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Pigment vs Eyeshadow

Makeup for women is just as important as everyday clothing. And since pigment and eyeshadow both come in handy, they are both a necessity for women. As long as they both add color and blush to a woman’s face, they are both much appreciated. Today, however, the trend towards health and wellness has become more significant with women. This has led them to pay close attention to the differences between pigment and eyeshadow.

Both pigment and eyeshadow bring color to the face, but one of the big differences lies with the content used in these products. Basically, a pigment is a material that transforms its color as visible light is reflected on it which is called wavelength. A pigment has high color hues that come in solid form which are achieved through exposure to steady, moderate to high temperatures. Eyeshadow, on the other hand, is made from powder and mica. The latter is a silicate mineral that has a similarity with crystals that have a tendency to glitter. Pigment is made from basic compounds while eyeshadow is commonly added with binders and fillers to make it appear more colorful.

Pigments have been used during prehistoric times, and the earliest known substances were natural minerals like natural iron oxides, hydrated yellow ocher, and charcoal found in cave paintings. Today, pigments come in various mineral forms. Eyeshadow, on the other hand, is made from modern synthetic substances that are combined with metallic and carbon substances such as: cadmium, chromium, cobalt, copper, iron oxide, clay earth, lead, mercury, titanium, ultramarine, and zinc.

Pigments are usually sold in solid form and are pulverized to be used for eyes, cheeks, lips, and anywhere on the face. To achieve blending with the skin, the pulverized pigment is mixed with a colorless, neutral liquid material or a soluble dye. The pigment once applied to the skin becomes highly defined as it is exposed to the sun to create its natural look. Pigment feels light on the skin and stays longer for hours. Unlike pigment that has limited colors and a particular way of application, the eyeshadow is a one-stop-easy-step to apply on the eyes. It has more color variations to choose from. Eyeshadow, however, can only be used for the eyes and not with the other areas of the face. And because of its synthetic nature, it only lasts for a little while so it needs frequent re-touching.

Another difference between pigment and eyeshadow is its easy application. Pigment comes in powder form making it easy to apply, and the color appears deeper with only a small amount. The tricky part, though, is the need for a primer to make the colors stay longer. Eyeshadow, on the other hand, does not need a primer but needs at least two to three layers of application to achieve the desired effect. The reason for this is the fillers that make the colors lighter in appearance.

If one has to decide depending on the overall effect of pigment makeup, one would probably say that it appears more intense and has a certain natural degree of shimmer. Eyeshadow appears to be highly dramatic or uneven if applied too quickly or in the wrong combinations. Using it, however, with the correct techniques will give you the perfect day eye makeup to the night smokey-eye look.


1. The differences between pigment and eyeshadow is that pigments are made from natural
minerals while most eyeshadow are made from synthetic substances.

2. Pigment needs visible light called wavelength to transform its color while eyeshadow does not.
3. Pigments are sold in pulverized form as basic compounds that need primers for application while
eyeshadow comes in with binders and fillers to give it its form and colors; eyeshadow does not
need a primer for application.

4. Pigments can be used for the eyes, cheeks, and lips while eyeshadow is dedicated to the eyes

5. Pigment is easy to apply, light on the skin, and creates a natural look. Eyeshadow gives character to
the eyes that needs two to three layers of application.

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