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Difference Between Elegant Slutty and Trashy Slutty

Elegant Slutty vs Trashy Slutty

In terms of fashion sense, one style seems to turn heads nowadays – the slutty style. The reason why people want to wear the slutty style is because they want to look more appealing to others or look more liberated by wearing sexy or skimpy clothing. This probably gives them a sense of self-esteem and confidence, most especially to the opposite sex. In addition, “slutty” can also pertain to the person herself other than her fashion sense.

Nevertheless, there are two types of slutty: one is called elegant and the other is trashy. From the words themselves, there’s actually no need to expound further just to determine their differences because they are already in the names themselves. Despite being a very subjective matter, elegant slutty is “elegant” while trashy slutty is simply “trashy.” Although there’s a fine line that draws the distinction, there are some general characteristics that separate the two.

There’s no doubt about it, elegant slutty fashion is synonymous to oozing sex appeal coupled with a good amount of self-confidence. You can be slutty yet elegant by wearing skimpy tops with miniskirts or jackets with sexy jeans. Most of these fit perfectly to the contour of the wearer’s body. Even if elegant, slutty women wear these kinds of clothing, they still have better composure and are generally more intelligent than other generic, slutty persons. When you know how to be slutty, you’ll understand that you are being elegant if the people around you say that you look classy and stunning. The use of makeup is also very minimal or is just used whenever appropriate (chic look).

You are the trashy type if you have that type of attitude that stands out from everyone. Unfortunately, this attitude leans more on the negative aspect than the positive ones like being too carefree or open with their lives or emotions. In terms of fashion, the less clothing used, the sexier they feel about themselves. One can easily achieve a trashy, slutty fashion sense by wearing the shortest of all micro shorts. See-through tops that make you look as if you’re not wearing anything is also a common, trashy, fashion statement. In addition, most of these women do not wear underwear because they are more exploitative and adventurous when it comes to sex.


1.Elegant, slutty women are those who are recognized for how they carry themselves using skimpy attire.
2.Trashy, slutty women are those who are recognized on how diminutive or skimpy their attires have become.
3.Elegant slutty is usually connected with the fair use of makeup to achieve a chic look while trashy slutty goes hand-in-hand with an excessive use of cosmetics.
4.In terms of personality, elegant, slutty women are more reserved and composed whereas trashy slutty are so carefree.

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