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Tamil vs Telugu
Tamil and Telugu are Dravidian languages that are spoken in the southern states of India. Tamil is spoken in Tamil Nadu and Telugu in Andhra Pradesh. There are a number of differences between these two languages. The Indian Government declared Tamil a classical language in 2004. It is the only Dravidian language that has this classical status.

The Tamil language is considered to be the oldest of all Dravidian languages. It is known to have existed more than two thousand years ago. Sangam literature, which is considered to be earliest era of Tamil literature , is dated between 3 BC and 3 AD. The earliest Telugu inscription can be dated back to 575 AD and has been attributed to Renati Cholas. It was in the tenth century AD that Telugu literature began.

The influence of the Sanskrit language can be widely seen in the Telugu language whereas the Tamil language has not been much influenced by it. In grammar, the Tamil language has its own grammatical structure whereas the influence of Sanskrit is clearly evident in the Telugu language.

There are also significant differences in the scripts of the two Dravidian languages. Tamil has one special character aytam, 12 vowels and 18 consonants. In Telugu, there are 41 consonants, 16 vowels and three vowel modifiers. Almost all the Telugu words end in a vowel sound.

While a lot of Sanskrit words have been adopted in the Telugu language, the Tamil language has adopted words from Malay, Munda, Greek, Chinese, Urdu, Persian, Marathi and Arabic. 


  1. The Tamil language is considered to be the oldest of all Dravidian languages.
  2. The Indian Government declared Tamil a classical language in 2004. It is the only Dravidian language that has this classical status.
  3. The Tamil language is considered to be the oldest of all Dravidian languages.
  4. The Tamil language is known to have existed more than two thousand years ago. Sangam literature, which is considered to be earliest era of Tamil literature , is dated between BC 3 and AD 3.
  5. The earliest Telugu inscription can be dated back to 575 AD and has been attributed to Renati Cholas.
  6. The influence of Sanskrit can be widely seen in the Telugu language whereas Tamil has not been influenced by it much.
  7. There are also significant difference in the scripts of the two Dravidian languages.

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  1. why tamil will adopt words from Malay, Munda, Greek, Chinese, Urdu, Persian, Marathi and Arabic being one of the richest and oldest languages of the world. this is really crazy

    • What do you mean by richest.
      Oldest makes sense for Tamil. Because still it is old, not fit for 100% clear communication.

      The basis purpose of language is good communication. Tamil miserably fails in that. Some simple examples are, if I write ‘Kanti’ in tamil and show it to any tamilian, they read it as ‘Gandhi’; ‘Bapu’ as ‘Babu’, the list is endless.

      If I write something, the other person should exactly read what I meant without a change in pronounciation. then only it is a good medium of communication.

      Tamil may (!?) be the Oldest, but still it is old (not really developed). Oldest alone can not make Tamil as great. What is the point is self-praising, if the language can not meet its basic purpose.

      • In Tamil also one can write ‘Kanti’ ,Bapu’ exactly as it is,but that is wrong according to tamil grammar,tats y we are writing like tat.

        • Tamil needs modification.I see many tamilians can not pronounce Telugu English and Hindi properly.May be it is script problem.As a South Indian I feel all South Indian languages should adopt Telugu script for better prounuciation and easy communication.

          • Lol childish man

          • But speaking Telugu is sounds like bad words

          • Crap, Telugu itself has no scripture.
            Telugu and kanada adopted to kadamba inscription.

            Tamil, language defined vowels and consonents very properly.

            Tamil literaly splits all sounds and denotes with a letter.

            Tamil properly accumulates or divids those letter in order to produce self descriptive words. No other languages has this property

            Tamil க – ka, ga, kha, gha ( root sound is same ). Tamil removed this unwanted sound replication letters
            And reduces letters

            Tamil says vowels as soul letters consonent as body letter and together
            Complete form of body and soul letters. No other languages represent letters like this.

            There are lot of grammatical rules beautifully defined in tamil. Other languages can not have.

            Tamil language is so emotional language very expensive using tamil we can say anything tamil has rich set of words which no language has.

            What is there in telugu. If we sanskrit words from telugu . It will collapse. Telugu mostly influenced by sanskrit.

          • Just to show our language well stop dominanting other People’s language. Did Tamil teach you all to disrespect other languages? Wow great. Furthermore I’m a Mixed Telugu and Tamil. But I found that Only Tamil people are talking rich and showing off their language but the other doesn’t. This sometimes make me to feel that Tamilians are actually seeking attention by saying theirs is the oldest language.. Now history all has been a bullshit. We don’t even know which one is true and which on is false. As long as the God itself came here to justify we ould never knowok.. So stop disrespecting other’s language and religion.

          • Supersuper

          • Hello sir….it shud be alrite for us for not pronounce Telugu…Hindi…English correctly as Tamils are not native of that languages….and Tamils also dont expect you to pronounce Tamil correctly…just make sure you pronounce your language correctly….

          • Modification with using Sanskrit…? Like how u guys did for Telugu….ha ha ha….instead of adopting Telugu…we will adopt Sanskrit directly….

          • Tamils go to any length to prove their language is the oldest and document this false narrative in wikipedia and every where. For example Telugu script (Nagabu) on stone inscription was found in Bhatti prolu in AP which dates back to 400 BC same as Tamil. In 4 BC Megasthnese mentioned the Andhras having big military power.How could Andhras mange/work without a developed language? simply it is not possible Itareya Brahmanas (700BC) mentions of Andhras. Lack of evidence of Telugu inscriptions of before christ is not the evidence of absence.

      • Tamil is a well developed language.. its not only the oldest but also original.. Unlike Hindi which has its persian roots.. taken bits and pieces from Arabic, urdu and sanskrit.

        Tamil has updated vocabulary in all the Fields – Physics chemistry and so on.. Even many other languages have borrowed words from tamil.. that is the richness of it.

        Do a research, read the history books, search and the world libraries or whatever research you wanted to do.. Tamil is still the oldest and living language of India..and one of the rich and oldest languages in the world..

        without knowing the facts don’t comment..on the page..

        For computer: Tamil word is kanini

        Hindi still using many english words..so it is not well developed.. i respect oriya for its classical past.. Sanskrit..for its noble richness..unlike Hindi..which doesn’t have any of this.. its complete nonsense to put down tamil.. without knowing the facts.

        • Every language is important in itself. Every language has its own soul….so instead of pointing each other..we should be proud that we are living in a diverse country with different cultures.
          Respect every language whether it is Hindi,Tamil,Sanskrit,Telugu or any other.
          If you don’t know anything about hindi plz don’t comment on that. Before commenting its better to know about that language….then you will come to know about the richness of language concerned.
          lastly, Sorry if my views hurt you…coz i don’t mean that.
          Hope you understand

        • Only the Telugu language is richest and sweetest language in all languages of INDIA. And as well as Hindi also very sweetest language in India.

          These both languages are very much sweetest to listen as well as to speak.

          In fact both of them sounds good.

          But Tamil language sounds very Bad.

          • Telugu and Hindi words sound so bad! They sound like fart sounds! Tamil is the sweetest language in the whole world! And many foreign language experts have also said that! Don’t talk out of jealously against our language!I can smell you’re stomach burning from afar!

          • You must see a psychiatrist.

          • Desha Bhashalandu Telugu Lessa‘One of thr foreigner.
            Circa 1400-1500 AD, Niccolò de’ Conti, a renowned merchant and explorer travelled across the world towards south-east Asia. He then chanced upon Telugu people and immediately noticed the vowel-ending similarly in the language and then coined the term for Telugu as ‘Italian of the East’, because in the west – this property is possessed by Italian.
            So before saying anything about telugu. Google about it.

          • Sweetest language is Bengali

        • They found tamil language first thats why they called its old then otherlanguages. But sanskrit, telugu, hindu, etc existed too. But whoever found them they found tamil first thats it. Tamil is not oldest language. Its just found first from all other languages.

          • Really, in all comments you are correct 100%.

            To prove particular language is oldest language, now the stupids are asking for evidence like books or material object text.

            This is not correct, as we are a bharatians we dont depend on texts because it leads violence (because from the acient period we have nuclear weapons – evidence mahabharathmahabaratam – evidence scientists of americans and russians discovered vimana advanced weapon by air no need of artificial power uses natural, unfortunately this in afghan mountains they failed in removong from there as it causes damage while removing and even it as self destruction arrangements ~ this vimana according thier testing found to be used in mahabharat war / even the hitler in world war 2 time he sent a team to know the knowledge of bharatian technology in that remaining non destroyed temples by muslims due to this britishers damaged the parts of temple.
            I know its relevant topic directly but….

            Someone has commented tamil takes words of chinese, arab, etc…. . It may be right because tamillians for their ego they destroyed telugu history in madras presidencY time even imposed to learn tamil in andhra in that time due to this many are been in only illiterate. Tamillians need to show evidence of derivation so they used other rich languages.
            Someone said ‘computer’ word in tamil is ‘ kanini’~ this is derived from other language roots not at all in tamil.

            I think sanskrit is ARTIFICIALLY developed language. Because we have so many languages……so people argued to use their languages. For this our brilliants like aryabhatta suggested to use a created easiest language. Even though tamillians didnt agreed due to their majority take a theory of leuresi/kumari continent.
            Even tamillians agreed that they have a separate continent submerged in ocean

            How can we call telugu is a dravidian language?? It as no roots from tamil – the oldest language lier. It is because of ego nature of tamillians they bullshit history to telugu.
            If telugu language is dravidian then how andhra people identified as aryans – evidence in nellore aryan civilisation is found by archaeologists in 2019 sept to nov even they posted pics in twitter.
            So, from this telugu is not a dravidian language may be south central asian aryan language.

            Tamil is not oldest language but they may be oldest liers.

            Telugu is may or may not oldest language but not script 100%. I think original script is forgotten in daily activities importantance.

            Due to leuresia/ Kumarikanda theory, – evidencec in mahabharat, armed forces are sent to war from this continent. Aryan/dravidian civilization mixed this leads to destruction of bharathian (mostly aryan) civilization due to tamillians egoist even they supported foreigners from south.

            We have known only a little of our history due to only a good foreign touristers.

            Helping is a big mistake, In dangerous situation without knowing causes.

            My mahabharat leuresia theory may be false as per ramayan even it is false evidence are infinite if u read different authors.
            As per veera brahmendra swamy real history will come out soon.

            Note: srilanka is not ravana lanka it is ceylon.
            Bridge shown in satellite picture is not ramayanbrige it is one of our bharathian wonder
            Ravanalanka is artificial island by viswakarma ( sandhya devis father) order of brahma on requests of ravana.

            TajMahal is tejomahal – mr modi should look at this. – only in this the little of bharat desh truth is stored. I wish temple is the school as per olden days, in school libraries exists.

            Sorry, i have discussed non reletad topics.

        • For computer Hindi word is : sanganak

      • Proper nouns are modified according to the language. It has nothing to do with the ability to communicate. Tamil has rich roots in its language to form newer words. One of the few Indian languages that lends itself to newer words. thol-distant, tholaivu-distance. thol=tele and we get a number of words telephone-tholaipEsi, television-tholaikkaatchi etc.. neer-water thaNeer-cold water, veNeer-hot water. neeriyal – hydrology etc…

        Words are borrowed mostly if we cannot meaningfully or easily find tamil roots.

      • Hello guest,

        where r u ?. why no update?. did you die in andhra hot summer. Ok , read my post from hell. I am sure u must be enjoying your ‘hell’y place.

        Tamil is one of the oldest and richest language in the world. Even your grand father before give birth to your father , he spoke this language.

        Ask me if you have any questions. i will prove Tamil is oldest and richest language in the world with the help of your…

        • Is it…!? Nice joke. Mersal

        • Hey sambar

        • Absolutely correct! TAMILANDA

        • Lmao. Someone wrote your tamil language Ad Bc bd etc it doesn’t mean its oldest language. Their were plenty of oldest language died before all of this. You guys are lucky that all your scripts and sacred stuff is safe. But some states like andhra Telangana they were destroyed burned all of their books scripts etc. So dont be proud of that my tamil oldest etc. Instead of being proud of your language. Be proud that you are from sanathan dharma. From bharata desham.

        • Any authentic sources which proove tamil to be one of the oldest? What is Tamil’s parent language? Is it not Sanskrit? Words like udayam suryan, kastam have similarities with Sanskrit words. Please give me resources if u have..

        • All these are our Indian languages why do you fight brothers.
          Bharat maata ki Jai,

      • >Oldest makes sense for Tamil. Because still it is old, not fit for >100% clear communication.

        Clear communication between who – not between two who speak different languages. Clear communication between two who speak the same language.

        >Some simple examples are, if I write ‘Kanti’ in tamil and show it >to any tamilian, they read it as ‘Gandhi’; ‘Bapu’ as ‘Babu’, the list >is endless.

        Your example does not make sense. You are trying to write a foreign language word in Tamil. I can give a similar (incorrect) example to contradict your statement. There is a name புகழேந்தி in Tamil. I will challenge you to write it in English or any other language. It is frequently (and incorrectly) written as Pugalendhi or Pugazhendi. The first one does not pronounce it correctly but at least close but the second one is typically how Tamils write it in English (accepted norm) to accommodate the special Tamil character ழ. But it is typical for non Tamils to totally pronounce it incorrectly.

        There are similar examples in Chinese, Polish, Czech names.

        In the end the more corrupt a language is, the more it accommodates – classic example is English which borrows words from many many languages including Tamil – (Ex: Cash, Catamaran etc)

      • The speaking of tamil will influence our mind and thought in great manner and it is well fit for modern local speaking,hence please don’t criticize meanlessly .

      • Tamil has alphabets with pronunciation for its own words and not words from other languages. Tamil is the world oldest language dating back to 50000 years.

      • Hey,Tamil people may read it wrongly but Tamil is the first language which erupted in this universe.The word ‘kanti’ can also be written in the same prounsation in Tamil .It can also be written as ‘ganthi’ hey Tamil is selected as a complete language in the whole universe .This truth was accepted by all the Vita powered countries this is accepted in world wide even your own state accepted this.All the languages in this world came from Tamil and this is the universal truth your state’s national anthem is also sung in the language which erupted from Tamil .Its grammar is considered as most precious and very difficult grammar in this world so think before you speak

        • I Love Telugu. Because it sounds good. Not like Tamil. Its very hard to our ears to listen Tamil. Because it sounds very bad.
          But I will respect Tamil language also because its also one of our Indian languages .

          …Jai Telugu language…

          First Hindi and Telugu. Then only others

          • Speaks the speaker of a fart sound language go search the whole history of Tamil! The foreigners who loved Tamil! Listen to Tamil songs! You’ll never say this fool! TAMILANDA

      • Simple communication, that makes clear sense. No much complications like other languages. It’s richest as it has its own values. It’s the language which people spoke when there was no technology and civilized people of today where in caves. For example, the word cashew nut came from Kaasukku ettu which means 8 nuts for 1 penny., catamaran from Kattumaram and so on. While other languages adopted words from Tamil, it dint copy from others. It dint loose it’s originilaity. If that’s how people under estimate it and think it’s not developed, we are even proud of being originals.

      • Hindi is not even a classical language..which by the way gives you no right to discriminate or compare it to a classical one..so I would suggest you to keep quite

      • Pundamavane telugu kuthiyaan… does it clear for u racist bastard

      • This is absolutely correct. They use zha as ra and if we call vazhaphalam as vasa palam they feel very bad but they should understand that since there is no corresponding letter for Rla they are using zh as rla

      • If you are not able to pickup, don’t criticize
        a language.For that,you should practice well.

      • yah. you are right. it is 100% correct whatever you you said.

        Really it is UNFIT for Healthy communication.

      • 100% you are correct

      • Hey nosense! For ti and dhi we have different letters in Tamil! First learn to write Tamil and then speak!

      • Write any word with Tamil letters every Tamil guy read without any pronounciation difference.. Try to read this one “vazhai pazham” definitely you can’t.. U have to understand there’s a pronounciation which only native speakers can do.. Like “vazhai pazham”.. If you think that u can read this one.. Just make a video and upload in YouTube… Ha ha funny guy..

      • This problem will not arise when u talk in tamil.Native Tamil words don’t contain those bha and gha sounds they are the cause of sanskritization.how dare u tell Tamil is not fit for communication I highly doubt u converse in Tamil. I converse in Tamil daily and face no difficulties u say.
        I guess the point is made clear.native tamil words doesn’t contain sounds such as bha fa gha etc… So it is not necessary to have separate letters for those.

      • Tamil is the least currupted dravidian language . Even without the harsh sounds as kha jha etc. it is immensely rich in literature and vocabulary . It is the least dependent on other languages and has enough tamil route words to make any number of new words . The same letter standing for different sounds is there in english also .

      • Joker u are….maybe u dunno how to write Kanti and Bapu in Tamil letters….ha ha ha…

      • You can not write Tamil in English script and try to read it “correctly” in Tamil. Tamil has its own script and to read it, you will need to learn to read, write and speak Tamil.

      • This is not because of tamil language litrature issue.It is the influence of devanagri launguage people pronouncing like this.

      • Sir, if we follow your reasoning then we may as well cancel the wonder of communication that happens japanese, korean, and chinese perfectly understand each other by looking at the same character without opening their mouth.
        Many great men and women of letters consider tamil as great. I envy people who can read and understand tamil.

    • Tamil does not adopt any languages it’s a fake news

    • From above:. Tamil has 12 vowels and 18 consonants. In Telugu, there are 41 consonants, 16 vowels and three vowel modifiers. So Telugu caters to almost all sounds. Telugu and Tamil are two diamonds where as the former is a well polished and the later unpolished. That does not mean Telugu did not exist before it was transformed and refined.

  2. Telugu has more persian, arabic or turkish words due to nizam influence.

  3. Telugu is now a classical language of india since 2008

    • Telegu is not fit be a classical language at all!

      • First you write telugu spelling correctly..you don’t know spelling and you are commenting other languages##TAMILANDA

      • Do not get elated by the term “classical”. It actually means unrefined and unpolished.
        For ur info telugu is also a classical language.
        It’s classical as well as highly refined having 41 consonants, 16 vowels and three vowel modifiers.
        The old is not always gold.

      • Tamil is not the oldest language and unfit for classical language. Due to political pressure it was done

      • According to social media , Tamil is an oldest surviving language like Sanskrit, but anybody say the real oldest language , tamilians say Tamil oldest , and non Tamils say Sanskrit oldest, both are say of their jelous , the people who say,which language is oldest doesn’t matter here, only foolish people will fight for this, I’m not fighting , the important thing a language must have is , the words and the pronunciation, no matters which is sweetest or which is old, it’s no use of saying, so better stop this confusion in the sense fight,and do search about languages suitable for jobs,

  4. I Love India…Coz we all are different and arguing each other but finally every one thinks n finalize…we are Indians.what a great country.i called it like a mini world.

  5. its would have been better if you put articles titke as greatness of tamil than differences between tamil & telugu. tamil might be the oldest language. language spoken most in south india is telugu. in india telugu stands in 2nd place after Hindi & Tamil in 5th place after hindi,telugu,bengali,marathi.

    • Globally Tamil has much more native speakers than Telugu.

      • 100% true. In Malaysia all South Indians speaks Tamil. Even Telugu snd Malayalam people. Malaysia has 3 language Malay, Mandrin and Tamil. In Singapore Tamil is official language. In UK and Canada Tamil culture is being recognised.

  6. Tamil is a classical language and the oldest living language. It is Tamil which has alphabetical scripture even at the time of Ramayana. Mahamuni Valmiki had composed and narrated Ramayana, he also highlights that while constructing Nala Sethu, on every stone the vanarasi carried and wrote ‘Jai SriRam’ before dumping into the sea.
    The Vanaras were Tamilians and they wrote in Tamil script.
    Lord Sriram learned about the writing script and took it to Kasi from where Devanagari scripture evolved.

  7. Telugu is great as well as Hindi.

    No need to discuss about Tamil. It’s waste thing.

    I love all Languages in the world except Tamil. Sorry Tamilians. But this only correct as per my opinion.

    • I know Telugu it’s very bad . And it’s mingle with sanskrit 30% above.. u can’t speak without sanskrit in 5 minutes

      • Yes. you are right. Sanscrit is mingled in Telugu about 30%.

        But Tamil? It has borrowed so many words form so many languages like as Beggar even it is being world’s oldest and richest language, and classical. Is it looks good? So… Crazy…

        • What you saying Telugu borrowed many of Tamil words… If I here a Telugu song I can understand… But I don’t know Telugu before … That much of influence

        • Mind ur words bro.ur language S best for u my language S best for mine. Don’t critisis other languages. V r all Indian.After that only own language. So don’t critisis other languages badly. Thank u bro. This S tamilian nature.

      • U tamillians destroyed our focus on our language even books gone due to madras presidency. U forced to learn tamil in andhra from british period so we can have few talk telugu words in family only they exist.
        U helped Britishers, in favour to destroy aryan civilisation.

        U created created …. telugu is a proto telugu even no roots from egoist dravidian language tamil.

        The great aryan language lied to be a south central dravidian language. Evidence andhra people known to be aryans then how theirs language is a dravidian. We have evidence that we are aryans that in nellore aryan market + underground drainage system found in 2019 oct to nov.

    • Why saying like that… Tamil have it’s own grammar and it can stand by own words. .but Telugu can’t.. If you remove Sanskrit from Telugu you have nothing

    • remove sanskrit words then telugu collapses. hindi is nothing but a masala of farsee arab and turkish languages. even samskrtham is mutilated as sanskrut . only tamil can stand on its own .

      • Sanskrit phrases are ornaments to telugu. If u remove the ornaments, still it is there with natural beauty.

    • for a low creature like you, you are not worthy to talk about Tamil, you are footlicking a third language Telugu which is not respected anywhere after andhra,meanwhile Tamil is known all over globally

  8. in telugu we sing the all songs with grammatical way with golden ratio (we experiance with u r own mind) and also mainly the telugu is also called the etalian of the east why.. coz this is the sweetest language in the india telugu ending with vowels i respect all languages but my native language is first jai telugu thalli

  9. Yes it’s correct Telugu is so best compared to tamil they are very over acted guys in any issue they performed over action to showing other persons tamil is the best but clearly top writers like rabindranath Tagore saws Telugu is the best language in India, and once you speak in Telugu and tamil you know the reality what is the sweetest absolutely it’s Telugu becoz every word in Telugu ends with vowel sound not only this one thing compare to anything Telugu language is much better than tamil

  10. Languages in india and world and there differances

  11. Tamillda

  12. All 4 majajor Dravidian languages- Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil have been given classical language status by Indian Govt. But Tamil people like always lying here to solely possess classical language status..
    Telugu is oldest and first of Dravidian languages. Kannada came next n Tamil n Malayalam came from them. Tamils are fond of writing so they have earlier inscription. Telugu follow Veda system n never like to write. They were forced to write down coz of Tamil speeding by writing pressure.

  13. First you write telugu spelling correctly..you don’t know spelling and you are commenting other languages##TAMILANDA

  14. Telugu people are not honest people in my opinion. They fake any bills, they can write a full fake resume will all technologies without knowing any of it, they want to get citizenship abroad and go out of india and show off living in foreign land, uplift/hire not deserving telugu people just because person is telugu, infest all states and other countries and dont want to stay in their state, hold hindi up high and accept telugu as 2nd level language, eat quite unhealthy fried oily food, add soda in rice in all andha mess, they got very poor taste when watching telugu made movies, fraud in business is nothing wrong attitude and this could keep going on. But someone they ensure they are rich. Righteousnes is something they have to learn

    • U tamillians made us like that know ??
      U all came to our land from leuresia or kumarikanda.

      We helped u but u made us like this and mixed in telugu’s doing nasty things.

      We dont have film industries at first because of u we needed to be made a new because u take up our investment in madras at first then in telangana Hyderabad they are not real telugu people they pride urdu and islam not hindi dont mix u r enemies all in one category as the cause is same.

      Now, we pride only english and sanskrit as they are in show.
      We no evidence that we are olden then u, u created us to be south central dravidians in actual we are real aryans u destroyed us in helping time and evidence in British period.
      Because u will named to be egoists.

      From birth u feel difficult.

  15. Still tamilians are following classical music composed by Tyagaraja swamy in Telugu language only, that will suffice all the answers to which is great and also they want Tirupathi balaji blessings from Telugu state. Not but not the least tamilians are treated as Asuras who remained after Ravana’s dead. 😉

    • Tirupati balaji temple writing did u ever seen on temple wall, its tamil

    • Yes after the death of ravana we are treated as asuras,we lost and fight back for 1000s of years,do you know the true story of ramayana? tamils are opposites of aryans from west Asia, research says the entire Indian subcontinent were once tamilans, Indonesia, vietnam, Burma, we spread and trade,we are true descendent of lord siva, all true tamil are siva gotras, but cross birth adopting aryan have different, thats why we always oppose sanskrit

  16. Dear Friends, Please stop criticising each other. I am a person of Andhra Pradesh with mother tongue Telugu. Recently I got interest to learn Tamil and slowly started learning and got considerable knowledge in it. What I understand is both the languages are great. Before coming to a conclusion, we have to know fully about the subject. I love both the languages. Please stop criticising other languages without knowing anything about them.

  17. Tamil is a oldest language it can be only compared to another oldest language paali language and you people must know that God’s spoken language is tamil there are lot of evidence are been found in history see people means other languages guys apart from tamilians see you want to understand tamil is a mother of all other languages see you people can’t collapse the history first you people must know what is the history? And after that I will not educate you people the truth what you want to know that will give answer apart from India all over the world that truth been accepted but I don’t know wt is happening in every one’s by killing this truth please change your that’s things – – – and be good do good

  18. hey tamil one of the oldest language …most of malay word are adopted from tamil.. go and learn some history then talk here stupid!!

  19. Telugu is the most spoken language in india behind hindi. If tamil is that old, why it’s not adopted by others.

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