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Joined vs Conjoined

“Joined” and “conjoined” are separately mentioned in the dictionary. The word “joined” has many usages. “Joined” and “conjoined” are also used to refer to joined or conjoined twins. When the words refer to twins, conjoined and joined twins are one and the same thing. Lets first look at the dictionary meanings of both words and then a little about joined and conjoined twins.

Dictionary Meaning of “Joined”

  • To put together to form a continuous unit, for example, join hands.
  • To bring two relationships or associations close, for example, families joined by marriage.
  • To connect, for example, join the dots.
  • To merge with, for example, river joining the creek.
  • To become member of, for example, joined AAA.
  • To join the company of, for example, joined the queue.
  • To participate in an activity, for example, The board joined him in welcoming the CEO.
  • To engage, for example, Opposing forces joined in battle.

Dictionary Meaning of “Conjoined”

  • To join together, unite.
  • To consist of two or more associated things, for example, Prosperity and education are the government’s conjoined aims.

Conjoined or Joined Twins

Joined twins or conjoined twins are identical twins. Their bodies are joined together, and it is a rare phenomenon. The twins are joined together in the uterus. There are two different theories which explain this rare phenomenon. Fission theory is the older theory which says that there is a partial splitting of the fertilized egg whereas the other more modern theory which is widely accepted is that of fusion. According to this theory, the fertilized egg splits completely, but the stem cells fuse with the stem cells of the twins and join together.

The phenomenon is rare and occurs more in Africa and Southwest Asia. Half of the conjoined twins born are stillborns, but the rest who survive have abnormalities. Their survival rate is almost 25 per cent. Sometimes the conjoined twins are operated upon to save just one twin. There are many ethical problems and questions raised on this matter.
Conjoined twins are also referred to as Siamese twins. The term has been in use since Chang and Eng Bunker who were conjoined twins and born in Siam of Thailand became famous.  They were referred to as Siamese twins in P.T. Barnum’s circus. It is believed that if they were born in these modern times, they could have been easily separated.


  1. The English words “conjoined” and “joined” have separate dictionary meanings.
  2. When referring to twins, conjoined twins and joined twins are twins who are joined together in the uterus.

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