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Fashion vs Fad

“Fashion” and “fad” are interestingly intertwined. Usually a fashion and a fad are considered the same thing but they have some differences. The differences between a fashion and a fad can be understood by the following information.
Most importantly, fashion is something which is always present. It keeps changing, it keeps transforming, it keeps adapting itself to the changing society, changing times, and changing industries; whereas a fad is a fashion which stays for a very short period; it does not change, it just vanishes after a time or fades away. As soon as one fad fades, another one becomes popular.

The word “fashionable” is used for people who keep up with whatever the present fashion is and adapt it to suit their personal style. A fad, however, is a special type of fashion in a particular span of time. It might stay only for a very short period of time, but everybody wants to follow it. Most of the general population of a particular society follows a particular kind of fashion which is short lived. This is a fad.

“Fashion” and “fad” are both seen in many aspects of life; clothing, accessories, music, dance, etc. Fashion, in general, is basically linked to clothes and accessories and shoes or footwear, but fads are linked to many things like a particular behavior, a particular fashion of clothing, music, dance moves, food. Fads usually arise and are driven by a desire to be a part of something, to be a part of a group. It is followed collectively.

Fashion and fads have been seen to have an impact on society. The society impacts them and they impact the society. For example, the hippies started as a fad. People wanted to follow the movement to rebel against the general norms and to belong to a particular group of people who were rebelling against it. It affected the society for many years; changed the outlook of people; changed the way people dressed and thought and behaved. But being a fad it did fade away. Fashion, however, evolves. For example, gowns for ladies, cocktail dresses for ladies, button-down shirts for men, these will always exist while humanity exists, but they will keep evolving. They will keep adapting to the changing times depending upon comfort, industry, and textiles that are being developed.


1.Fashion is ever present. It might evolve or adapt, but it is always there. A fad, on the other hand, fades away quickly.
2.Fashion is followed by many selected people in the society. It might be shown by people related to movies or television or the fashion world. A fad is followed by a huge portion of the society. Everybody and anybody follows a fad.
3.Fashion is basically related with clothes, accessories, footwear, makeup, and hairstyles; whereas a fad can be clothes, music, behavior, food, and dance movements.
4.Fashion depends upon the society, how the society has evolved, which industries have developed in the past years and developing in the future, what the changing lifestyle of people are demanding, comfort, and weather. A fad is just a type of fashion for a very short time.

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