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Legend vs Myth

Every country has its own culture, beliefs, religion, and stories that are handed down from one generation to another. These things affect how their people evolve and act the way they do at present. They influence how they live their lives, especially the stories which are either written or orally handed down.

These stories tell of different things, people, places, and events. While some tell stories about real people, some tell stories about fictional characters that possess supernatural powers. Two such story types are myths and legends.

A legend is a traditional story and a historical account of events and people from ancient times. Although it can be unverified, it is accepted and is very popular to people of later generations. It is used to teach later generations about loyalty and other virtues needed in times of war and hardships. It tells the story of real people who are strong and equipped with super powers and their struggles with life, fate, oppression, and powerful enemies. An example of a legend is the story of King Arthur which was based on a real prince of early England.

Today, the word “legend” is also used to refer to a person with an inspiring story and achievement. They are usually created with the help of the media and are usually people who excel in sports, business, and entertainment (singers and actors). The word “legend” comes from the Old French word “legende” which in turn comes from the Latin word “legenda” which means “story” or “things to be read.” Its first use in the English language was during the 15th century.

The word “myth,” on the other hand, comes from the Greek word “mythos” which means “thought, story, or speech.” Its first recorded use in English was in the 1830s referring to a story about divine beings which is linked to religion. It is a story about how a religious custom came to exist utilizing symbols in its narration with no attempt at connecting it to the present. It is a story about the lives and actions of gods and supernatural forces intended to give a moral lesson to those who read it.

Myths are considered sacred and true, oftentimes affirmed by religious leaders and rulers. They are people, places, and events that happened in the distant past which usually tells the story of how certain things and customs came to be.


1.A legend is a traditional or historical story about people, places, and events of ancient times while a myth is also a traditional story of how certain customs came into being.
2.A myth is closely linked to religion while a legend is not.
3.A legend is a story of real people with super powers while a myth is a story of gods and divine beings.
4.Both intend to teach a lesson with people relating more with legends than with myths.
5.The word “legend” comes from the Old French word “legende” while the word “myth” comes from the Greek word “mythos.”

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