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Kannada and Tamil are among the 22 national languages listed in the Constitution of the Republic of India. They are similar languages and have descended from the Dravidian family of languages.


Kannada is a South Dravidian language which is spoken by people of the Karnataka state of the Republic of India. Its alphabets are developed from the Kadamba and Chalukya scripts. These scripts are believed to be originated from the old Brahmi script. The Kannada language has resemblances to the Malayalam and Tamil language rather than Telugu in script and language. Kannada has influences from Sanskrit. According to some scholars, Kannada and Tamil developed as independent languages soon after their origin from the  Proto-Tamil-Kannada sub-group nearly about the 5th and 6th centuries B.C. Influences of other languages such as Pali and Prakrit can also be seen in the Kannada language. The earliest example of a Kannada language can be seen in the stone inscription containing Brahmi characters with characteristics of Proto-Kannada. The Kannada script can be found in a Halmidi inscription dating back to 450 C.E. indicating it being the administrative language of that time.


Tamil, a Dravidian language, is spoken predominantly by Tamilians, people of Tamil Nadu, a state in the Republic of India. It is the official language of Tamil Nadu and union territory of Pondicherry. This language is also the official language of Singapore and Sri Lanka. It is among 1 of the 22 recognized languages of India and declared as a classical language by the government of India in 2004. It is also spoken in Malaysia and Mauritius by a sizable section of people and also spoken by emigrants all over world. It is the world’s longest surviving classical language. It has some of the richest literature in the world existing over 2,000 years. The earliest period of its literature is dated from 300 BCE-300CE. The earliest two manuscripts of the Tamil language from India have been registered by UNESCO. Most inscriptions found by the Archaeological Survey of India are in the Tamil language. The closest relative of Tamil is Malayalam. Until the 9th century, Malayalam was the dialect of Tamil, and the process of separation into a separate language was not completed until sometime in the 14th century.


  1. Kannada is spoken by the majority in Karnataka while Tamil is spoken in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry in India. Tamil is the official language in Sri Lanka, Singapore, and Malaysian countries also.
  2. Both languages resemble the Malayalam language, but Tamil is closer than Kannada to Malayalam and has been a dialect of the Tamil language until the 9th century.
  3. The Kannada language is influenced by the Pali and Prakrit languages while Tamil is influenced by Dravid and Sanskrit.
  4. Kannada is written in Kannada script while Tamil is written in Tamil script.

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  1. dear friends’
    kannada is good language because old tamil word is still people are using it,that is (kannada=60%(old tamil)+40%sankrit) because i know kannada and tamil and i will give few example you will easily understand

    for example:
    kannada root(old tamil)
    angidi anggadi
    pesuru(old kannada) peyaru or peyar
    aduge aduppu
    unnu(north karnataka) unanu(food)
    you may think is it true? this true only because this is not happend 100 year before,this is happen 1500 year ,
    still keep on increase this words that i told you 60% i can give so please love language and what is telugu(50%(old tamil)+50%sankrit) and
    malayalam(80%old tamil+20%sankrit)

    still doubt arrises you can mail me and i will mail you regarding proof and
    my id rpt1suresh@gmail.com

    • ^^ I initially laughed at your %ge calculations!
      Do not write whatever you think! By that rule I can say Tamil uses 80% kannada words and that is why it is good!
      All languages are equal. Understand that thing and do not pull down any language. Show some respect and dignity towards other languages!

      • @karthik.
        U bleddy idiot..
        tamil is da oldest language for dravidians and how come tamil uses kannada words. u kannada under us only check in wiki pedia u fool.

        • You are bloody fucker. Who said Tamil is the oldest language. Tamil is the language of barbarians

        • Mind your tongue you son of tamil. Do not underestimate other languages. If Tamil is great that is for you. Shut your mouth and mind your own business instead of poking your nose in others’ business. And learn English properly. You “Bloody”.

        • Check properly
          Kannada was not seperated from Tamil directly.
          first it was proto-tamil-kannada language.
          First Kannada got seperated.
          Lastly Tamil formed.
          Ok I agree Tamil is old but don’t make urself great.
          Show me similarity properly.
          Even Kannada has similar to sanskrit. And also Tamil has.

        • Kannada language is also oldest language in the world kannada language is also 5000 years old halmidi script is proof and kannada, tamil, Sanskrit this three languages age is same 5000 years and this three languages are the world oldest language ok

        • Kannada language is also oldest language in the world kannada language is also 5000 years old halmidi script is proof and kannada, tamil, Sanskrit this three languages age is same 5000 years and this three languages are the world oldest language ok.

    • Pl. keep this nonsense to yourself. You neither know kannada or tamil langauge history. First learn and comment here.

    • Listen Son of a Tamil (Begger), don’t yap so much about your uncivilized people’s Tamil language. First of all you Kongrus don’t even know your ancestral root or origin of where you came from. Some of you say, you came from Mid-East Africa and some of you say you come from a submerged continent, and many of you don’t even agree that you are Indians or behave like one. But whatever maybe, the submerged continent of yours doesn’t seem real though, your ancestors are 100% not Indians. So I don’t know how you language got the classical status in India :O

      • Tamil is mother of all languages, its the classical language in the world only alive now, its the only language which found many countries. There no mixed any other languages in tamil. Technology and culture is very much fluent in tamil nadu at the year of BC 500. And not known exact year of tamils birth, it may be in bc 10000 to bc 5000.

      • First of all , you should understand what is an original statement that declared by world standard organization about classical language like UNESCO then you may comment boldly.

      • Who are uncivilized go and see keezhadi research we are more far than you. we are respecting Kannada but mind your words. We are not hiding our true name like you

      • Kannada people were forest dwelling backward people when tamil people were in cities and civilised kannada people never know till recently what is gold their names were kuppaih sambrani etc very backward names they never used oil to take care of hair they saw tamil people and learned kannada is 50% tamil and 50% sanskrit
        If sanskrit words taken out kannada is not a language at all even now a word used in tamil for being backward is karnatakam most of the above is not my words but of kambar a great poet of Tamil who lived long ago
        Today kannada people may be trying to show they are very forward by ladies drinking in bars and pubs wearing western outfits I feel they should preserve culture not pub culture

    • Do you agree that there are many Sanskrit words and Sanskrit based words in Tamil used even now, not only in litertaure

    • its not exactly 60 % but 59.652%

    • Y it may be like this (tamil=kannada 70%+Sanskrit 30% ) in example u given unnu that was taken tamiliyans in kannada

      • If we people take that 20% Sanskrit also my language can survive but not urs…. And that’s why its been recognized as classical language … We have different numbering systems which other languages in world don’t have… With out any language help Tamil can survive.. That’s y it’s still living and flourishing… In India everyone accepts the truth.. But you kannadiga are always the one who supports for Sanskrit but not tamil… You people are jealous about tamil.. Don’t think this way Tamils are coming for work to your state so they are barbarians.. You should know the history and speak… Before your Vijayanagar Empire who ruled your south karnataka you should know…. If you want to know these things go to somanatha temple a Shiva temple at BTM layout @ Bangalore…and many ancient temples here……. We don’t speak in wrong that underestimating other languages… Mean while you people should know the truth and respect others first.. Have humanity first and then speak…

        • Ever heard of kadamba empire .
          First to use local language to its administration level as kannada language.
          Before that everyone were using sanskrit and Prakrit.

      • Kannada Shakespeare
        You bloody hell.

  2. U bloody
    ur dabba tamil language don’t has different letters for vargeeya vyanjanas, eg. thamil, dhamil both words uses same letter for tha and dha,. U tamilans don’t have capacity to moderate ur tongue to speak different vargeeya vyanjanas.
    The one n only language of the world which can be used to write any type of word of any language is kannada.

    • Kannada is the best language. It is mother of all dravid languages.

      • We are not a barbarian gentleman man before argue with us study about UNESCO statement else kindly quite yourself.
        You can check it from India today article,
        Even in a Harvard university we have chair Inc. Canada prime minister will speak in tamil, in Singapore -malaiysia-srilanka gives the respect for us except like you. Do you know in this world only one man was a president as well scientist until now (barbarian) missile man

    • U bloddy kannadigas are living more number in Tamil nadu and andhra pardesh we people donot abuse or hurt that u are from karnataka or kannadiga ,u people are shameless to say these things and moreover we are the Dravidan family….

      • Hello boss, come down to Bangalore once and see how many ungrateful tamilians stay with all the facilities being enjoyed. You ask to quench the endless thirst of your 3rd crop of the year while there’s no water for drinking purposes here in Karnataka and plus you send tons of tamil people to Bangalore. We offer you food, shelter and jobs, and don’t beg in turn. Mind it.

        • When did the Konga become boss for you Karthik?

        • Do u offer from ur pocket.. Or are we eating without doing any work… Anna pls never tell like we r sitting and eating ur wealth without working hard. Both tamil n Kannada should respect other languages and show our motherland greatfullness. Nanu tamil adhre odhitthu Kannada medium school nalli.. Adhike am happy that I know the values of both languages. Navu yellaru manusharu, amelene indhiyaru kanadigaru tamilnawru…yare…

      • Tamil Bugger, both Adhras and Kannadigas together amount to only 20% in you dirty shit Konga nadu (Tamil nadu). You know better how Tamil craps live in Karnataka. These days even the stray dogs have gotten lesser. Something should be done to save the dogs and ward off you tamils back into you state. Who are those useless Kannadigas staying in dirty TN. Send them back, we shall keep them in borders here for having touched an inauspicious Tamil land and come.

        • Lo Appata Gaandu mind your words , every body becomes Raj kumar online if you gave guts and born to single father come and say this crossing the border .online nalli gandasu thana thorisbedvo shenda shikandi

      • Look who is talking,kannadigas are working in AP and TN..Tamil people are surviving just acting on street road.no matter that how old language you have,matter is in languge purity, you don’t have a proper script like Kannada languge and Kannada has a 99 percent pure grammer meaning then Tamil languge.

      • Give me ur number. Serupu pinjirum

    • Then why don’t you leave English and use Kannada , Kari Gowda nan magne don’t spoil the name of kannada

    • A great Comedy… My language was first written by Lord Shiva and given to Agathya if you see…. My ancestors had avoided certain alphabets… Tamil is a scientific language… You can ask any linguistic persons…. We have 246 letters and one Ayda letter ஃ ….tha and dha placed in a word with same alphabet has a phonetics in it.. First you should learn my language before speaking in to it

  3. All tamil b*****ds are admins in this site and they delete all the posts by others. Bloody Anti-Nationals. You all will suffer for this. Just watch out!

  4. All tamilians are selfish and ego minded ! They dont know to give respects to other languages ! They think that they are the bigshot but the truth is no one in indian bothers about them

  5. Tamil and kannad branched out of kannada-tamil. Both has same mother. We should stop calling tamil is the oldest language but collectively proto-dravidian language is the oldest language.
    See this link. This theory is given by linguistic people.
    Dravidian does not have inclussive mindset. Thats why we are struggling to prove our legacy.

  6. kannada is mother of tamil
    because some of the words in tamil are directly derived out of kannada for ex.

    UKKARU is a tamil word which is derived from KOORU WHICH IS A KANNADA WORD.
    we call it as vovalization dialect. ther are many
    LOKA( kannada) -ILAKKU(tamil)

    • In Tamil sitting is noted,written and spoken in different ways…. In pure tamil or old tamil it is called AMARUTHAL, UTKAARTHAL, KUITHAL, KUTTHAL….

      AND TAMIL GRAMMAR IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT ., YOU PEOPLE FIRST STOP SAYING THAT YOU ARE ONLY GREAT….. SOMEONE SAID ABOUT GANGA DYNASTY AND PANDIYANS AND ALL… WE HAVE WRITTEN EVIDENCE FOR OUR GRAMMERS WHICH WAS WRITTEN 15000 YEARS AGO.. WE CAN SHOW YOU THAT… WHAT DO YOU HAVE MAN..??? AND YOUR CHALUKYAN KING VIMALADHITAN AND PULIKESHI WAS DEFEATED MANY TIMES BY OUR CHOLA KINGS …ONCE king VIMALADHITAN realised his mistake and married the daughter of great king RAJA RAJA CHOLAN….. YES we wander around the world because we are Humnas and my ancestors have told I’m many places in ancient liteartures…. World is ours and all peoples are your kith and kins… Still lots of kannadiga are living in this dirty TN only and many Telugu people too.. ask them how they are treated they living here as humans with all rights…. But not like you kannadiga… You also won’t live.. And won’t let others to live…. And again someone told.. You people don’t have water for drinking..!!! Is that your asset.. That’s a public property… Belongs to all and if you see carvery runs long in Tamilnadu only including11 agricultural districts..we don’t ask water for drinking or bathing it’s for agriculture… World still survives because of agriculture….amongst You people there are are tons of people who are really kind and caring and loving too…. We Thamizhans also know to do violence of there is any thing that has held against us.. Battle is like bread and butter for since ancient.. This world knows that…. I’m writing this from my deep mind and kind heart…. You people can kill us but u can enter TN and you will be provided good shelter and respect also… That’s the mindset of TN people… We are proud about our culture and language which truly independent…. Everything is because of Sanskrit.. This clash between Sanskrit and Tamil is persisting still 5000 years.. How long you people can beat us and betray us…. There will be a day where you people will know about the truth…. Long live…. My best wishes with love…

      • Sorry Vijayanagara Kings defeated many times and the proper literature is not found in Tamil comparatively to Kannada and if Tamil is literature has the stuff that it should get gnyanapeeta awards were is it . So the main thing is that according to Vedas Kannada was found in Mahabharata and Lord Shiva’s shivapurana also says it

      • Even u don’t respect hindi languge. karnataka is only state in South India that allow for all type of languages including u beggers.we even teach Tamil,telagu ,hindi,marati in schools for the children who came from other state. Thats because Kannada is less in Bangalore .First u respect national languge idiots.

    • Balls

  7. Hello brothers why fight with us ours in between just different language issues only just we have to think y our words something same as that people maybe we are before brothers ? Like that just think la

  8. Dear Tamil brothers, without knowing Kannada properly don’t come to conclusion that tamil is the oldest living language both the languages is having rich culture if you want to know proper explanation read history of Gangas & Pandiyans Vijayanagara empire & veera ballala Madurai Sultan properly then you people will get the correct answer

  9. Dear Kannada & Tamil brothers

    I am a Tamil from Srilanka who has visited the southern India recently including Tamilnadu and Karnataka. Although I agree with our Tamil brothers on this forum when they talk about Tamil language’s antiquity etc. I also find Kannada as a very closely related language to Tamil and in that respect I will have hesitation in learning Kannada or speaking it.

    Many people in Andhra spoke in Tamil when they realised that we are not familiar with Telugu and I find Tamils in Tamilnadu also seemed to treat Telugu and Malayalam speaking people as their close relatives. Unfortunately the bonhomie that exists between Tamils, Telugus and Malayalis doesn’t seem to exist between Kanndigas and Tamils. Although they are not overtly hostile there is no personal affection between these two groups unlike the other three groups of Dravidians mentioned above.

    In fact I was very sad to observe this. I therefore urge our Kannda bothers to build close friendship with us Tamils with in India and outside for our greater common good. With a lot of Love and respect for our Kannada bothers

    from A Srilankan Tamil brother.

    • Bro, I am from Bangalore , Karnataka.
      If you have visited Bangalore u would have noticed that everyone here respect every language.
      Everyone can speak Tamil, Telugu, hindi , English and there are many people that they don’t know Kannada and they can live easily.
      When I visited cheenai.
      Except Tamil there no other languages that heard.
      Even I heard from my friends that people make you to speak Tamil.

  10. Correction: I will have no hesitation in learning Kannada or speaking it

  11. Why you guys fighting like India and Pakistan. Guys at last we are all human beings, there is no barriers for language. Its really a ugly fight and please remember we all live in India and we are indians. Guys please stop fighting. Every language and state has its own respect. There are so many kannadigas married to Tamil Nadu and Tamilians to karnataka. It’s these political people mistake that today we are fighting for cauvery. There is no understanding between both states political leaders.. We have to question them instead of fighting among ourselves. No one giving to shelter to anyone anywhere. Everyone living with their own talents. Please remember this. Stop fighting.

  12. We south Indians fight among ourself in our own country, just imagine there are so many people of kannada, Tamil, telugu, all over India lives in abroad, how they could be treated in other countrie. Why there is no unity among ourselves. Our army serving for us day and night near the LOC. Aint they working together.. Oh my god why so much of enemity between us.. Guys please change, if same thing continues, there will be a day will not have place to live in our own country independently.

  13. Both Tamil And Kannada or any language people…who are fighting for their languages prides have ever tried to help their same community poor people who r equal in counts in all states. Try to help ur community’ s people with this same anger n garva saying there should be no poor in my community then automatically all others will respect ur language and will die to be slave for ur language for both tamil N Kannada n modi Hindi community n all who ever does that.( hope even if my english s wrong a bit I made clear with my point of view)

  14. Human Settlements were there on both the sides of the boundaries even before re-organsation of states based on SriRamulu’s Upavaasa.

    Language is a dynamic entity .It can be used with as much sophistication as required based on whether it is needed or not. So flourish your own languages .If you ‘alone’ know both the languages get Jnanapeeth awards in every possible language. Collect as many words from neighbouring states and use it freely to enrich your ‘meaning’ as was done at the time of refining any language right from its antiquity!!!

  15. Even in a Harvard university we have chair Inc. Canada prime minister will speak in tamil, in Singapore -malaiysia-srilanka gives the respect for us except like you. Do you know in this world only one man was a president as well scientist until now (barbarian) missile man . you should learn about UNESCO statement then you may beat us.
    As a research ,I can discover a new type drug (medicine) to leave the tamil people as a immortal human in this world dont try to disturb the lio (tamilan) else we will ready face anything physically else in tricky mind

  16. We all are Dravidians…We should fight with Hindi and other Aryan language’s…But whatBis this fighting in our families….
    I’m from Karnataka .

    • No need to fight for languages, compared to english we have old literatures that resembles the way of life – every indian languages has that – each specializes at some beautiful ways – so if you learn a language learn the history – then you understand no language is greater than one another – all language born for a purpose. each has to speak about greatness and speciality that will be useful for other language speaking people not to push them down.

      Peace loving indian

  17. My god, all above topic is good when it comes in comments devre neene e bumina kaapadbeku,

  18. The comment section is pure cancer..

  19. Tamil is influenced by dravidan and Sanskrit?? Do you have any proof? Initially u told that Tamil script found during 300BCE then how you comparing it with Sanskrit which get script from Pali that too after 1cE..?? Tamil is classical language which means it doesn’t need any other language support.. but Kannada is not like that it’s mixture of Tamil and Prakrit

  20. I like tamil I am a Tamilan Tamil is great

  21. Early tamils do not encourage ego or fight.then why you are arguing. so let you all leave your ego and we are indians.what you will get by making them accepting that your language is best? I think you should learn ‘thirukkural’ thoroughly.

  22. Yaathum oore yaavarum kelir anbe engal ulaga thatuvam is said in tamil do you tamils remember this? If you remember you won’t scold kannadigas If you forget you won’t have right to tell you as tamilian

  23. Do we got independence from British for this language war? There are millions of people living without food do the warriors of language remember that

  24. No one languge is perfect in the world,if anyone argues one language is perfect then answer me why that languge isnt worldwide

    • Nobody chose his face , race, place of birth or language he speaks. But we are fortunate to be born into Sanathana Dharma and follow a common culture. Let’s celebrate this common factor and respect our diversity.

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