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Differences Between Robbery and Burglary

Robbery vs Burglary

Robbery is sometimes mistaken as burglary, but actually they are different. Robbery is a crime wherein you will take or attempt to take something from someone by threat or by force. It is a means of taking the property of someone by means of threat or force. On the other hand, burglary is breaking and entering to someone’s house or a building and taking something. ‘Breaking’ is opening a part of the house by force but doesn’t always mean that you will break something. As long as you have opened a door or window with the use of force, it is breaking in. And ‘entering’ is merely going into a building or using a tool to unlock the locks of the doors or window.

Robbery usually takes place at public places such as the mall, sidewalks, streets, or parking lot. Another term for this is ‘mugging.’ But for burglary, it happens in neighborhoods and targets buildings, houses, apartments, and even offices.

Usually, robbery comes with a threat with the use of weapons like knives, guns, and even bombs. With burglary, the only weapon used is something that can open locks to be able to enter a building, a house, or an apartment. Also, entering an unlocked window or door is still considered to be burglary.

We consider that entering a bank during the day with guns and other weapons when it is open and attempting to steal all the money is a form of robbery, but when you plan to break in during the night when the bank is closed, it is a form of burglary.


1. Robbery and burglary are both crimes committing to theft.
2. Robbery is taking something by threat while burglary is breaking or entering a building.
3. Robbery takes place in public places. Burglary targets buildings.
4. Robbery uses weapons as a form of threat; burglary uses materials to break into a building.
5. Stealing money at an open bank with the use of weapons is robbery, but breaking into a bank that is closed is burglary.
6. Use the terms ‘robbery’ and ‘burglary’ correctly to avoid confusion especially when a case is filed against the accused.

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