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Difference Between Anchor Bible Dictionary and Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary

Anchor Bible Dictionary vs  Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary

The Anchor Bible Dictionary, as the name suggests, is a Bible dictionary. There is no difference between the contents of an Anchor Bible Dictionary and the Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary. The name has been changed because the copyright was transferred to Yale University from Doubleday.

Anchor Bible Dictionary is considered to be the best Bible dictionary in the market; it is packed sufficiently with the best and highest quality of matter and illustrations. It contains the work of 800 international scholars and 6,000 entries from all over the world. The most interesting feature is that now the Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary, formerly known as the Anchor Bible Dictionary, is also available in a software version. The software version of the Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary was launched by Logos Bible Software. This software version, or the electronic edition, has some bonus titles like the “New Revised Standard Version,” “King James Version,” “Strong’s Numbers” thus making it the most comprehensive tool for Biblical research or study.

This Bible dictionary is highly recommended by serious scholars as well as teachers, students, Bible enthusiasts, and general people because it has one of the most comprehensive compilations of scholarly work till now. For example, it mentions the Dead Sea Scrolls, the historical Jesus, relations between early Jews and Christians, many entries on the importance of archaeological sites and, most importantly, bibliographies along with citations after each article.

The Anchor Bible Dictionary now called the Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary consists of six volumes. These volumes contain unabridged material and add up to 7,200 pages. There are beautiful illustrations with each edition and volume. With so much material available, it is considered the best help for Bible exploration. The language used in the dictionary is simple, straightforward, and the explanations are easy to understand. Thus, it is a very good addition to any library even for young Bible enthusiasts and beginners.

The most attractive features of the Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary are that it is divided into six volumes and these volumes are unabridged. Each volume has almost 1,200 pages. There are more than 6,000 entries from 800 international scholars. Due to the international approach, it is interdisciplinary and multicultural. It has illustrations throughout the volumes as well as maps of archaeological sites. The dictionary has bibliographical references and citations for all articles and, finally, it is available in an electronic version too for the generation which believes in and uses technology regularly.


The Anchor Bible Dictionary and the Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary are Bible dictionaries which have the exact same material except for the fact that the name has been changed from “Anchor Bible Dictionary” to “Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary” due to a copyright transfer to Yale University from Doubleday.

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