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Difference Between Until and Till

Until vs Till

There is not much difference between “until” and “till.” There are a few differences which might or might not be accepted as “differences” by all schools.
“Until” and “till” are conjunctions. A conjunction is a word which joins two sentences or two words. Conjunctions are of two kinds:

Coordinating conjunction
Subordinating conjunction

Subordinating conjunction
We will discuss only subordinating conjunctions “till” and “until.” Both are subordinating conjunctions. They join two sentences or clauses which are dependent on each other. One clause is joined to another to give it a full meaning.

Will you wait till I return?
I waited for my friend until he came.

Conjunctions can be classified into seven different types. “Till” and “until” are categorized in conjunction of time. They express a sense of time.

He waited till the train arrived.
She kept awake until he came back home.


“Till” and “until” are used as prepositions also. A preposition is a word placed before a noun or pronoun to show in what relation the person or thing denoted by it stands in regard to something else.

Conjunction – We shall stay here till you return.

Preposition – Stay till Monday.

Conjunction – We shall stay here until you return.

Preposition – Stay until Monday.

In general, these two words or conjunctions are interchangeable, but a few differences have been observed in their use.

It has been seen that people use these two words “out of habit.” Some may use “till” in places where the others will never use it. It is just a matter of choice. For example, “dawn until dusk.” Many people might never use “dawn till dusk,” though both mean the same and refer to the same thing.
“Till” has been observed to be used in informal situations. It is used in casual talk. It is not usually used for formal writing. For example, the shop is open till 7. This sentence might be used by a mother to tell her children to hurry up for ice cream. However, “until” has been observed to be used in formal writing. For example, the shop is open until 7p.m. This sentence might be used in the advertisement for the shop or a formal time schedule of the shop.
“Till” is used in the middle of the sentence whereas sentences may start with “until.” For Example, Until her daughter comes home, she will stay awake.
“Until” is used in situations where one event is dependent on the outcome of another event. For example, Until her mother is well enough to walk, she will not leave town.


1.“Till” and “until” have been seen to be used differently by people as a matter of habit.
2.“Till” is used mostly in informal situations and not very commonly in formal writing. “Until” is used in formal writing and used in formal conversations.
3.“Till” is not used to start a sentence; “until” is used to start a sentence.
4.“Until” is used in situations where one event is dependent on another event.

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  1. Other specific uses include:
    1. “unless and until”, but never “unless and till”;

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