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Every country and every nation has its own people, language, religion, and culture, and they are called by different names too. Take the case of the Israelites, for example; they are also called Jewish and Hebrew.

“Jewish” is the word used to refer to everything that relates to the culture and religion of the Jews. It includes their nationality, ethnicity, religion, and traditions. The State of Israel is established as a Jewish nation whose people are descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The word “Jew” from which the word “Jewish” is derived, comes from the Middle English word “gyw” which in turn came from the French word “giu” or “juieu.” They all stemmed from the Latin word “Judaeus” meaning “Judean” or “from the land of Judea.” The origin of the word, however, was the Aramaic “Y’huddai” from the Hebrew word “Yehudi” which is the term used to refer to a member of the tribe of Judah, the fourth son of Jacob.

The word “Hebrew,” on the other hand, is used to refer to a descendant of Abraham or an Israelite. It is also used to refer to their cultural and religious ties and those who have converted to Judaism. It is more often used to refer to the ancient Canaanite language of the Israelites, though. It is the official language of the State of Israel but is also used by Samaritans and other non-Jewish groups. There are many forms of the Hebrew language: one is classical Hebrew which is used for prayer and study; and the other one is modern Hebrew which is spoken by most of the Jewish people and the official language of Israel.

The word “Hebrew” comes from the Middle English word “Ebreu” which comes from Old French derived from the Latin word “Hebraeus.” They all came from the Aramaic word “Ebrai” and the Hebrew word “‘ibri” which was one of the names used to refer to the Jewish people from “‘eber,” an ancestor of Abraham. It was the term used to refer to the Israelites before the conquest of Canaan after which they were known as Israelites. Although the word “Hebrew” is still used today to refer to the Israelites, it is used to refer to those who use the Hebrew language.


1.“Jewish” is a word used to refer to everything that relates to the culture and religion of the Jews while “Hebrew” is also used to refer to the Jewish people or the Israelites but is also the name for their language.
2.“Jewish” has a more religious connotation while “Hebrew” does not.
3.Today, Israelites are more often referred to as Jewish rather than Hebrews which was the term used before the conquest of Canaan.
4.The word “Jewish” comes from the word “Jew” which comes from the Latin word “Judaeus” meaning “from the land of Judea”; also from the Hebrew word “Yehudi” which is the term used to refer to a member of the tribe of Judah, the fourth son of Jacob while the word “Hebrew” comes from the Latin word “Hebraeus” and the Hebrew word “‘ibri” which was derived from “‘eber,” an ancestor of Abraham.

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  1. Hebrew’s are direct blood descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Yacob (now called Jacob whom Elohim changed his name to Israel, who had 12 sons which became tribes and are called the the 12 tribes of Israel or the children of Israel. Jews are a mix of nations that were placed in the land of the children of Israel when they were exiled. You will find this in the bible in 2nd Kings ch.17 versus 22-30. So no, Hebrews and Jews are not the same people no matter what the world say or think. The real Hebrew Isreal are the inhertors of the covenant that the jews and all other nations can be apart of by keeping Yahweh’s decree’s and statute’s. By doing so they become heirs and joint-heirs but must come throuh the real Israel whom by the grace of Yahwew their remains at this present time a remnant, Romans 11 verse 5.Hallelu-Yah

    • Shalom thanks for the tip

    • Hebrews are of the TRUE ancient bloodline of the Biblical Hebrews. Deut. 28 tell you who the true Hebrews (Israelites) are.
      Jews (Ashkenazi & Sephardic) in the land of Israel are of the seed of Yepheth. READ Gen. 10. They are spoken of in Rev.2:9 & Rev.3:9.
      True Israelites were NEVER called Jews. Jews (ESAU/ EDOM) over ran MANY European countries and blended in with them to keep their identity hidden. They are the ONLY nation of people The Most High, promised complete and utter destruction you their ENTIRE SEED. (Read Malichi).

    • Wow! Thank you

  2. Since there is a flood of hatred toward Yahweh’s chosen, why do His people use the transliterations and translations that put twist and turns that cause His people to compromise and take part in with those who hate His people! Why have they veered so far away as to accept the translations and transliterations as their own. The word came to them first and then to the nations. Per example, if Jacob’s name is Ya’avco then why not use it? It seems that the hatred for G-d’s chosen is so deep that the Catholic denomination decided to erdicate everything that means everything, that was holy and divinely given. Yahshua is the name the angel gave to Miriam (not Mary), but Miriam and not Jesus (what I read was created by Catholic monks). And His people know this, but seemingly go along with it just to keep everyone happy. Shouldn’t we keep the original alive? The Jew against the Hebrew (makes no sense), yet it exist. Notwithstanding they too are derivatives in of themselves. There’s enough who are against the people of Adonai wouldn’t you think, but to have His people against His own people is ludicrous, and it goes as far back when Lot decides to go leave with the Sodomics and perplex himself with their customs. They changed even the name of Yahshuah to Yahshua, Yeshua and then Jesus. Which is it? I need to know. I’m looking for a Bible that keeps to the context with keeping names the same as were given at birth for the Hebrews, who are the true descendants of Avraham. If you change one letter to a word, the word takes on a different meaning, so why change the letter to a name (unless one knows it has the same affect to gain the kind of effect we see in the adding to and taking from the Bible as what’s happened over and throughout centuries). You can see the hand of the enemy in all of this, which I would think since others see it too, (especially Yahweh very own); who for thousands of years through all manner of persecution and shading of blood would know best, and reframe from succumbing to the radicals and be the people Yah Elohim chose and called them to be. They are a unique people, set a part people, and should take their place among the nations as they are royality and created into His own image; unlike others. They are meant to lead not follow the dictates of evil and wicked men dressed in simulation of who they are. No other human beings have seen, tasted the goodness of Elohim as you have, and nor experienced what you have (in that He gave Torah to you); (and that the Word, known as the Bible; this most historical book is about the love Yah has shown toward His people; known as His elect) and from you lineage came the Hamshiach, blessed be His name. You are the descendants of Avraham. Take your place…

    • Since we can see there is Avraham descendants, why only Israelites are meant to be Avraham descendants, what about Ketura six children,Ishmael descendants and Hesau descendant ?

    • Amen! I believe! I feel cheated that others chose what We would learn. One of my biggest concerns that led me here is that I truly believe God wishes to keep the SEVENTH day holy as he commanded. And yet with the resurection of Christ on a Sunday, man changed it. But Christ himself spoke of the seventh day as the Sabbath Day. I feel in my heart Christ would not have wanted us to go against his Father’s commandment on His behalf! and when we go to church on the sabbath day (or man-converted Sunday sabbath) are we not requiring the priest/preacher/rabbi to work instead of resting, himself?

    • Jesus said I could turn anyone of these stones into the sons of Abraham, but if you were a son of Abraham you would do the works of Abraham.

  3. What is the difference between the last names Oachs and Harroun but both of these names are known to speak Hebrew? Wouldn’t that make them both Hebrew?

  4. Top Israeli scientist says Ashkenazi Jews came from Khazaria, not Palestine.
    An Israeli geneticist challenges the “Zionist” hypothesis that all Jews belong to one race and are intimately related, thus giving them a common ancestor in the Holy Land and a Biblical claim to Palestine.

    Scientists usually don’t call each other “liars” and “frauds.”

    But that’s how Johns Hopkins University post-doctoral researcher Eran Elhaik describes a group of widely respected geneticists, including Harry Ostrer, professor of pathology and genetics at Yeshiva University’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine
    The debate touches upon such sensitive issues as whether the Jewish people is a race or a religion, and whether Jews or Palestinians are descended from the original inhabitants of what is now the State of Israel.

  5. Read, ” The Invention of the Jewish People”, by Shlomo Sands.
    To say European Jews are direct descendants of Abraham is like saying Swedish Christians are the direct decendants of the first century Christians. Being Jewish is a religion, just like being Christian is a religion. You can change your religion. So what are Ethiopian Jews Hebrews or are they converts to Judaism? Are these Ethiopians direct decendants of Abraham. Was Abraham Black? How about the small population of Chinese Jews? Was Abraham Chinese? Europeans are trying to reinvent themselves as Hebrews to steal land that they have no right to. End of story. Forgot one thing. Does God have a real estate license?

  6. 1948 Was NOT A prophetic fulfillment, it was a political movement. READ YOUR BIBLES. The Most High said when he gathers husband people it will be from the 4 corners of the wored, not just European nations. He also said WHEN HE BRINGS HIS CHOSEN PEOPLE to the land of Israel…there would be peace. There’s no peace there.
    The people that calls themselves Jews, are converts, they are Khazarians.
    Stop believing everything your told, Israel is Northeast Africa…not middle east.
    Look up Israel before the Suez Canal was placed there by the nation’s.

  7. Maybe you guys should read britanica on journeys of the diaspora and on migrations of ancient migrations. After Roman occupation of Israel and destruction of the bet hamikdash the Sanhedrin worked to preserve tradition and customs. The head of Jewish education moved to Babylon hints the Talmud bavli and remand the center of Jewish education till about 9th century. When moorish occupied Spain became the scholarly center of Judaism till around the Spanish Inquisition for obvious reasons the heads of education had to relocate. Where Amsterdam, vilna, Lithuania and other Eastern European countries became settlements for Jewish families. The holocaust was just the straw that broke the camels back. Jews have been fleeing persecution through out all corners of the earth. The feudal government of Europe made Jewish communites possible till the emancipation and force assimilation into the nations. But Never was the people severed. There is letters after letters responsa upon responsa of great rabies staying in contact refining ways to perform the ways of the temple without a temple and adhering to those customs is Judaism. Hebrew is term used in Egypt loosely translated dusty ones from the east. There was many Semitic tribes referred to as Hebrew. It was the Israelites a select Hebrew group after many scisims who where refined by G-ds law and who later won the conquest of Canaan with His help just for the purpose of performing His laws to sanctify the land for His presence to dwel. And after the conquest and confederacy of the 12 tribes into a united nation divided after Solomon judea the southern nation continue following G-ds law in His temple while Israel (ephraim) worshiped idols (2 bull statues) so Jews (judean) used in the book of Esther to denote the ethni adhering to the customs and observance of judea the nation still adhering to G-ds law…… also in the Torah Deuteronomy 26:5 it says Then you shall declare before the LORD your God: “My father was a wandering Aramean, and he went down into Egypt … Aram was in the land of the Fertile Crescent which stretched north thru Syria. Google Syrians and Persians and people native to that area since ancient times then google Eastern European Jews or Sephardic jews, similar traits given 2000 years of wandering thru nation after nation fleeing persecution. True there has always been converts. Leviticus 24:22 says Ye shall have one manner of law, as well for the stranger, as for one of your own country: for I am the LORD your God. and that law includes taking a Jewish wife so while traits of the goyim mix in they eventually mix in with a true descendent by demanded by Jewish law…. Now there is the argument of khazars being the lineage of European Jews. King khazars chose Judaism over other major religions and converted the whole nation according to Halacha. This happened in the 9th century c.e. And was to small of a nation to account for all the Jews already dispersed thru out Europe. jews also settled in North Africa from Egypt to Morocco and down thru Ethiopia. R. Moses Ben Maimonides was a chief rabbi in Egypt and was a physician to Saladin the sultan in the 12th century in Córdoba Spain and wrote letters to Jews who migrated to Yemen after the destruction of the temple….. scattered to the 4 corners of the earth and gathered from the 4 corners…. And Brenda’s comment bout Sephardic and Ashkenazic Jews being descendent of yapheth. Ashkenaz was the son of gomer son of yapheth and came to denote Germany. Ashkenazic Jews resided in Eastern Europe but are still descendants of Shem. Like it says Gen 9:27 od will extend Japheth; he will dwell in the tents of Shem; and Sephardic denotes Jews who dwelled in iberian peninsula nada to do with yapheth …

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