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PhD vs DSc

Having a degree raises the status of one person and gives an edge in the workplace as well as society. PhD is an already well known degree but DSc is still rather vague to many. The main difference between the two is in what they mean. PhD stands for Doctor of Philosophy while DSc stands for Doctor of Sciences. Most people think that they are identical because people who hold these degrees are often equals.

One major difference between PhD and DSc is the fields they can be acquired with. This is highly dependent on which country you are in, but a PhD can be acquired regardless of what field you are pursuing. In contrast, a DSc can only be acquired when under a science or engineering field. You can also get a PhD under these two fields and many actually do prior to getting their DSc.

That is actually the case in Europe where DSc is prevalent in many countries. In other parts of the world, it is not that popular or even unheard of. Any country that has a standing education system also provides PhD degrees. But people in Europe often regard DSc as a higher degree compared to PhD as in some countries, only those who have a PhD and have a portfolio of published researches that are of very high standards. But in other countries, like the US, the two are basically identical and you can get one or the other without getting them both.

PhD and DSc are simply two degrees that are at the top of the education ladder. The most distinct difference between them is in what fields they can be had. The other differences are not as fixed because they vary from country to country. PhD does seem to have a slight advantage simply because of its popularity around the world and it is known as the utmost pinnacle in education. Many do not know DCs and they often consider it to be inferior to PhD just because they are uninformed.


1.PhD means Doctor of Philosophy while DSc stands for Doctor of Sciences
2.PhD is a more recognizable degree than DSc
3.PhD is used for all fields while DSc is only used in sciences and engineering
4.DSc is more prevalent in Europe while PhD is used around the world
5.DSc is better or equal to a PhD

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