazrat Umar and was enforce with the power of state ,as many other rules of Shariyyat were modified with force by Hazrat Umar which are called the ” Awleyat-e-Umar ” so Muttah is one of them. Now the position for the followers of Hazrat Umer became very critical because there is Allah and Rasool on one side and the declaration of Hazrat Umar on the other side so they could adopt one and they always adopt the decision of Hazrat Umar in all such cases where ever he strikes with Allah and Rasool , and they openly reject the decision of Allah and Rasool …very improtant part…think


    • How weird, on one side you are cursing to first three Caliphs is haram in Shia sect and on the other hand your so called Allama love to curse and swear first three Caliphs openly.

      Isnt it double standard or is it your same tactic which your sect usually called Taqaiyya.

      • desar mr khan ,
        lets leave the shias alone ,, lets just follow Quran and curse those that the Quran curses,,, namely those who disobeyed the prophet(saws)
        those who doubted the Prophet(saws) on the day peace treaty of Hudaiba
        those who left the Prophet (swas) alone among the enemies and fled from the battlefield, does not the Quran say that those who leave the prophet (saws) are mushrikh, show us where and when did those who fled recite the kalema again
        those who broke promises made to the Prophet(saws) after the last Haj at Ghadeer al khum.
        i guess this should she be enough to seek the right path

    • I studied a lot around this subject anf finally I found the answer. You can check my weblog for mor information


      You can find enaugh evidences and proofs of Quran and Sunni’s books that reveal the fact that Shia is true Islam.

    • How many major mujtahid said haram to hatred them?
      pls don’t do diplomacy
      The first 3 were usurped the right of ahle bait a.s they deserve to hatred
      And first and second was the killers of the daughter of our prophet s.a.w.s
      And we don’t use bad language for them but we don’t obey them also.
      say the truth
      Don’t do diplomacy

  2. Saif Brother

    Please study more you will find “Misyar” and “Urfi” same as Mutah in sunni Islam

  3. I strongly disagree that Shia muslim are rejecting the Hadith.Shia Muslims too follow the adiths and take take gudiance from them in all their matters .Without any true research it is really very bad to blame , which can become base of hatred and disputes ,and there are many such writting of sunni writers without any true research blaming on shias,pls avoid these kind of writtings and developed a bridge to finish the miconeptions created by some non responsibles .

    • brother before recommending others have a look over this sentence that above mentioned “….So on one side there is the order of Allah and Rasool and your conscience and on other side is the decision of Hazrat Umar

      decide where you stand ??”””

  4. I find it mind-boggling that people can be so concerned about such pathetically trivial things. We’d be far better off without any form of religion in the first place than concern ourselves with this absolute drivel.


    • shut up u know nothing about Islam so get off this page and if u ever dare to say ANYTHING on ANY RELIGON EVER AGAIN………

      • ZB, your response is why no one will ever take you seriously. Your automatic move to threaten is a pathetic attempt to force your simple minded beliefs. A true man of faith and intelligence would try to understand and offer reasoning. I pity you.

      • Speaking as an infidel trying to learn something about Islam, I agree with Bob; Islam seems to consist of Shia and Sunni bickering over gnat’s eyelashes. And the hatred! Oh, my! Shias HATE the three caliphs? Who do the Sunnis hate? (Other than Shias, for hating the three caliphs.)

        I also don’t understand why, since this site is conducted mostly in English, why bother to include so many translations of terms into Arabic? Those who understand Arabic shouldn’t need the translations; those who don’t understand Arabic are mightily confused by all the needless repetition of Arabic expressions.

    • the difference may seem trivial ,but as a fact is really major, as the difference is between true Islam( that Muhammad(saws) propagated) and the ruler’s false Islam( which the 3 califs spread), subsequently the rulers who followed the ideology and way of the 3 califs ,spread an Islam which is very different from that what was sent by Allah, and since they ruled and the court belonged to them the propaganda machinery belonged to them , the wrong image of Islam was advertised to suit their own greed and power seeking.
      thus it is very necessary to present the true Islam , which is a religion of peace , justice for all. thus it is very important to know the source of Hadith and beliefs.

  5. Well i guess the different between Sunni and Shia isn’t in believing in Hadith as shia also believe in hadith
    but the difference come when Sunni only believe in Quran and Hadith but shia also add Ijmae to it
    which means if Majority of clerics say something and it’s not against Quran and Hadith then it must
    be considered equal to them

    • yes dear, ur are right, if hadith does not resemble with Quran then it should not be followed.

    • Dear Skandari, There is a homogeneous believe that if the hadith is contradictory to the Qur-an then it is not acceptable….be it in shia book or in Sunni book.We must be thoughtful of this.Its wrong to argue that the hadith is in Sahi Bukhari or the hadith is in Biharun anwar of shia so its blindly correct.
      Hazrat ali says that when you hear the hadith of holy prophet (SAWW) ponder deeply over it.
      The ijma of shia scholars only interpret the matter in light of Quran and Seerat-e-Nabi (SAWW) and his ahle bait.If its contradictory to the Quran or Life of holy prophet (SAWW) & his ahle bait..its unacceptable.And it Never hapens in an ijma.

  6. Its really sad to know how Islam is been divided. Shia.. Sunni. and many more. Does it really matter which sect to be in? This wil totally create chaos in Islam and its such a shame. I dont regard myself as part of Sunni eventhough i was brought up as Sunni. I believe that im a muslim and Islam (Only One) is my true religion. I believe there;s no god but Allah. Muhammad is my beloved last true prophet messenger. i follow the Allah’s Holy Book the Al-quran, I believe in Allah’s Prophets, Angels & other creation in this universe. I believe in Doomsday. And that too i will follow Prophet Muhammad SAW’s teachings.. Hadiths. Simple as that to make us a true muslim. Isnt that Prophet Muhammad SAW been informing us to prevent us from living in a doubtful faith?

    • salam,
      there is a hadith for our beloved prophet Muhammad (saws) , that after me my followers will be divided into 73 sects and all but One will go to paradise, so it is incumbent on each believer to seek the truth. Bias history , fake hadiths made up by the rulers , written by sold pens ,should be studies and the one with are not in accordance with the Quran should be eradicated,a very thorough research and debate can be found in a book called ‘The Peshawar nights’ , IT WILL ASSIST IN THE SEARCH OF THE RIGHT PATH’

  7. It is very surprising when you say that shias do not follow the sunnah. They follow every sunnah , they follow the most beloved and true sahaba of Prophet(saww) who is Ali (as). It s also said that no caliph be it Abu Bakr , Umar , or Usman ever made any shariah without the guidance of Ali (as).

  8. Dear Friends,

    First of all I would like to make it clear that I believe that ALLAH Subhana wa ta’ala is one and Probhet hammad Sallallahu Alai Hi Wa Sallam is the Prophet and Rasool.

    Only after ALLAH Subhana wa ta’ala , our greatesh Prophet Sallallahu Alai hi wa sallam is the most respected. He is Hazir & Nazir, He is Noor but preferred to present himself to this world as Bashar, ALLAH Subhana wa ta’ala has given great powers to our Prophet, and due to that great powers he can predict the future with accuracy, whatever he has said 1400 years ago is absolutely true . Prophet’s only concern was his Umma’s Safety & Security . Hazrat Ahmed Raza Khan Fazle Barelvi Rahmat Ullahe Ta’ala has not added anything from his belief , infact he has shown the way how our Prophet should be respected, To become true Muslim (Iman)one should love our Prophet “Hazrat Mohammad Sallallahu Alai hi wa sallam more than our own self for get parents, wife, husband or children, unless and untill you will not love our prophet more than anything in this world than your IMAN is not complete.

    Sunni Muslim Visit to Dargah (Tomb) of sufi saints not as they belive them as Allah , but believe them as friend of Allah , a person who has devoted his entire life to ALLAH and ALLAH Ta’ala is happy with them and in that regard ALLAH provides them some natural power and Sunni Muslim just request Sufi Saints to pray on their behalf, if they will pray on our behalf ALLAH listen to their request and ALLAH doesnot deshearten them. How to mentioned how much power is given to Awlia E Kiram, no one can ever write on that, so how any one can write the power of Huzur Sallallahu Alai Hi Wa Sallam.

    Ummat of Huzur Sallallahu Alai hi Wa Sallam is the best Ummat ever in app 1, 24,000/- or 2,24,000/- Ambiya E Kiram.

    As Wahabis/Deobandis/Ahle Hadis or etc. They are telling that our beloved Prophet was bashar and not noor, than how come it is that our beloved Prophet’s Shadow was never seen, talking about his shadow, the cloth which touches the body of my beloved Prophets its shadow also never seen, because my beloved Prophet was “NOOR” in the form of Bashar, if My beloved Prophet would have come in his true form nobody has the power to see him, so to facilitate the Ummah my beloved Prophet choose to come in the form of Basher Oh Non-believers for ALLAH’s Sake come to your sense and if you cannot respect anyone , you dont have any right to insult any one, Nobody can insult my beloved Prophet as “ALLAH” Subhana Wa Ta’ala has highest respect towards our beloved Prophet.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Iqbal Shaikh.

  9. A friend told me that everyday in his supplications he asked Allah for something, but weeks passed, he did not get what he needed.

    His father told him to visit a dargah (tomb) and tell the dead person to ask Allah. After about 0ne week my friend got what he needed. He then thanked Allah and also the dead person.

    The second time, my friend supplicate allah everyday to get another thing but did not get what he needed. After about one week of hopeless suplications he went to the tomb and got what he needed after few days. My friend thanked the dead person.

    The third time my friend went directly to the tomb and asked the dead person, but got nothing.

    The forth time he went to the tomb, but got nothing.

    The fifth time while he was on his way to visit the tomb, he realises that he is giving more importance to the dead person than Allah and that he was doing was purely shirk!

    Allah says in the quran: I respond to the invocations of the supplicant when he calls on Me (without any mediator or intercessor). al baqara, verse 170.

    Only Allah knows whether a dead person is a saint or not!
    Any human could never know that a person will enter paradise or not!

    • Masha’allah..very good.Nowadays its entirely an hereditary issue..As explained in Surah Al-Baqarah that kuffars will be kuffars because the new generation will follow what thier forefathers did..but some people masha’allah are coming out of this mindset as evident.

  10. Muslims follow the Sunnah of Muhammad Ibn Abdullah (saw). Muslims love the sahaba (ra).

    • yes my dear friend you are right…..

    • masha’allah you are right

    • yes Muslims love the sahabas who were faithful to the Prophet(saws), how can we forget SURE MUNAFEQEEN in the HOLY QURAN, was it not indicating that some of the sahabas were munafeqeen.

      • @AK: Please spend some time reading the Quran and the tafseer rather than finding claims over the internet. Sur-e-Munafiqun refers to Abdulla-ibn-Ubbay who became a Munafiq and does not refer to the Sahabis (ra) or companions as you seem to be directing the statement to. Muhammad ibn Abdullah (saw) repeatedly praised Hazrat Abu Bakr, Omar and Uthman (ra) for their sincerity and dedication to Islam just like he did for Hazrat Ali (ra). Is this not enough for you to put a stop to your doubts about them? Praise be to Allah, the messenger (saw) and his family and all truthful companions.

        • salam,,
          can any one tell me
          1) who doubted the Prophet(saws) when he signed the treaty of Hudaibiya.
          2) who were the one who left the Prophet(saws) alone and ran away from war ,and later said,, i ran like a goat who scampers on the hillocks’
          3) can you tell me who denied the Prophet(saws)) his wish for a pen and paper while he was in his last days.
          4) can you tell me who said’ ” the Quran is enough for us”
          5) can you tell me who committed atrocities against the Prophet’s(saws) household, for whom he(saws) had said ,these are the leaders of the youth of paradise, she is the leader of the women of all time, he (as) is what haroon(as) is to mosese(as)????
          after that we shall discuss further!!!!!!

  11. Islam’s the best religion of the world. To be a Muslim, according to 2:177 and 4:136, one should believe in God, his prophets, his scriptures, angels and the doomsday. If a man has his faith on these basic doctrines, so he’s in Islam. There are two major sects in Islam you know which. I belong to Shia Islam. Shia Muslims believe that Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his children) has appointed Imam Ali Ibn Abu Talib as his successor. We neither believe in caliphate nor in democracy. We believe in dictatorship and think that God sends an Imam for the protection of Islam and guidance of the mankind. God’s a dictator. He says, ‘I’m your lord. Worship me or I’ll punish you and will put you in the hell’. Whenever he sent a prophet, He used to say, ‘I don’t care whether you like him or not. Your prophet’s this person selected by Me for you’. If democracy was a to rule, then Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Moses, Aaron, David, Solomon, Jesus and Muhammad wouldn’t be prophets as majority was against them. Today, Muslims aren’t the majority. This’ the basic difference between them. Shias and Sunnis are brethren among religion and they should live in peace. Then, all the human beings should live in peace as being sons and daughters of one father.

    • Please note that it is not democracy but “Shura” as has been mentioned in the Quran:

      “And those who have responded to their lord and established prayer and whose affair is [determined by] consultation among themselves, and from what We have provided them, they spend.” [42:38 Sur-e-Shura]

      Hope you see Allah himself has considered “consultation” as a positive means. Islam forbids people from making distinction through any means be it race or bloodlines therefore anyone who is not from the prophet’s bloodline but does truthful act can be an honored person in front of Allah.

      P.S Do not compare democracy with Shura as Shura refers to consultation between few men of good value and good deeds.

  12. I’m a Shia and I think we shouldn’t abuse the sahaba as:

    1) Abusing even false deities like Lord Ram and Lord Krishna’s also prohibited according to 6:108. Then how can we abuse the rulers of our own Sunni brothers.

    2) Narrated Al-Ma’rur: At Ar-Rabadha I met Abu Dhar who was wearing a cloak, and his slave, too, was wearing a similar one. I asked about the reason for it. He replied, “I abused a person by calling his mother with bad names.” The Prophet said to me, ‘O Abu Dhar! Did you abuse him by calling his mother with bad names You still have some characteristics of ignorance. Your slaves are your brothers and Allah has put them under your command. So whoever has a brother under his command should feed him of what he eats and dress him of what he wears. Do not ask them (slaves) to do things beyond their capacity (power) and if you do so, then help them.’ ” (Bukhari, Book #2, Hadith #29)
    Narrated AbuHurayrah: The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: The gravest sin is going to lengths in talking unjustly against a Muslim’s honour, and it is a major sin to abuse twice for abusing once. (Abu Da’ud, Book #41, Hadith #4859)
    (www.searchtruth.com is the reference)

    3) Imam Ali condemned when he heard his soldiers abusing their foes.

    4) We shouldn’t hurt others’ hearts as it makes God angry.

    5) The requirement of interests in not to abuse the sahaba.

    • salam,
      abusing any one is not a sign of a Muslim , but distancing ones self from wrong doers is absolutely a must, the word ‘lanat’ is not an abuse,its distancing one self from an evil doer,usurper,liar,cheat,killer,instigator of evil, Allah has asked us to distance ourself from shaytan ,in the same way we should distance ourselves from those who disobeyed the Prophet(saws).
      we distance our selves who doubted the prophet (saws) after the treaty of Hudaibiya
      we distance ourselves from the cursed one ,who spoke disrespectfully and raised his voice in the presence of the Prophet(saws) .The Quran clearly curses those who disobey /oppose the Prophet (saws).
      regarding the wife’s of the Prophet(saws), the Quran clearly lays down the conditions of how they should behave ,, and sends ‘lan ‘ on those who misbehaved, its for us to see who did what and accordingly distance ourselves from those who did things against Allahs (swt) words . wasalaam

  13. THE SHIAS DON’T FOLLOW ALI AND THE AHLULBAIT BECAUSE OF THEIR RELATION TO THE PROPHET , BUT BECAUSE THE SUCCESSORS OF THE PROPHET WERE DIVINELY APPOINTED,, so its an error to believe that the shies follow Ali because he was the prophets cousin and son in law. He was appointed by Divine order in the open oasis of Ghadeer( ghadeer al ghom) in front of a minimum of 30,000 hajis , and the first person to congratulate ALI was the second Calif umer ibn khattab. (the same is recorded in the most accepted sunni books)

  14. Plz add K.A.W with Hazrat Ali’s Name and R.A.U with all the Sahaba’s Names .This is the first thing Muslims need to learn before delving into any discussion .
    Jahan Reply
    Secondly The Prophet P.B.U.H gave His Consent when Abu Bakar R.A.U took charge of Imamat of Salat when the Beloved Prophet P.B.U.H was ill before His Wasaal
    Reply to Faisal Moiz
    Please do not compare the Sahaba’s with false deities. Hazrat Abu Bakar R.A.U Hazrat Umar R.A.U and Hazrat Usman R.A.U They are Ideal people and role models to follow including Hazrat Ali K.A.W who was the youngest Muslim accepting Islam,The Prophet’s Cousin and His Son in Law

  15. Reza Allah comes with a capital AOne writer has not use protocols with Prophets name so please learn this very basic respect .All Apostles have to be named with A.S and the Beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W with S.A.W

  16. I must sat that Muhammad Iqbal Sheikh is a very knowledgeable person .I absolutely agree with what he said JazakUllah .

  17. La ilaaha illallah
    Muhammadur Rasoolullah.
    Adherence and ultimate belief in the above mentioned lines make a person a muslim.Shias,well they do not pay importance to the second line,do they?Hence they would be classified as Non-Muslims.

  18. salam,
    firstly , Ill make sure to add (as) after the name of hazrath Ali(as), thankyou for reminding me ,
    secondly : the Prophet (saws) , took the support of Hazrath Abbas( ra) and Hazrath Ali(as) when he was informed that abu bakr(-a) was about to lead the prayers and went and led the prayers and showed the muslims he did not approve of the person leading the prayersin his palace, pl check your facts,
    also know that when sura Barrat was revealed, and abu bakr (-a) was leaving to anounce it,, Allah (sat) addressed the Prophet (saws) that either he(saws) or some one like him(saws) should go and announce it,then hazrath Ali(as) was asked to do the needful.

  19. Dear fellows we all believe in one Allah , one Prophet , one book. Lets b brothers as said by our beloved Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h). Lets live with peace and love. We do not know our ending. We should not tag others by KAFIRS. Lets shake hands for the sake of Allah. We r muslims. We are one family. We are born to b united. But some factors want to destroy our unity. Lets follOw our own belifes and respect the beliefs of our brothers. We will have to answer on the day of judgement. What we ll say then. We r born to spread love in the country. Guys plz plz plz stop all kinds of misconceptions and live like brothers.

    Allah may please with all of us.

  20. Muhammad Iqbal,

    Would you please provide a single verse or sayings of Muhammad sws which substantiates the Hazir and Nazir of Holly prophet pbuh? and a verse which proves that prophet was Just NOOR.?

  21. sony is the best

  22. Mr. AK. As far as we Muslims believe that even our holy prophet Muhammad pbuh didn’t recognise the hypocrates at that time then how would pity people like refer to a munafiq. In fact Hazrat Umer r.a. cut the heads of those khawarijs and rebels who denaid an Islamic state and Khalifa of the time but we Muslims believe they were none of Ahle Baits r.a. But those jews and hypocrate who didn’t want the advancement of muslims towards Jeroselem or Bait ul Muqaddas. Thats why Hazrat Umer r. a. was martyred including Harat Usman and Hazrat Ali r.a.

  23. Plz website owners do not allow anyone to use disprespectful words for the dearest Sahabas i-e moderate your comments or erase the disrespecttful ones secondly the Beloved Prophet S.A.W smiled when He saw Abu Bakr R.A.U leading the prayers thirdly when Abu Bakr R.A.U entered the other world and was about to be buried next to Roza E Rasool S.A.W the door of Masjid e Nabwi S.A.W opened itself to wel come Abu Bakr R.a.u .which shows the elevated status of Abu Bakr R.A.U
    .If any one has used dishonourable words for Dearest Abu Bakr R.A.U or any other Sahaba here Curse and Death to him .Allah Will take notice of that

  24. Seek apologies all who dared to use careless words for any of the Sahabas!
    Secondly Ahala E Bait definately have a very high status due to the blood relation with the Beloved Prophet S.A.W .No sunni disrespects them onl;y sunnis need to give more time to waqa i Karbela it deserves more attention then what we give it .

  25. There is really no need to argue whether Shias or Sunnis are right as both are wrong. Islam did not get the Koran from God, but copied from Talmud & Bible mainly and embellished it from old jewish fables, a bit from Hinduism & other established with some changes to show it to be different. Everything can be traced, nothing is original. They have made a mockery of god’s word by inserting fairy tales with changed names, spread Islam mainly to uneducated places through violence, hence its the only religion to propagate violence, though some use empty words of peace.

    You can argue for forever as only Satan stands for violence as muslims are, and you’ll be wrong, you will see the light at the end, when its too late. Go on scream at this, but its the truth, check if you have the courage, repent for being against god, better now than before its too late.

    • mr modi, firstly u have declared ur ignorance , petty mindedness, fascist ideology as u have not read the rig vedas and upaanishads,(they prophecise the coming of Mohaammad , his being a punya atma and the spread of his teachings) go and study them ,u will be so disillutiond in what u belivd till now

    • Mr. Modi, Islam word itself stands for peace.
      And so far as violence is considered, you have an entire epic “Mahabharat” dedicated to war & then you say that Islam teaches violence!! I do not mean to offend you but learn your religion first. The Bhavishya Puranas clearly prophecises the coming of Muhammad (PBUH).
      In fact, Muhammad (PBUH) is the actual Kalki avatar you have been waiting for! For details, check the Ph. D. thesis paper of Dr. Ved Prakash Upadhyay of BHU who is a scholar of undisputed repute. Just google his name.

      • why do you guys say Isa is Christian and the followers are christian when he is known as ISA Ale Salam in Quran and also son o Maryam Ale Saam…Soif Isa s Muslim then how can the followers be christian? Also the teaching of Isa the true Muslim was peace. One time people wanted to stone a woman for adultey So Isa asked the crowd who had stones in thier hand come forth the one who wants to caste the stone first and one man came forward and soon ISa started to write down his sins on the ground in the mud and he ran away ashamed. Then he asked again who is the next one and he started to write down the sin of each man and soon they all ran way. ISA came 600 years before Mohammed but he never killed anyone. He thought sacrifice, he thought only extreme LOVE. When you say Allah is Rehman Ar Rahim then the true reflection is only ISA Ale Salam and no one else. Mohammed and his band of friends looted the Quraish caravans. he married 28 ties and hehad concubines and he gave the same to his companions. The Pakistanis soilders raped the east Pakistanis sunnis yet they say they are Muslims….One can see in today world what the Muslims do….Muslims are blind thatthey cannot see anything. If 600 years Isa came and preached love and if 5000years before gautama Budha ame and preached love then that i relevant ….. Mohammed can never be a Loving God’s prophet. He does not have the quality of Isa Ale Salam.What is happening today in 2014 is the true reflection of Mohammed…The Arabs found oil and they became selfish. They want slaves to rok for them but they will no give citizenship or allow anyne to marrythier womn ut thy want to marry women from the world. Muslims are hypocrites and womanisers who brought Mujra into india.

  26. Sunnis put Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman as betters to Ali. Shias put Ali first. Why do Sunnis put these men first ? I also found this puzzling hadeeth by Abu Huraira “Prayer is a mandatory duty for you,and you can offer it behind any Muslim even if he is a fasiq.” ! According to this, A sinner is just as well qualified to be an Imam as a saint ! Sunni scholar and historian Zamakhshari writes ” It was the consensus of all the companions that after the death of the Prophet they had to appoint his successor immediately. They believed that doing so was more important than even to attend the funeral of their master.” ! Now I ask myself as a sunni, what would I have done? Most surely I would attend the funeral of my master first and fore mostly! I would like to challenge anyone with this – why do we follow men who cared for Prophet in his lifetime while at the moment of his death seemed to have ‘other more important plans’ ? May Allah bless us all on sitar-ul-mustaqeem. 🙂 Have a nice day.

  27. ”Surely those who divide the religion into sects and identify themselves as a sect, O Muhammad, you have nothing to do with them. Their case will be called to account by Allah Himself, He will inform them as to what they did.” Surah Al-Anam 159

  28. I am studying the religion and new to the Islam.. Many asked me If I am Muslim. I felt that the word Muslim means one who submits himself to one God. By submitting oneslef it means to adhere to all his laws..If we do not adhere to his law then we cannot proclaim to be Muslim but one is trying his best to be muslim. The prophet is loved by the Muslims but the army of Muslim massacared his grandchildren and committed all kind of atrocities with his family.One day the prophet was giving Kutaba and he saw his grandson and he was small and he fell down so he stopped the Qutba and ran towards his grandson cleaned his knees and carried him and came to the podium and continued the Qutba…Such was his love for his family..So why did the Muslim who were in the army did not commit mutiny and kill yazid instead to follow his orders. A man knows what is good and evil.. So here I am saddened to know that Muslims were responsible for this gruesome act. Now second point I am still trying to come to grip with…Allah created Adam Ale salam from the mud and the process began..After this the process was in order to be born a man and a women must conjugate and all of a sudden he changed that to only one person and that was Isa Ale salam so why Isal Ale Salam..Why did Allah SWT had to do that for Isal Ale Salam…In the Quran it says he is the word of Allah SWT…Sura Al Imran the father of Maryam Ale Salam … Then only Maryam has the title of Ale Salam among the women like all the men prophets…Sometimes we human have to focus on the messsage rather then argue on trival matters and fight…. Remember life belong to Allah and only he can give life so for human to take life is worng since human cannot bring the dead person and make him alive. Any way Muslim are killing Muslim all over in Syria, Iraq and all the places in the world.So something is gone wrong and Muslim are not able to stop this process. So I wonder if they are really Muslim or they think they are Muslim..Sometimes I think one has to earn the degree of calling himslef as Muslim and not mere word I am Muslim..just imagine beheading someone how horrible that is….The Prophet said do not destroy the trees around you and do not contaminate the water. Fight in the way of Allah and do good to the prisoners and treat them well do not torture human body as the human is the Amana of Allah..Even the person himslef is not allowed to do harm to his own body as the body belong to Allah and it is his..AMANA..I am new to Islam and my understand is way different than many..may be I am wrong How can Millions be wrong and I be diffferent…Anyway on the day of Qayama we will all stand to know what is right and wrogn and on this day we will truly know if we are muslim or not..Until that day continue with what you think is right //Salam.

  29. If one character (Iklak) is good then it equals to complete night prayer from Isha util fajr….Character is very important and all the action of human towards another human is very important…The Prophet has shown us this in many examples…

  30. I studied a lot around this subject anf finally I found the answer. You can check my weblog for mor information


    You can find enaugh evidences and proofs of Quran and Sunni’s books that reveal the fact that Shia is true Islam.

  31. Assalamoalaikum every one

  32. You forgot to mention India…India houses the second largest Muslim population after Indonesia…The deoband adopted the middle path and follow only the sunna, Hadith and the Quran..as opposed to the other like Brelwis and sufis as they do many other things like celeberating the prophets Birthday..and singing the Nath and worshipping the dead…All these are forbidden but then it will be an argument..This is the current problem in the world..By the way all sects of Muslim are safe only in one place in the world and that is INDIA…No sunni is killing the Shia and vice versa even being a hindu country..They have higer regards for humanity. I live in the west and I am a new Muslim and many new Muslim like me or friends discuss the problems facing the Muslim world. People are involved in frivilous matters and forget the main reason of being a Muslim. A true Muslim first is recognised by his deeds and action…If I write then I will be wrting a book so I would like to make it short as possible. The Prophet (Saw) said the Iklaq is very important and it equals to ones night prayer until fajr.correct me it is in this context. There are so many hadiths and when I read I udnerstand so differently and when I see my fellow Muslim brothers I feel sorry to see how little they understand the true meaning of this great religion.
    The word Muslim is an Arabic word and it means one who submit his will to one God who is known as Allah(swt)..In jewish Hebrew they call him Ellah…. What I want to sum here is that the entire relgion is about humanity and it is what we all lack today. What has happened is bickering about Sunni Shia and it is all about competition and who is the right and who is wrong and it goes on and to prove this men are ready to die and kill the other and this cycle has begun.This is not Islam at all..The prophet (saw) had to fight and which he did not really like to do it..It was thrusted on him but he said do not destroy trees do not kill women, children and fiht for the casue of Allah(swt) alone..One day a man spat on Ali (RA) and he removed his sword to slay him and then he put it back into his sheath. So someone asked him why he did not slay the man and he said If I did that then it will not be in the way of Allah(swt) but for my own anger and personal reason.. The prophet(saw) said when a person surrenders then he should not be killed but accorded the best of treatment…The prisoner must be taken care and must never be tortured..WHY..?… the reason is that Human body is Amana meaning it belongs to Allah(swt) and only Allah(swt) has the right over that body…Even sucide is not allowed or personal torture is not allowed due to this reason..So no one is allowed to torture the other human as he will be violating the law of Allah(swt)…What is happening is agianst Islam and it is sad to see how little Muslims understand Islam.
    Islam began form Adam Ale Salam and not from Prophet (saw)…Islam is the religion of Allah(swt) and the Prophet (saw) is the servant of Allah(swt)…..I want to be a servant of Allah(swt) but I have to live upto what has been given to us…Wisdom is a gift of Allah(swt) and it can be gained only by humility and love,,Remember only by HUMILITY AND LOVE..There is no such things as Shia and No such things as sunni, except Muslim and the one whose Taqwa is high is the one who is close to Allah(swt) Taqwa……..Humility and LOVE is the key to be entitled for the word MUSLIM otherwise do not call your self Muslim.. There is no such thing as Christian as Isa Ale Salam son of Maraym Ale Salam was a Muslim and so are all the prophets…correct your vocalubary and ask for wisdom.

  33. Masha Allah brother Martin.
    What a fantastic comment by u. It would be so nice if people get the essence of your message. What Muslims forget that we are a SINGLE UMMAH. There is no thing as Sunni/Shia Muslim, Deobandi/Barelvi Muslim, Ahle Hadith/Tablighi Jamaat, Indian/Arab/American Muslim, etc. etc.
    We should not be narrowed by feelings like nationalities/affiliations (political, etc.) but work together for OUR empowerment.
    Alhamdulillah Brother I am from India. Its true that Indian Muslims don’t fight over such petty issues. They have problems with each other over their interpretations of Islam but it never comes out to the other community (kaafirs) in the open. We have bigger issues to deal with like education, employment, security and Allah will help us Insha’Allah.
    would love to listen from u. Check me out on FaceBook. Nobody has the same name as mine. :-p

  34. Dear Martin,

    India was, India is and will always be an oasis of peace and tranquility. You must study deeper the reasons which make it so. From times immemorial, India has been accepting and absorbing foreign people, foreign culture, foreign ideology, foreign languages and foreign religion in its own unique way. People from other parts of the world have been confounded by this phenomenon.

    You say you are new to Islam. Please also devote some time, if you can, to Indian philosophy and thought. Please try to understand India’s contribution to spirituality, literature, astronomy, medicine, astronomy, art and science. There are many misconceptions about India and Indians in the outside world which can be laid to rest only if one attempts to understand the wonder that is India.

    Religion became an issue in India only after advent of militant Islam in the 7th century. Arab traders had been coming to India for centuries before that with many even and marrying and settling here and going about their lives peacefully.

    Please make an effort to understand when and why friction between religions began and reasons why India remains by and large a peaceful nation. You may not know that the idea of Pakistan did not exist till 1930 and it wasn’t given an official tone till 1933. Till then, from the Durand Line till the borders of Burma (now Myanmar), every citizen considered himself Indian irrespective of his religion or political affiliation. But only due to political aspirations, a national was carved on religious lines ignoring the wishes of the majority (including the Deobandis).

    By and large, people of different religions live side by side in perfect harmony. They participate in each other’s festivals and marriages and social activities. They help each other in times of need. If one hears of an occasional communal clash, it is usually due to vested political interest but is never allowed to go out of hand.

    India must be certainly doing something right from which the world can take lessons. India has a lot to offer to world peace and harmony. There only have to be takers.


  35. There is no compulsion in religion….la iqra fi deen….

  36. The best thing would be to change to the religion of Isa Ale Salam. The question of bickering and also killing will stop. To make that change one needs courage. Only intelligent people who understand the true scriptures can reason. ISa came 600 years before Mohammed and sacrifid his life and also had the power to bring back the dead. His birth is unique. His mother is only one who is Ale Salam in Quran . Sura Maryam, Sura Imran – father of Maryam. So again Isa Ale Salam is Muslim or Christian..? Ponder Isa is Muslim and so are his followers…If Isa is Muslim then te followers cannot be Christian…Think hard you bickering, hate mongering, who want tocome to the west becasue of our bickering problems of Sunni and Shia killing each other and then becoming refugee in the west and then bringing the same shit in our society.

  37. saif sir
    …..no doubt u Are absolutely right …


  38. Dear brothers, islam claims to be the most legitimate and pure religion, because it is based on the truth that all humans are equal and no human is superior to any other fellow on the basis of his lineage, only it is the taqwa which that makes difference to the eye of the God.Then i feel dumfounded upon the responce of shias when they say the leader should always be from the lineage of Hazrat Ali (R.A), denouncing the merit of a pious muslim.Doesn`t it clash with the basic truth of human equality.

  39. Dear brothers, islam claims to be the most legitimate and pure religion, because it is based on the truth that all humans are equal and no human is superior to any other fellow on the basis of his lineage, only it is the taqwa that makes difference to the eye of the God.Then i feel dumfounded upon the responce of shias when they say the leader should always be from the lineage of Hazrat Ali (R.A), denouncing the merit of a pious muslim.Doesn`t it clash with the basic truth of human equality.

  40. “By their fruits shall ye know them .” = Mathew 7:16
    ” Show me what a man does with his hands that I may know his heart” = Amish proverb.

    “There is one great God and power that has made the world and all things therein, to whom you and I and all people owe their being and well-being, and to whom you and I must one day give an account for all that we do in this world. This great God has written his law in our hearts, by which we are taught and commanded to love and help and do good to one another, and not to do harm and mischief one unto another.”
    “Let us then try what love will do.” = William Penn.

    I say the great religions of the world are united in their God and divided in their humanity.

  41. Aoa,

    I have study different point of view of the different friends, in my view if we belief on only one Allah, we also belief on prophet Muhammad and accept his all thought, than why we quarreled for the past. if Ali Rzi ullaho taalah unho not become the First Calif,later he become Calif and accepted and respected mutually by all Muslim. Than why we claimed the past.Nasim

  42. Well by reading about Islam and their sect, the conclusion is that this religion was motivated by cheap politics by his leaders. I don’t find any spirituality in the teachings of Islam. There are just few moral things added on it. But even prophet Muhammad life was not so moral and what to say about divinity which never existed in this religion. Muhammad gave instructions to make war woman as slaves. He killed many people, married to child girl and forced to people accept evil religion Islam. And we can see this same thing is going on till date. I think this false religion must be ban internationally forever. This faith can’t give spiritual growth to anyone. Totally bogas and evil religion.

  43. You are biased in your article. ‘Shia Muslims believe that Ali was the legitimate successor and eligible as the first caliph since he was the cousin and son- in- law of the Prophet’. What can you say about this?
    The Companions and the Raziyat Yawm al Khamis
    (The Calamity of Thursday)
    Briefly the story is as follows:
    The Companions were meeting in the Messenger’s house, three days before he died. He
    ordered them to bring him a bone and an ink pot so that he could write a statement for them
    which would prevent them from straying from the right path, but the Companions differed
    among themselves, and some of them disobeyed the Prophet and accused him of talking
    nonsense. The Messenger of Allah became very angry and ordered them out of his house
    without issuing any statement.
    This is the story in some details:
    Ibn Abbas said: Thursday, and what a Thursday that was! The Messenger’s pain became very
    severe, and he said, “Come here, I will write you a document which will prevent you from
    straying from the right path.” But Umar said that the Prophet was under the spell of the pain,
    and that they had the Qur’an which was sufficient being the Book of Allah. Ahl al-Bayt then
    differed and quarrelled amongst themselves, some of them agreeing with what the Prophet
    said, while others supported Umar’s view. When the debate became heated and the noise
    became louder, the Messenger of Allah said to them, “Leave me alone.”
    Ibn Abbas said: The disaster was that the disagreement among the Companions prevented the
    Messenger from writing that document for them

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