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“Top” and “bottom” are very common words and are used in many references. “Top” could mean a shirt or a blouse, and “bottom” could be a skirt or trousers of a dress ensemble. “Top” could refer to the top of the staircase, and “bottom” could refer to the bottom of the staircase. What we need to learn first is that “top” and “bottom” might mean many things and may be used in many cases. They are opposites of each other. The opposite of “top” is “bottom.”

“Top” has many different usages. Let’s consider some of them:

It is the highest level or point of something, example, “Top of the mountain.”
“Top” means the top of the head, example:

“He was covered in mud from top to toe.”

The part of a plant which is above ground, example, “carrot top.”
Garment which is worn on the upper body, example, “bikini top.”
“Top” means something which is used as a lid, example:

“The top of the plastic box cracked.”

“Top” when used for pitch means the highest possible pitch attained, example, “She screamed at the top of her voice.”
The highest rank or position in an organization, example, “The top officials of a company.”
“Top” also means the choicest or the most desired part, example:

“They picked the top students entering the college campus.”

“Top” is also used for referring to that part of the warship which is used as the antiaircraft gun platform or fire control station.
It refers to the first half of a baseball inning.
In golf or billiards, “top” refers to a forward spin given to the ball.
In human sexual intercourse, “top” refers to the person who penetrates.

“Bottom” also has varies meanings and they are used in many cases.

“Bottom” means the underside of something, example:

“The bottom of the carton is weak.”

The posterior of the trunk, that is, the buttocks.
“Bottom” refers to the surface on which a body of water lies, example, “The bottom of the ocean.”
“Bottom” also refers to the part of the ship which lies below the water.
It means the lowest place or part, example:

“Credits are printed on the bottom of the page.”

“Bottom” also means the lowest possible position of precedence, example:

“She started her career from the bottom.”

The part of the garment worn on the lower body, example, trousers, skirts, shorts, etc. It is used in plurals mostly.
In baseball, it means the last half of the inning.
“Bottom” means the source, example, “To get to the bottom of the affair.”
The term “bottom” is used to refer to the endurance or capacity of animals like horses.
It also means the foundation color on textile fibers applicable before dying.
In human sexuality, “bottom” refers to the person who receives penetration.


“Top” and “bottom” are opposites of each other and have many usages. The basic meaning of “top” is something or someone at the highest position, and “bottom” refers to something or someone at the lowest position.

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