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Difference Between Racism and Stereotyping

Racism vs Stereotyping

Racism and stereotyping are definitely different from each other. In general language or simple concept, the most important difference to understand between them is that racism is illegal whereas stereotyping is, though harmful for society, yet non-punishable by law.
The differences between racism and stereotyping can be explained by certain examples and explanations. Stereotyping can be about any characteristic of a person. The person can belong to any religion, nation or race. It is not based on nationality, origin, or religion, and it can be about a person’s weight, looks, behavior. Racism, however, is based on a person’s origin, nationality, or religion. It does not include characteristics or the general behavior of people.


Origin of the word: Until the 1930s, the word “racism” had not come into practice. Race hatred was used by Frederick Hertz in the 1920s and later was commonly used. In the 1930s, the word “racism” was used as the title of a book by Magnus Hirschfeld.
It deals with the fact that people believe the traits of different people or groups of people are determined by the genetic constitution .This specific genetic constitution gives rise to a particular race or nationality or ethnicity and the belief that one certain race is in some way superior to the other. This idea or concept or belief that one race is superior to the other is the root of racism. It is related in general to oppression, prejudice, dislike, or discrimination towards a group of people.

When racism is practiced, it causes some effects in the society which is called racial discrimination. The UN treats racial and ethnicity discrimination at the same level. There are many types of racial discrimination like institutional racism and economic racism.
Institutional racism refers to the benefits, rights, and preferential treatment of a certain race or the denial of the same for another race.
Economic racism refers to the financial benefits enjoyed by a certain race or financial benefits denied by a certain race.


Origin of the word: The word “stereotype” was first used in 1798. Firmin Didot invented the word used for printing. It referred to a duplicate impression of something original in the world of printing. Later the word was used by the American journalist Walter Lippmann. He used it as a metaphor and gave it the modern meaning in 1922.
Stereotyping refers to the belief harbored by people about a certain type of people or individuals or a belief about a social group. It is based on certain assumptions which have been made many years ago and are being followed to date. It can be explained in simple language as being an impression in the mind of a person or a group of people about another person or a group of people. Reasons for stereotyping is a lack of familiarity with other individuals.


1.Racism is based on religion, ethnicity, and nationality of a person or group. Stereotyping is based on an impression formed by a group of people for another group or individual irrespective of their origin.
2.Racism is illegal; stereotyping is not punishable by law though it has severe consequences.

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  1. Stereotyping is racism when white people do it.

    • No white people get away with everything! But when Asians or blacks mention anything about a color, that’s when hell breaks loose, it goes viral and the president, police, E news, all news etc… is called!!!

    • Nice double standard you got there.

    • So only when white people do it it’s racism? That makes sense lol

    • White guys worshiping a fabled obscure middle-eastern guy who supposedly never got laid and nailed to a tree… Who once followed laws of a story book genocidal geriatric who was croc bait in the nile as infant and unleashed Harry Potter ass shit onto Egypt. Also illiterate schizoid Vedic who goes to a cave and is beamed down a message for many decades into a dusty ass old rag… I love stereotypes ^_^

  2. So if I tell my best friend who’s Vietnamese to go eat cats and dogs, I’ll go to jail?

  3. Actually, “racism” is not illegal. You can hold any idea you want of anybody…..nor is stating any of these opinions.

    Racial discrimination may be illegal, depending on the situation.

  4. y’all be dumb

    • Shut up craker

      • Ironic how you think it’s racist for a white to call a black a nigger but then think it’s ok for a black to call a white a cracker.

        • Hell, yea! I’ll be a cracker because that’s the guy who whips the slaves! 😀

          • Huh?

          • I think you might wanna reconsider what ya just stated…kinda sound like ya beat the slaves. thats racism

          • That’s nice….
            I guess your also happy to be a rapist, sexual predictor, child molester, pedophile, terrorist & kidnapper too.

            So you’d enjoy having sex with your own children would you?

            Slavery wasn’t just lashings!

            I’d rather be the slave because only pure evil could be proud of being a slave master. Evil or ignorant! Probably both!

      • Boys, yall play the stereotypical racist game nice, or I will beat you all black and white where even a racist artard will get confused to call what slur or someone mistaken stereotypes you guys for being multiracial. 😛

  5. You kinda missed the obvious – stereotyping isn’t based on assumptions, it’s based on observations. Huge difference.

    • Rick you’re incorrect stereotyping had to do with both an assumption and observation. Usually the observation further continues a person to assume something About the other.

      • it’s anecdotal and absurd anyone gets upset at being stereotyped if not called a slur… it’s so retarded that even the word “retarded” is a goddamn slur. Words never harm you unless you allow it to. This utter bullshit of it harming you at a mental level is not totally been fully brought to light as substantial if not even true. It’s more interesting that Hebrewic or Yiddish words used in Jewish communities like “goyen/goyim” and “gentile” are used to regard to non-Jewish if anything caucasians… Due that it was a slur used by them on pagans, they even use it to this day. It’s funny as hell, but yet I am not sweating balls over it. Even the word pharaoh supposedly is a Hebrewic word to describe the hat that the active Kings of Egypt wore, which btw is what Egyptian rulers were called, KINGS, not pharaohs. This no doubt, is a slur, due once again, think about it… Take for instance the slur, of anything regarding the word “shylock…” or “iago…” But mostly “shylock…” Which most likely came from the Shakespearean play “The Merchant of Venice…” and often describe someone (usually as a slur) of a Jewish ethnicity.

  6. This article has its good points. However, the authors definition of racism is incorrect. Racism is a prejudicial assumption of a “race” of people. Racism is not based on nationality or religion in any way by definition. While prejudice toward religion and nationality as societal groupings can certainly occur, this is not racism, as both of the aforementioned categories have nothing to do with race.

  7. Racism is not based on religion, because religion is a set of ideas and beliefs. You can’t be racist against ideas and beliefs. Capitalism is a an idea; can one be racist against capitalism? No, that would be absurd.

    Correct me if I’m wrong.

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