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Communication is innate to humans and it is also vital and important. What we say to others or to an issue is important to those who will hear and need to hear it. What we say is sometimes legal to a democratic country and is not allowed in a certain place. It varies. What we say can be either in the form of a fact or just a plain opinion. What are the differences?

Facts are statements that are based on truth. These statements are verified and usually under the process of being researched. These statements are usually being written and said by experts in certain fields. These can also be the people who are considered the proponents of these statements. These people should be reliable in order for us to say that they are telling facts rather than opinions. They should also state their references as these are needed to verify the facts.

Opinions, on the other hand, are statements that can either be true or not. These are statements that can be told by anyone. An opinion can also be told anywhere of all ages. It can be expressed through writing and speaking. However, some countries, such as North Korea, do not allow freedom of expression as this country is a Communist country.

Opinions that are degrading to one’s country, race, or person without truth and basis is a candidate for legal matters such as slander and defamation. Facts that are being copied without citing the proper author or resources are candidates for plagiarism.

Examples of facts are laws such as the law of gravity, Boyle’s law, Newton’s law. Facts are also those that are published in scientific journals that are verified and proven by experts. Examples of opinions are those that can be read in the opinion and editorial page of newspapers. Gossips with side comments are also a form of an opinion.

Facts and opinions are essential forms of expression. Facts guide us in our everyday life as to which is which and what is what. Facts stand as our guide for the right path as they bring us to safety for our own good. Opinions, on the other hand, enlighten us for an issue that needs a voice. Opinions can also degrade someone’s reputation especially if they are not the truth.


1.Facts are true statements while opinions can be true or not.
2.Facts can be read and said by people with knowledge and expertise on such topics while an opinion is available to everyone.
3.Facts and opinion are forms of expression that can be grounds for legal matters if not used in the right manner.

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