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India is known for its diversity in its people and its culture. It also has a variety of languages spoken and written by its people to communicate with each other. Two of the most known Indian languages are Tamil and Hindi.

Both Tamil and Hindi are classified as Indian languages. They belong to the different linguistic families. Hindi is classified under the Indo-European linguistic family. It is further classified into Indo-Aryan, Central Family, Western Hindi, Khamboli, Hindustani, and Standard Hindi. Hindi is traditionally written in Devanagari Script.

Hindi is one of the official languages of India. The other official language is English since the implementation of Hindi as the language of governance is an on-going process. Aside from being the official language of the country, Hindi is also considered the official language of its nine states and the co-official language in other states.

As an official language of India, Hindi is taught in many areas in the country. Many Hindus abroad also speak it. This infers that there are more people or native speakers of Hindi. The latest figure is 160 million excluding those who speak Urdu.

Tamil, on the other hand, belongs with the Dravidian language and is written in the Tamil script. Tamil is one of the four Dravidian languages that also include: Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam. It is the oldest of the four languages.

In addition, Tamil also enjoys a very long history. It has been in existence for more than 2,000 years. This makes Tamil the oldest and longest surviving classical languages in the world.

Hindi is commonly spoken by people in the North and Central India, whereas Tamil is spoken by the people in the Indian State of TamilNadu and Pondicherry, an Indian Union territory. Aside from India, it is also spoken in Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, and Mauritius.

In India, Tamil is only official in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. In other areas, it is one of the minority languages as well as 1 of the 22 classified languages. In addition, Tamil enjoys the status of being the first language to be given the classical status.

In terms of numbers, according to the latest statistics, the language is spoken as a native language of 65 million people.

Tamil also refers to the people who speak the Tamil language and their culture.



  1. Both Tamil and Hindi are Indian languages spoken by the Hindu people. However, there are many differences between the two.
  2. Both languages came from different language families. Hindi came from the Indo-European linguistic family while Tamil is a descendant of the Dravidian languages. Hindi is written in the Devanagari script while Tamil uses its own distinctive script.
  3. Hindi enjoys the status as being one of the official languages of the country. It is also an official language in many states as well as the co-official language in the remaining states. It is widely used by the people particularly in the North and Central India. Its native speakers are more than half of the Tamil native speakers. On the other hand, Tamil also enjoys the status as an official language in the state of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. It is also spoken in other foreign countries.
  4. Tamil is much older compared to Hindi. It is the oldest of the Dravidian languages and one of the longest and long-lasting languages in the world.  In addition, it is regarded as one of the classical languages in India.
  5. Aside from being a descriptive term for a distinctive language, Tamil is also referred to for the people who speak it. On the other hand, there is no counterpart for the Hindi language except for the national identity of Hindu.

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  1. There are few mistakes in your
    1. Tamil is not one of the 4 dravidian languages, it is 1 of the 21 dravidian languages spoken today kindly Google it for more info the list and distribution map. You will be surprised!
    2. Hindi speakers are not known as Hindus as they mearly make a percentage of the total Hindu population. They are known by their state and no common name. Hindi cannot solely represent Hinduism, to your serprise Hinduism is practised in different ways among the Tamils and Hindi speakers, gods have different versions and some gods are more a part of the Tamil culture an language(lord muruga is known as the Tamil god around the world). Its a huge topic on the differences, the reasons and the evidences. If u want to know more abt it for kindly email me.

    • Hai

      Tamil is the oldest language while compare to all the languages and from tamil derived telugu and kannada and malayalam and also sanskrit also

      so you need to learn more

      • Sorry bro…. telugu is not derived from tamil… it is 90% taken from Sanskrit.. none of the tamil and telugu words are same then how come you say it is a derivation from tamil… most of Sanskrit and telugu words are pronounced same

        • Hello what kind of joke you telling to us may be the people dnot know history you can tell the but not to tamil we know us history

        • Ya you are right but sanskrit is derived from tamil and telugu is derived from sanskrit so for you peoples sanskrit is your mother and tamil is your grandmother.

          • Epic reply ✌️

          • Do you think loan words alone decide the language it is derived from? Things from The way sentences are farmed to places names to letters make decide the language it belongs to. The researchers are not fools to classify telugu under the same as Tamil language family. Yes there are lots of sanskrit loan words that doesn’t mean it’s derived from sanscrit. Who taught you that lie. Except for the loan words the basic structure and the basic everyday words of telugu are all deformed tamil just as kanada. Ra is a deformed version of VA, yemi is from yenna, repu means night its ravu in tamil and all places ending with pattinam as in visakapattinam, ooru, patti, karanai, yeri sounds are all tamil names. I can keep going on and on. It is really a disgrace to not know your own origin so do your research bro. You should travel more maybe then you will know.

          • Okay, we can coclude that Tamil is a mother of languages, and Sanskrit is a step mother of languages. It is our mother tongue, not a grand mother tongue.

        • You are right but Sanskrit is derived from Tamil,telungu is also a sub language of tamil

      • You fool Dravidian languages are not divided from Tamil

        • tamil , telugu , kannada , malayalam etc are major dravidian languages . there are others like gondi , kuyi , kuruk , etc. totalling 21 languages. of all these tamil is the purest ( least influenced by sanskrit or other languages ) one and has the oldest extant literature .

        • Y all other parts of India, really no one getting dowry, what a comparision, when we talk about languages. So there are more terrorist who predominantly speaks hindi, one can see in the world.

      • Sanskrit and Tamil have an history of 5000 years only Chinese has history of 6000.

    • Sivan, Parvathi, Vinayagar is a Tamil God created for the world.
      Murugan is a Tamil God created for the Tamils. Tamil is way more older than you mentioned. At least more than 10000 years old. It’s one of the first human civilization.

    • Tamil is a specific language
      After the creation of other languages only our Tamil language became as Dravidian language


  3. Sivan, Parvathi, Vinayagar is a Tamil God created for the world.
    Murugan is a Tamil God created for the Tamils. Tamil is way more older than you mentioned. At least more than 10000 years old. It’s one of the first human civilization.

  4. Hi,
    Tamil language is considered as one of the oldest language in the world, it’s even considered as the mother language, in that way you cannot compare Tamil language with another languages if you remove foreign words from other languages they can’t be last long, but if you remove foreign words from Tamil language it can have its own words , Tamil literature is developed before thousands of years , all the Hindi speakers can’t become Hindus they just make a part of Hinduism …
    In Tamil literature before thousands of years it’s written that “slice the atom into two parts , .. Sail over the seven seas ..” How did people know about atom ,and seven seas in the world before thousands of years without any modern technology that was written by a Tamil poetess named Avvaiyar ,…. Google it … To find more interesting about Tamil ..

  5. Tamil originated way beyond our imagination……have you heard of kumarikandam?? The lost continent and tamils to be the first civilization on human history…..plz dont compare any other language to tamil

  6. Worst language I ever heard

  7. Both Tamil and Hindi are Indian languages spoken by the Hindu people. However, there are many differences between the two.

    Are you sure its only spoken by hindu people?

  8. Hindi is not a official language of India. All languages in India or equal. Search this on google

  9. Hindi is not the official language of India Hindi is for pakistan Tamil is the official language of India in years to come so all indian citizen learn the tamil language

  10. Excuse me madam… this the wat ur hindi language taught u to talk shit about other language. Tamil is a golden and classical languge and 1st language of the world… our languge has it real script and not copied like hindi from sanskrit. Our languge is special that it is up in the sky that it cannot be compared to language below it. We dont want taj mahal… if any wealthiest country can build 100 taj mahals if they want.. but no rich countries can built successfully tamilians monuments and temples. My language taught me to give respect to all languge but if anyone disrespects our languge wat we can do is also taught.. i am quit small in age to teach u this but knowledgeable that u in 100 ways respect all languge
    Proud to be tamilachi

  11. Mridula, first of all learn how to talk to others whom u think disobeys your dharma or religion or culture. It will help u to analyse your character and others based on your religion and whatsoever u biased.r

  12. Am a Nigerian and I will like to learn the Tamil language bcoz my boss speaks the same language and he is a very good man.
    Please he ow can I learn it?

  13. All Indian languages are like sisters. As one respects own mother but never disrespect other women like that languages must be treated. Hindi is the youngest of all Indian languages. Youngest of the family is loved by all elders.

  14. Tamil is the oldest language in the world as many archeological pieces of evidence have proven this. Why Sanskrit is shown as India’s oldest language? Please change it to Tamil.
    Tamil is not Dravidian language there is not a word Dravidian in history it was uttered by some political party dravida kalagam in earlier 1950s so no dravidian language .Tamil is the origin for all languages as per the history for more than 50000 years

  15. tamil , telugu , kannada , malayalam etc are major dravidian languages . there are others like gondi , kuyi , kuruk , etc. totalling 21 languages. of all these tamil is the purest ( least influenced by sanskrit or other languages ) one and has the oldest extant literature and can exist by itself and flourish with enough root words to form any number of new words .

  16. Please advice on Tamil culture when getting married what does the brides family has to do in terms of dowry

  17. Oh my god, Sanskrit is not derived from Tamil, Tamil was its own language and then it got “Sanskritisised” later. Get your facts straight

  18. AND, there is no evidence to prove Tamil is the oldest language (because for many generations no accounts or things in our language was written down) so please don’t pretend like you know everything. And linguists and stuff don’t write about this topic, cuz WHO CARES. Just cuz Tamil is older….? It doesn’t mean your language is superior to anybody else’s. It doesn’t mean that your race was older (and anyway it isn’t). Nobody gains anything from this so IT DOESN’T MATTER if Tamil is the oldest or not.

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