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Difference Between Facebook Page and Group

Facebook Page and Group

As a social network, Facebook has expanded their capabilities and allowed the creation of content that is beyond the normal personal profile; pages and groups are two things you can create. The main difference between pages and groups is their intended usage. Groups are intended for a small number of people who share the same interest or have something in common. A few examples are clubs, a group of friends, coworkers, and the like. In comparison, pages are intended for entities that may have a widespread audience. Pages are often created for celebrities, causes, and products, among others. In pages, the people who subscribe to it do not necessarily know each other. They just share an interest in what the page is all about.

If you want to create a group or a page, keep in mind the following differences between the two. A group provides more control on who are the members of the group. People need to be invited or approved before being allowed into the group. If you have a page, anyone who “likes” it is then subscribed to that page. A page is always public while a group can be made private.

One feature that is available to groups but not to pages is chat, just like the one you get with your own friends. Unlike the usual chat, which is one-on-one in nature, the group chat lets everyone in the group enter and read messages. This is a great tool if you want to discuss things as a group so that everyone can contribute their thoughts. The absence of a chat feature in pages limits the discussions to the wall, which is actually a good thing since millions of people on the same chat window at the same time isn’t a good idea.

An advantage to having a page is the ability to host applications. It can be any application, even a game and the like. This creates a bit of interaction and a platform where the owner of the page can promote their stuff. Groups do not have the ability to host applications.


1.Pages are there to provide a presence for entities while groups are for people who share a common interest.
2.Groups provide more control than pages.
3.Groups can have their own chat room while pages cannot.
4.Pages can host applications while groups cannot.

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