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Difference Between Fact and Opinion

fact_checkFact and Opinion are really different in the sense that Fact is something that is true and Opinion is only a belief. Fact is supported by evidence and Opinion has no backing of any evidence.

A person who makes a factual statement knows that his opinion comes from Fact. Where as a person who just makes some Opinion does not have any facts to substantiate. While Facts are true statements Opinions are not. Opinion is only a subjective statement and Fact is objective reality. Opinion can only be an emotional outburst of an individual or merely an interpretation.

Facts can be proved to be true but an Opinion can be either true or not. Opinion cannot be proved to be true. Fact is not some perception but Opinion is just a perception of the thoughts. The fact is what all believe to be true, while the opinion is believed to be true only by those who state it.

The fact is what exists and opinion is just only an opinion and nothing else. People only endorse facts as they are true. Although people may have different opinions on any subjects, they can be either endorsed or disregarded. Opinion is only a choice while fact is the worthy. Even if people think that their opinion is true and worthy, it might not be regarded by others who have different opinion on their own. Meanwhile everyone agrees when someone tells a fact.

According to the Webster’s Dictionary, the fact is “anything that is done or happened; anything actually existent; any statement strictly true; truth; reality” and opinion is something that “indicates a belief, view, sentiment, or conception.”

Opinion is only just a thought or speculation and it can lead to controversies. It may tend to dispel the truth whereas a fact is only truth and truth itself.

Facts are strong statements and opinions can be  biased statements. Facts always stay back in history whereas opinions are only views that may not get into history.

When people say a fact, they can easily influence others. But an opinion may not have the force to make an influence.

People sometimes find it hard to make a distinction between a fact and an opinion. The right understanding of the difference between fact and opinion is needed to evaluate things and to make judgments.

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  1. >Opinion has no backing of any evidence.
    >…knows that his opinion comes from Fact.

    Seriously. Enough with the contradictions.

  2. Fact: Our solar system has nine planets.
    Fact: Our solar system now has eight planets.
    Opinion: Both above facts are truly opinions.

  3. Facts are opinions that prove to be true.

  4. This is feeble.

    • Wow, yes, how did it get over 4 stars? Did the guy have family and friends vote for it? Is there a way to submit an alternative article?

  5. The method by which this article and another article comparing/defining “fact” comes into question in a court of law. When a juror considers what constitutes a facthe/she is subject to an attorney (either side) may make a persuasive argument and thereby be ruled by the juror as a fact but that doesn’t make it so.
    The interplay of belief systems and their subsequent impact on what is interpreted as fact based on presentations is not presented in this and the other articles.


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