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Difference Between Pinterest and Facebook

 Pinterest vs Facebook

The need for people to share their interests with other people is the main force behind social networking sites like Facebook. But because of the wide array of social interactions, one site cannot fulfill all these needs. That’s why there are many types of sites like Facebook and Pinterest. The main difference between Pinterest and Facebook is what they are mainly used for. Facebook is a general social networking site where you can connect with your friends and know what is going on in their lives. You can also update them about what is happening in your life via status updates, photos, videos, and more. On the other hand, Pinterest is more of a photo and link sharing site. Most people use Pinterest to share things that they’ve found interesting or useful. You will find recipies, how-tos, and some other random stuff on Pinterest.

Another difference between Pinterest and Facebook is in how you can organize. Facebook is able to create groups, either open or closed, where you can invite other people to join. You can use the groups to create interactions with a smaller group of friends that share a common interest. With Pinterest, you cannot really create groups. All you can do is follow people, which is identical to Facebook’s subscribe. Following someone on Pinterest makes that person’s pins appear on your feed.

There is also a major difference between Pinterest and Facebook when it comes to the number of users because Facebook has way more users than Pinterest. If you are looking to connect with peers, chances are you will find them on Facebook rather than Pinterest. This is expected since Pinterest is a relatively new site. Pinterest also copied an early Facebook strategy when it comes to signing-up. For now Pinterest is invitation only and you need to request an invitation from someone you know or from Pinterest admin in order to register. Facebook abandoned this strategy after they became very popular. This is useful in attaining a bit of exclusivity and to control the user base so that they are not overrun by spammers and other malicious people.


  1. Pinterest is a photo sharing site while Facebook is a social networking site
  2. Facebook lets you create groups while Pinterest does not
  3. Facebook has way more users than Pinterest
  4. Pinterest is invitation only while Facebook is not

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