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Jews and gentiles are different in their religious, cultural and other traditional aspects. A Jew is one who is descendent of the patriarch Israel. Gentiles are those who worshipped Jehovah according to the patriarchal system and Jews are those who worshipped God as per the Law of Moses. It has been said that the Jews were only given the right to worship God. Meanwhile, the Gentiles believed in Jesus. Jews are believed to have come from God and Gentiles are not considered so.

The word Gentile has Latin roots and the word Jew is related to Hebrew. In Latin, gentiles means belonging to a tribe or clan. The word gentiles refer to non-Israelite tribes in the King James Version of the Bible. But today Gentile stands for “non-Jew”. The word Jews has been derived from Hebrew yehudim.

Gentiles are considered to be non-Hebrew people who were descendants of Abraham of Israel. On the other hand, the Jewish ancestry is traced to the patriarchs of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The Jews do not consider Jesus as God and believe that a Messiah will descend on the earth who will unite everyone under the Kingdom of God. They believe that this messiah through the unification of mankind will bring justice and peace to every one. On the other hand, the gentiles believe in every other thing that the Jews believe in. In modern times, Christians are called gentiles and as such they believe in the Son of God.

While Jews follow Judaism, the Gentiles follow Christianity. Judaism is decentralized and there is no one like Pope or other decision-making authorities as in Christianity. Each Jewish congregation is separate and is headed by a Rabbi, who is the spiritual leader.


1. A Jew is one who is descendent of the patriarch Israel. Gentiles on the other hand are those persons who are not Jews.
2. Gentiles are those who worshipped Jehovah according to the patriarchal system. and Jews are those who worshipped God as per the Law of Moses.
3. Jews were only given the right to worship God. They are believed to have come from God and Gentiles are not considered so.
4. Jews are the descendants of Israel and all other persons were considered to be gentiles.

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  1. This needs to be rewritten in an unbiased manner. The information provided is not bad it’s just too slanted the way it’s currently written.

    • This does not make any sense at all. Specifically, Gentiles are a specific nation of people who descend from Noah’s eldest son Yapheth. (See Genesis 10), and when you read that chapter you will find that Gentiles are europeans and asians. The Most High designated man by their respective nations and languages, not according to their races as was developed and propagated by gentile europeans. Therefore, the descendants of Shem are not gentiles or the descendants of Ham. Hebrews descend from Shem through Eber who’s seed is ultimately Abram. Please stop playing games and read the TORAH. The Children of Israel are Hebrew Israelites. The Eurogentiles have created their own religion and do not worship YHWH ELOHIM of Israel, and will be judge for the idolatry and paganism, and the treatment of the Children of Israel during their captivity in America. Yes, in America the daughter of bablyon. The Children of Israel are the so called negroes. The only people who fit and fullfil every prophecy in the TORAH. The TORAH and the Epistles are the history, law, statutes, and prophecy of one people, Israel. No other nation can even teach the word of YHWH except his saints, Israel.

      • Sir,
        So how come there are people who are gentiles turning to Judism? I don’t see how this can happen when they are not Jews.
        I am confused.
        a gentile

        • As far as Gentiles being grafted, or joined into the House of the ALMIGHTY, the House of Israel … “the Hebrew Israelite”, and not Jew or Jewish, for their Salvation or into the Covenant of the MOST HIGH. Yes, they, the Gentiles can become as an Israelite, which means that they have joined the Covenant of Salvation, providing they follow the “PlumbLine” of Israel ..Amos 7:7-8 & Romans 11:7-29.

          The “PlumbLing” of Israel is the ways toward the Precious Covenant of the MOST HIGH, by way of MELCHIZEDEK and YAHSHUA.

          Prince Yosef II

      • “some of the so-called negroes”, and a few minor points. Other than that…Amen.

      • I finally understand why israely are highly respected for the whole earth.

  2. Jews believe that the entire universe comes from god, as too the gentiles.

  3. In the biblical text the word gentile is anyone other than a Hebrew. All Judahites are Hebrews but not all Hebrews are Judahites. The word JEW is a slang word for some one who is not a Judahite Hebrew. The word JEW did not come into useage until about 200 years ago in the English language. The word Jew is most often associated with the Canaanite Jews of the first century before Jesus of Nazareth was born. They came from the surrounding tribes who were not Hebrews. Hebrews are two family lines known as the House of Israel and the House of Judah. The house of Israel being the larger of the two.
    In the biblical text in the New Testament the word gentile or nation has two different groups of people being called the same thing. The people of God were the ethnee and the people of the devil were the ethnoon or heathen pagan gentiles.
    God only sees two kind of people, Hebrews and gentiles.

    For more details see my webpages at;

    Jerry Collins

    • Am still confuse,please! I need more understanding of the differencesbetween the gentiles and greeks! All these definition andexplanations,dose satisfy me!

  4. The article is grotesquely inaccurate. Jews believe that all people are descended from Adam, so there is no distinction regarding whether they “come from God” or not. Everyone does. Gentiles, obviously, have been around since long before people started worshiping Jesus, so not all Gentiles were Christians and not all Gentiles today are Christians. Jews believe that there is only one God but that everyone is entitled to worship Him. When the Jewish Temple stood in Jerusalem, not only Jews but Gentiles as well came to pay obeisance.

  5. Where does Romans 10:12 fit in to all of this?

  6. I believe it…… that’s all i can say 😀

  7. Jehovah…. it’s nice to see people using God’s name, Jehovah!


    I found this uninformative and perhaps confusing for people without any other information.

    I am a Jewish male and am fairly well-learned in my tradition (which means I read Hebrew, some Aramaic, pray 3x daily according to the traditional liturgy, keep the laws of kosher food, study our holy books, was born of a Jewish mother, etc).

    The “Jews” are a tribe of people…I have heard us referred to as a “meta-family”, and I think this is a good term. We trace our common ancestry back to Jacob, who was also called “Israel”.

    That ancestry has traditionally been traced through the mother, as per the enactments of Ezra, and stated in a Mishnah (a compilation of Jewish laws and customs compiled in the 2nd century, to preserve our customs and way of life during our dispersion), and expounded upon in the Gemara (in Kiddushin page 68 side b). There is no debate that normative Jewish society has used this criteria to establish who “belonged” to the tribe for around 1500 years, but nowadays there are those who disagree and would like to revamp the law, because circumstances are different. That is not our current discussion…

    Someone not of this tribe is referred to, in modern parlance as a “gentile”. It is a greek translation of the Hebrew word “Goy”, which literally means “nation”. The Jews referred to the world around them as “nations”. The Jews are also referred to with the same word, as in “Who is like my people Israel one nation (goy) upon the earth?” The term was not, in its roots, derogatory in any sense, but in some circles came to be used as a negative epithet (comparable to the way the word “foreign” is not inherently derisive, but can become so).

    A gentile is someone who does not belong to the Jewish people. That is all. The can convert, but this not be misunderstood as some type of a “religious” choice. Conversion to Judaism has historically meant joining up with that tribe, and abiding by the way of life prescribed therein (historically the Jews have had a very highly regimented and spiritually focused lifestyle, though this has eroded somewhat since the 19th century in many circles).

    There are several millenia of well-documented Jewish beliefs, and a general canon of well-accepted theological ideas. This is the body of Jewish spiritual and philosophical literature which is our nation’s treasure. Not every Jew adheres to or believes in this canon of our precious thought, but they are not any less “Jewish” in any sense whatsoever, though one could say they are not “practicing Judaism”, which generally means adhering to the structure of traditional Jewish spiritual life (observance of holidays, dietary laws, etc). This again is not a value judgement.

    There was a lot I found to be problematic in this simplistic treatment of a nuanced subject, but that is all I have time for now. If there are any serious inquiries, you may email me, but I cannot promise it will be my first priority to respond.

    Best wishes to everyone on attaining inner peace and solving their own life’s riddle, and may we use the tools of religious and spiritual traditions appropriately, and benefit by their use.

  9. Getiles are “genitals” the are not” real” like the lost” is- real- ites”.Genitles are sex organs on a rampage to keep the world upside down

  10. This is a bit confusing. Anyway thank GOD .

  11. omg for yall idiots what hes trying to simply say is the gentile jews are the culture vultures, the ones that stole the land and mimicked the bible with assyrian (nazi), roman and greek literature. while the real jews are the negroes

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