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Arab Culture vs American Culture

The global masses have always tried to distinguish the culture of Arabs and Americans, why? Because those differences might be the principal reason on why these two civilizations couldn’t quite harmonize with each other on certain fundamental objectives.

These divergence have also been the root of their prolonged struggle all throughout the account of humanities in this world. The Arabs are guided primarily by the instructions of Islam and some old customs while the Americans are free-spirited and contemporary.

Both of them vary in their methods and more depending entirely on their freedom and cultural growth. On that note, this article will tackle all those conflicting issues between the two so outsiders of their society might understand them better. Take it easy, loosen up and read on.


The history of Americans states that their religious beginnings has been established by Christianity or their belief in Jesus Christ as God and Savior from the Puritans of the United Kingdom who had the advocacy of modifying and regulating the way of worship of the Protestant Reformation. Since 600 A.D., the Arab nations have been governed based on the monotheistic teachings as instituted in the sacred writings of Qur’an believed to be revealed by God through the Prophet Muhammad.

The difference of Arabs and American in their religious belief is actually just one of the primary points that has contributed to the periodic dissent that are frequently thought of as a political clash, but it’s not really what it is. While the Arab countries ensure the retention of the Islam as their national religion; the Americans on the other hand have their individualistic view on faith where each person is entitled to the liberty of deciding on what kind of teaching they should be into. Americans even have the freedom to be a part of a religion or not. One more thing is that, Islam believes in one and only God who is Allah opposite to what the American Christians believe in as the Holy Trinity composed of the Godhead Three in One who is the Go the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.


The language of both the Arabs and Americans are highly considered to be territorial as they dominate the communication system of their respective locations. The Arabic is the ruling language of the East originating from Aramaic and Hebrew; and the American English reigns as the language of the West. While the linguistic communication of the Arab has a close knit connection with their Islam religion,the American English has the power wired to the international commercialism as it becomes the language of the world by default. The Arabs and Americans understand each others’ languages in a different sense producing between them rift on the issues of society and politics, economy and religion.


Just like its language, the literature of English has also been established as the default or founding pattern of the present literary accounts in the history of world literature. Unlike its English counterpart which is more universal, the Arab literature is more decentralized distributed by the Islamic religion domineering and eventually replacing its old literature with Qur’an passages and poetry.


Although both the Arab and American media outfits acquire their news stories from the current events happening in these two respective cultures, they differ individually in terms of freedom, or democracy so to speak. The American media is a free press that oftentimes results to being gravely unstructured and uncontrollable with the effect of having debates and whatnot because of information issued to the public. This democratic way of news reporting is usually the cause of invasion of privacy and conflict of interest. Compared to America’s freedom of the press, Arab has otherwise. The media in the Arab nation is moderated by the present authorities sometimes with the command of the Islamic clergymen. Since Arab countries are ruled by a monarchy, the media is immensely manipulated and censored with black propaganda to spice it up. There are still some issues American press face similar to the Arab media, but what’s better is that they have the freedom to publish without being heavily regulated.


The family is always the central part of the social group in all Arabic nations; and it is greatly considered to be the primary system for security of the society. The Arabs’ interpersonal life has always involved catering to the needs of young people especially children and also for the ill, the senior and the physically challenged citizens. With that being said, it is very important for every Arab individual to pursue marriage to have a family. In the topic of marriage in the Arab culture,this is an event that marks the change of the bride’s life through the acceptance, honor and blessing given to her by the society. This marriage between the husband and wife then becomes the economical and societal agreement of their families; and also a ritual that makes sexual intimacy legitimate in the society. For Arabs, this means more resources because it brings together what both of the families possess.

Laws for marriage in America are are constituted by the state regime. In the traditional American wedding, the marrying couple profess their public declaration of their love and allegiance for each other with a pastor, priest or even a Judge officiating the event. This ceremony is typically done in front of their closest friends and family as witnesses to this once in a lifetime custom, and this practice originated in the old Roman period. Some weddings also include bridal showers, garter and bouquet tossing, exchanging of rings and more. Apart from the conventional type of marriage, same-sex unions have also been made legal in some states in America. Although marriage is also one of the most awaited happenings in the American culture, the society has also accepted the truth that some couples have been cohabiting which means living in one roof and oftentimes engaging in premarital sex that usually results to bearing children out of wedlock. Divorce is also common for married couples because of the convenient process, and it is actually rising as of research.


The political principle stating that a group should be given the priority more than the individual has been a

really essential ideology in the Arab society compared to Americans. People in the Arab nations prefer collectivism while Americans opt individualism where virtue of self-reliance and personal independence is valued.

Arabs choose doing activities with a group as it helps them achieve greater tasks. However, Arabs are also described as dogmatic in their professional life due to the fact that Arab employees usually turn down shifts in their institution’s standards of procedure. Good thing about their preferred work life though is that they like having established rules such as being and leaving on time to help them accomplish their job. One more thing is that their devotion for work also comes from having a harmonious relationship between them, their colleagues and their employers and managers. In addition to that, the culture of Arabs is considered polychromic where people respect spontaneity and flexibility of time.

But then, the Americans would rather do activities on their own as it pushes their limits allowing them to actualize what they can really do. One of the commendable matters about American work organizations is that employees of either higher or lower job designations are treated equally by everyone. The management is ready to listen to the suggestions and grievances of their workers in different levels. What is important for them is to get the job done, and they do not allow their relationship with their co-workers greatly impact what they are tasked to do in the work place, and that is what professionalism is all about for the American society. Unlike the Arabs who are resistant to changes, the Americans on the other hand are open about it to a greater extent. However, they do not like being governed by too much rules and regulations. They prefer doing their job with freedom so can be more efficient. One important thing to note about them though is that Americans are monochromic which means they view time as a valuable resource that should not be worthless.


Acts of terror is also an important thing to tackle about the difference between the Arabs and Americans. For the Arab society, terrorism means the intervention of America in the affairs of the Arab countries especially on the issue of Arab land territories which is motivated by the American government’s desire to institute and pursue socio-economic
existence in the Arab domain. In contrast to that, Americans view terrorism as insurgencies and bomb attacks of the Islam to cause fear to the American citizens motivated by the Arabs’ inclination to dominion in the social, political and spiritual sense that is often ascribed as Islamic extremism.

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  1. You’ve moved Islam back 1300 years before it began. Whatever you think of Islam, 600 BC doesn’t cut it.

    Then, on a more substantive note, there’s this: “both cultures are forcing the other to heed the call to accept their religions.” Well, the article was not written by a person whose native language is English, which is ok. What is not ok is when the mistranslation destroys meaning. What do you mean when you say that the US is forcing (say) Saudi Arabia to “accept” Christianity?

    And, do you believe that (say) Saudi Arabia wants the US to “accept” Islam? Well, last time I looked, the US accepts Muslim-Americans, so I can’t think it’s a big stretch for the US to accept Muslim Saudis.

    Or this: “English literature has a long history and has been seen as the foundational platform of the existing world literature.” thanks, but let’s get real. there is a HUGE world literature that was not written in English, nor even translated into English; to say that English (is) the “foundational platform for the existing world literature” is at best an exaggeration.
    Then there’s this: “Countries that are predominantly Muslim speak and write Arabic.” Accoring to the CIA world factbook, Indonesian languages include “Bahasa (the official, modified form of Malay), English, Dutch, and local dialects (of which the most widely spoken is Javanese). Arabic doesn’t make the list.
    Or this: “American interference in Arab affairs within Arab lands (the Jewish issue) has been hailed as terrorism by the Arab nations.” First, you conflate Islam and Arab, which are independent, if overlapping, concepts: There are Christian Arabs and there are non-Arab Muslims. That said, whatever the “Jewish issue” is (and as a Jew I haven’t a clue what you mean here), no form of American interference in Arab affairs within Arab lands has anything to do with Judaism. you continue: “The American side see it [sic] as a socio-economic pursuit to establish a presence in the Arab region.” Whatever “it” is, the sentence cannot be read with the word “terrorism” in place of the word “it”, unless you think that terrorism is in any sense a “socio-economic pursuit”

  2. Islam began after 600 AD… who let you write this article to fool everyone?
    Christianity was well established before mohammad was born.

  3. I agree with Mr. Bruce Hyman for all things he said.

    You are who wrote the article involved yourself in a knowledge that has nothing to know about!!!

    You Made from American an Ethnic group and race. They are not!

    Being Arab means Semitic, Arabic speaker and has Arabian culture.
    Being American is being someone else ( European, Latino, negro, Chinese, Arab,…….etc) but living in what is politically called USA and have a paper that says that he is citizen of USA.
    If you say that Americans are English speakers, then I tell you that my grandmother who can say 10 words in English only is also American because she has the PASSPORT.

    Arabs as ethnic founded 500 BC. Americans are founded 200 years ago if not mistaken.
    Besides all, Arabs are the longest survived ethnic group in the entire world. No other group kept itself as same group for 2500 years than Arabs. (Romans kept themselves for 1 400 years).

    Arabs can be Muslims, Christians, Jews and sabians only. No other than these.

    Arab is an Arab in his treatory or outside it. American need to show his ID to be recognized as American inside America. And most times the America is called with different identity in America itself like Black-american, Arab-american, Latino-american and even Arab-american.
    American can NOT be an Arab. But Arab can be an American.

    From today and perhaps till year 2500, if USA keep itself united and isolate itself from other parts of the world, that time an ethnic called American will be established. independant ethnic and culture.

    If the economical situation become very bad in America. Half population of America will return back to their home countries. That time, they will never call themselves Americans, but they will return to their ethnical backgrounds. This has happened with Chinese Americans when china got better living condition.

    With my respect to all Americans including the black Americans 😉

  4. LOL Free spirit? Do not make me laugh! That his democracy is in black water!

  5. There are clear bias toward one group in this article.
    And so many mistakes and generalization, He even goes to say that Arabic Language originated from Hebrew and Aramaic? what kind of info you brought here! The 3 languages are sister language born from a common Semitic branch. For example the word God in:
    Aramaic is Allaha
    Arabic is Allah
    Hebrew Eloh (Elohim is plural of respect)
    they sound similar because the share common origin

    there are so many things wrong in the article.

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