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Difference Between Fashion and Style

Fashion vs Style

Fashion is related to the present custom of dressing in society. It is most commonly used for garments, accessories, footwear, makeup, and hair. For example, Shorts are in fashion this season.

It is related to the mannerisms of a person or thing, for example, The fashion in which he spoke was inspiring a particular fashion in which the curtains were stitched.

Particular characteristics of an elite society, for example, She was a woman of fashion.
It also means a variety or kind of thing or people, for example, People belonging to different fashions in life.

The main thing about fashion is that it is ever evolving, it keeps changing with time, it impacts society and gets impacted by society. As the world develops, the fashions develop, and it is one of the biggest characteristics of a particular society. People can look at the fashion of a person or fashion in which the things are done at a particular time and easily tell what year it was or what particular social changes were happening at the time of that fashion. Fashion adapts, evolves, changes, and it results in and is a result o, social development.

Style, as per dictionary meanings, is used in many fields ranging from fashion to medicine to instruments used by ancient civilizations. We will focus on style related to fashion and mannerisms of people and different sorts of things which are referred to as having different styles. Style is something very personal, and it is like the signature of a person. It is unique, and no one can imitate it unlessl you actually want to be called an imposter.

When we refer to style in the fashion world, it means a very particular and personal way in which a person dresses. Fashions might change, but the personal style of the person remains the same no matter what the fashion. People incorporate their personal style in the current fashions. For example, Lady Gaga, one of the style icons of all times, doesn’t care what the fashion is; she has a unique style of dressing.

Style refers to the mannerisms of a person. Again, the main differences between style of a person or the fashion in which a person does things are differentiated by their being personal when the style is considered. For example, The style of speech of a person. The personal diction, the personal tone, the words one chooses, sarcasm, or poetry or use of idioms, all of these are very personal and becomes a person’s style.

It refers to different varieties or kinds just like fashion, but the main difference is the personal signature of a person over the variety. For example, Queen Ann furniture. It had the signature design of the designer who started making this particular style of furniture.


Fashion and style are very closely related to each other, but fashion refers to a general norm in a particular time while style refers to the personal characteristics, personal mannerisms, and personal fashions of a person.

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